Wake up and smell the gunpowder: Republicans resorting to Russian Roulette?

By MConnors for Morguefile.com Free Photos
By MConnors for Morguefile.com Free Photos

MILLINOCKET, Maine, March 16, 2014 — It’s as if they have a death wish; establishment Republican leaders are poised to self-destruct. Instead of working together to find a direction that could unite the party and help the country, they double down on bickering and back stabbing to keep their positions within the party.

The “I’m entitled to incumbency” bullet is in the cylinder, waiting to be spun, and the trigger finger is twitching with anticipation.

In an interview with the New York Times last week Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell said, “I think we are going to crush them everywhere.” He was referring to conservative groups who are hoping to unseat several entrenched Republicans this year.

“I don’t think they are going to have a single nominee anywhere in the country,” McConnell added.

Mr. McConnell should be aware that Americans are so very tired of career politicians, and there is a groundswell of support for someone, anyone who can change the status quo. It’s time to let the pompous, arrogant slackers go and find some honest people who actually care about the country.

Later in the interview McConnell said, “I know this: Politics doesn’t like losers,” meaning that if challenging candidates don’t win in the primaries, they will have a hard time recovering from their losses. That statement could come back to haunt him and the party.

Now that Republican David Jolly has won his race by campaigning against Obamacare, establishment Republicans are trying to spin the reason for Jolly’s victory. In an attempt to hijack the narrative by suggesting that Jolly actually ran on “fixing” Obamacare, they caution other conservative candidates to avoid referencing repeal or replacement of Obamacare.

If the voters decide that geriatric, vindictive and lying establishment Republicans don’t deserve to return to Congress, then those politicians can take all the blame, having loaded the gun and pulled the trigger on themselves.

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Jim Bozeman
Jim Bozeman
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  • Stoutcat

    Not to pick nits, but whoever decided that photo was a viable illustration of “Russian roulette” really should re-look at the definition of Russian roulette.

    • Paul Donini

      It’s a low information voter concept of the game. Five bullets and one empty chamber.

    • Richard StJohn

      Agree the pic don’t work too well with the caption. On the other hand it’s still the media and firearms. We should be impressed they chose a pic of a revolver.

      • Down Under

        Ah !
        You forget … this is a liberal loading the gun !
        and they will use their non master hand … to make it “fair” !!

        • bumpkin

          And, THEY get to point the gun at YOU for your turn, (and theirs)

  • Gigi

    I will only vote for Tea Party candidates and so will my friends…..NO Incumbants

    • bumpkin

      Gigi, Honey, What REALLY matters is justice and honor! You are RIGHT ON! -No matter how its spelled, GIGI is correct! NO incumbents! Send them to the curb! IF they have been there for more than 4 years, and participated at ALL in making our Nation the mess it is right now, they need to GO! And, if they have been in office more than 4 years, they participated. Either NOT ENOUGH, or WAY TOO MUCH! We need NEW blood, and WE need to personally VET THEM ALL! If they even smell like Facists or Nazis, they are NOT eligible!

      • Sandra Trusso

        There are a number of incumbents who have fought for justice and honor. Now is not the time to turn your backs on those who have taken the beatings from the left so that they can uphold your values.

  • Janie Johnson

    I will vote for the Tea party, they are the only ones trying to get something done, inspite of the old cronies like McConnell and McCain and of course John Boehner, They are kissing Liberal Butts….

    • bumpkin

      Honey, they ARE Liberal Butts!

    • Sandra Trusso

      It’s hard to determine which Tea Party groups are Libertarian, and which are not. Libertarians align with Republican principles on a few things, but for the most part they align with liberal Democrats (especially on the moral issues as they re-define liberty to mean “anything you want to do”. Libertarians pretending to be Republicans are liberal in most issues, but they claim to be conservatives.
      I do not like dishonesty. They have infiltrated the Republican Party because they couldn’t get elected as Libertarians. They need to be honest up front. People need to know exactly what they stand for, and what they will fight for. For example: Most Libertarians claiming to be Republicans will deceive you by saying that they are “Pro-life, but they think this issue should be left to the states”. Well this sounds pretty, but in reality they know that a state CANNOT OVERTURN A U.S. SUPREME COURT RULING.

