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War in America declared by good ole’ Uncle Joe Biden, the “c’mon man”

Written By | Jan 26, 2021
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Democrats let Trump Supporters know they have the fire power

National Guard troops were sent to war, but in Washington, D.C., not on foreign soil. Ostensibly to protect the precious politicians and their Capitol from the dredges of humanity, i.e. from the austere pruning shears of the taxable land-dwellers. For many, the correlation between 65,000 troops fencing and wiring the Capitol and the Mall is comparable to the June 1989 threats by the Chinese Communist Party to the people of Bejing, China at Tiananmen Square.

Democrats knew that no actual threat requiring that show of force existed.  Pelosi and McConnell both new that the incursion of the Capitol was not by Trump supporters, but fomented by ANTIFA and other anarchists. So maybe there was a subliminal Freudian message to the 75 million that support President Trump and do not recognize Joe Biden as a”legitimate president.” (Nancy Pelosi Reportedly Wants Crew-Manned Machine Guns Added To The Capitol Building)

Maybe what those Washington swamp monsters are saying, or threatening, is

“Don’t forget we’ve got soldiers in our happy (actually unhappy) ‘shining city on a hill’ so we can have war whenever we want.”
“We can send them over there on your dime and we can point their guns at you over here, still on your dime. Citizens, taxpayers be damned, we are the Washington governing class.”

Probably Freud would agree; either as a psychologist or as a pacifist.

One prominent syndicated radio talker in Houston, Michael Berry, predicted the U.S. would find new fields to which it could sow warfare by June now that Trump had been overthrown. That the coup against President Trump would be by political stealth, not electoral defeat. As it turned out Berry was over four months too early with his prediction.

The Biden administration has already gotten the war-ball rolling with convoys moving into Syria.

I refer to the Biden administration and not Biden himself because what “Biden himself” knows is anybody’s guess. He may not be aware he has been appointed president. Nevertheless, he and his substandard pseudo-warriors in the Pentagon and the neocon clubhouse are again locked and loaded and on the warpath.

If the Washington establishment follows its usual lobbyist- military-industrial-complex (as Eisenhower’s ghost groans) strategy we will have wars scattered throughout the globe before you can say, “bang bang.”. Of, course the asinine concept of the president as “leader of the free world” will be hammered daily by the theatre of the mindless (the so-called news media).

It, of course, is his duty to bomb or strafe those who would loathe “freedom.”

Another asinine concept, of course, is that the president is commander in chief of the “country” and not simply of the “military” when constitutionally appropriate.

But what do the taxpayers know about such a complicated and complex document as the Constitution (about 7000 words in basic high school English)? They are supposed to write checks to Washington, not spend time reading what Washington’s job is. (America’s failure returns: Joe steals the White House, but nobody is home)

Hence, troops come and go and are killed and crippled while pretty little politicians sit safely behind desks and rank and rave while collecting high salaries, and pretty pensions. All while, of course, the profit under the table with a wink of an eye payment at their favorite lobbyist.

But these political types do manage to show up for the coffins at the airport so they may demonstrate a pretentious tearful display for their brave warriors who died for the likes of Max Boot or Bill Krystol. They will give the grieving wife, children, or parent a flag (which they kneel in protest of at the ballgame) and pursue their next appropriation bill for whatever war is available.

 “Washington,” once a name said with humility and pride.

Now you don’t say it without poking your finger down your throat.

One of Donald Trump’s great sins (maybe the unforgivable one to them) was his commitment and directing of American Troops from overseas and homeward bound. Enough already, he announced, and most voters agreed.

The silly, stupid, worn-out bromide of “If we don’t fight them over there, we’ll have to fight them over there,” hopefully discarded to the trash bin of speciousness.

President Trump started bringing them home. And the neocons and lobbyists and industries that make a fortune off of war began screaming. The corrupted professional politicians, Biden, Pelosi, Schumer, and, of course, the most corrupt of all, our lovable “intelligence community,” began a campaign to “bring Trump down.” Beginning with the preposterous and expensive Mueller Report to the sham impeachment in 2019, along with the also farcical “news” media, the attacks were constant (and still are). (Biden and Susan Rice ran the Obama-Brennan coup plot against Trump)

Of course, now, we must understand that we have those to fight over here on American soil.

That fight is now against the fifth columnists, the domestic terrorists. You know, the buzz for the liberals now is: “All enemies, foreign and domestic.” The buzz-word of course is “domestic.”

That translates to conservatives, non-establishment Republicans, and especially anyone in the majority of voters who are, of course, Donald Trump supporters as the enemies. (Agree with liberals, or you’re racist, xenophobic and dangerous)

The same people who probably couldn’t pass a ninth-grade civics test on the Constitution, suddenly hang on every word of it.

The National Guard is not a federal army unless nationalized by the president. It is the arm of the states, of the Union. The one that supposedly was written under guidance to “make it more perfect.”

Domestic enemies, eh? Ask 75 Million voters who those enemies really are.


Paul Yarbrough writes novels, short stories, poetry, and essays. His first novel. Mississippi Cotton is a Kindle bestseller.

His author site can be found on Amazon. He writes political commentary for CommDigiNews.

Paul H. Yarbrough

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