  • bumpkin

    ALL incumbents are responsible for the disaster we call the State of the Union, and for Obama. They should have ousted that backside the SECOND he trounced upon our Constitution! ALL incumbents must GO! Let THEM serve burgers at McD’s and get a little reality check! Let THEM be Wal Mart greeters- well, they likely cant get a job anywhere, but they still need to be placed SQUARELY in the public sector, out on the street, as it were, and allow REAL Americans to step up to the plate! Why even I could do a better job at running our Nation that THEY are! I mean, I haven’t even made ONE private theft of the Public’s money! I haven’t even allowed ONE Benghazi! I haven’t even kicked the snot out of our Constitution! I haven’t even secretly allowed ONE False Flag attack on our Nation for personal or political gain! –See??? I am already better at their jobs than they are! ALL INCUMBENTS MUST GO! a BUMPKIN can do better work than they have. Proof is in the pudding!

    • Sandra Trusso

      I think it’s very wrong to lump all incumbents together and work to get all of them out. There are some incumbents who have literally put their lives and their reputations on the line trying to fight for true conservative principles. They’ve put up with media attacks and dishonest ridicule, violent threats, etc…. yet they stood tall for you and me and all Americans. …. and what do they get for all of this????? People working to get them out just because they’ve been in for a long time, and have doing battle during this time. It’s wrong.

  • I like the big APE …. That or TARZAN could be the T party mascot … or a grizzly? Or a wolverine?

  • Karen Smith

    Vote all butt kissers and democrats out. Save America!

  • Sandra Trusso

    I will vote for incumbents who actually uphold the Republican Platform. I will vote for Tea Party candidates if they uphold the Republican Platform. I will not vote for a Democrat or a Libertarian, or a Republican who governs as a Democrat or Libertarian.

    • Nannette McGowan

      The Libertarians and the Tea Party have much more in common than you seem to think. It’s the far left progressive GOP RINO incumbents and the Democrats who are the opposition of the TEA Party and the Libertarians.

      • Sandra Trusso

        The reason I have never joined the Tea Party is precisely because Libertarians have taken over many of the Tea Party groups. Libertarians are more in line with Democrats than with Republicans. They joined/infiltrated the Republican Party to take it over because they could not get elected as Libertarians, so they deceived the people into believing that they are Republican.

        There are some people who belong to a particular Party because their families have always been members of the Party, but these people have no idea as to what the Party stands for. Intelligent people belong to a Party because of what the Party stands for, but the only way they have of knowing this is by the principles put forth in the Platforms. By the time the Libertarians have their way, there will be no difference at all in the Republican and Democrat Parties. Americans will no longer have a choice in voting for their vision for where Americans ought to be. Libertarian Republicans, and Republicans who vote in line with the Democrat platform are ALL RINO’S. They are Republican In Name Only, but they do not adhere to the Platform. IT’S CALLED DISHONESTY!

  • Lisa

    McConnell is the first one who needs to go!! And out with the rest of them! They’re going to remember who they work for the hard way!!! #NoRHINOS2016

  • GENE

    No more votes for the crooks – Boehner, cantor, McCarthy, McConnell and the rest of the RINO’s who just want to keep their job and to hell with AMERICA.

    • Nannette McGowan

      How soon they forget that the Tea Party, Libertarians and conservative grass root Americans are who gave them 63 seats in the House and 6 seats in the Senate in 2010. Now RINO Karl Rove has been saying that ALL Tea Party and Libertarians are the same as “Todd Akin” which is insane.

      • Sandra Trusso

        It wasn’t the Libertarian segment of the Tea Party who got the 63 seats in the House. It was the combination of conservatives who were fooled into believing that all Tea Party groups were conservative… therefore they unknowingly joined with the Libertarian groups from deception. Libertarians know they can not pull off an election on their own, without Evangelicals and traditional Catholics, so they are very low key on the moral issues (like pornography, recreational drugs, gay marriage and abortion which they leave to the individual… It’s still called pro-choice… all of which they believe falls under the banner of liberty, which they have re-defined to mean “anything goes”.
        Libertarians know very well that the philosophy of whomever is in gov’t power at the time, will be the philosophy that is enforced. There is no such thing as “anything goes”, because the minute you enforce the philosophy of one group, you immediately infringe upon the philosophy of the opposing group. That is why I say that Libertarians who claim to be Republican, are dishonest.

        • Nannette McGowan

          Ah, I see. What you want is a government that forces everyone to adhere to YOUR Christian beliefs. The Tea Party was made up of conservative Republicans and Libertarians who believe that government has grown too large, government spends too much and that government has become to far reaching in abusing their powers. You don’t mind government over-reach as long as it is pushing YOUR religious views. You sound like one of those who would’ve supported the 18th Amendment to prohibit the consumption of alcohol.

          Christians like you hurt the image of good Christians. Your obvious hatred of anyone who doesn’t share your overly strict Christian values and your judgemental condemnation of others doesn’t come across as a religion of love and peace. Instead, you are no different than Islamists in thinking your religion should control government and laws should be based on your religious views.

          If you are counting ONLY on evangelicals carrying the conservative message, then you are more like Karl Rove and the RINOs than you realize. Making your religion a priority has blinded you from the fact that a a bloated government spending us into oblivion and increasing the National Debt is the bigger detriment to our society’s future than pushing your religious zealotry.

          • Sandra Trusso

            To begin with, I agree with the financial aspect of the Libertarian Party. Here’s the difference: This is America (so far). It doesn’t have to be “either/or” when it comes to what’s important and what’s not. We can, as we always did, have it all.
            Someone’s beliefs are going to be forced upon people. Just in case you haven’t noticed much of this is already being forced upon people. It doesn’t matter if “we the people have voted against it time and again, the gov’t just keeps coming back until they decide to change laws through the legislature”. You don’t call this “force”??

            I have no such hatred of those who disagree with me, but contrary to your belief, I have every right to voice my opinions and fight for my vision of where our country needs to be, just as much as you and the Libertarians who are being dishonest about being Republican. I’m certainly not going to allow them to force their beliefs upon me without a fight….

            As I said before there is no such thing as individual liberty that assures that everyone can do as he/she pleases. Whichever political philosophy is in power at any given time, will be enforcing their political philosophy. The minute the philosophy of one group is enforced, it immediately infringes upon the philosophy of the opposing group. However, for some reason, you seem to believe that the only people who have the right to define liberty, are you and the libertarians. WRONG!
            There isn’t a person alive whose political views aren’t based on a personal philosophy (whether it’s greed, power, atheism, money, legalizing abnormal sex, Christianity, Judaism, conservativism, liberalism, progressivism, etc.) Why do you seem to think that everyone but Christians and others of faith, are the only ones not allowed to fight for their philosophically-based political views? Why are only you and the others allowed to force it on the rest of America ? Again, I call this forcing your values on Christians, Jews and other people of faith. The very thing you are in a dither about as you claim they’re trying to do to others. At least they’re honest about their values. They don’t deceive people into believing that they’re something they’re not. They don’t override the vote and legalize things that the people voted against. This is certainly “force”, and it’s called Tyranny. You may love it when it’s going in your favor, but once you go down this path and the wind changes, you’re not going to think it’s so great.

            I don’t push my religious views on anyone. There is enough secular logic to prove the conservative position on these issues. What gives you the right to make it appear as if I’m forcing my religion on anyone? I never, ever fight these issues from a religious basis. I never even mentioned religion. How dare you make the decision about who is Christian and who isn’t… and you make it with such venom. There are plenty of good, decent people who are not tied to any religion. They just know right from wrong, and have the facts and logic to prove it. They are called morally conservative.

            So how do you figure that I’ve hurt the image of good Christians? (and who made you the Christian police to be able to decide who is a good Christian, and who is not?) I never mentioned Christianity or any other religion. Contrary to the hatred and judgment you just inflicted upon me, I do not hate or judge others, I do judge behavior choices (theft, murder, spouse abuse, chemical abuse, pedophilia, etc…. and I use facts and logic to make these judgments. If it is in opposition to your views, then “oh well”.

            I agree with the few conservative issues within the Libertarian Party, but I disagree with most of their issues. But you need to check your own “hate filled, judgmental zealotry” before you accuse others of this. Did you read what you wrote? If so, I can’t believe you don’t recognize the hatred and judgmental aspects of your post.

            I’m NOT counting on only Evangelicals to carry the conservative message. What I said was that Libertarians cannot win WITHOUT the evangelicals, or traditional Catholics (who, historically, won’t vote at all if they don’t see a clear distinction between the candidates) If Libertarians could’ve won without these people, they would’ve stayed in the Libertarian Party. But they couldn’t, so they deliberately deceived people into believing that they are Republican.

            The typical strategy of Libertarians is that they come in, take over an organization, do a straw poll and it appears to American that they won. They did it constantly with Ron Paul, but it never translated into actual votes at the ballot box. More deception.

  • newsnose

    McConnell and McCain what a pair. They need to retire. I refuse to donate to the GOP because I don’t know who my $$ will help so I now donate to good grass root candidates so I know they are getting helped.