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Gordo wins Pasadena Mayor’s office brings Labor Dominance to Rose City

Written By | Nov 13, 2020
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After the March 3 primary, the choices for Pasadena, California mayor was narrowed from four to two: incumbent Mayor Terry Tornek, and challenger Victor Gordo.

Thanks to COVID and the subsequent state lockdowns, it was a pretty lackluster campaign from both candidates, with too many mailers, some Zoom calls, and social-distanced forums to meet the candidates, and some fireworks in the last days of the campaigns over-scheduled city travel that had Mayor Tornek stuck in Africa at the height of the pandemic. As any good opponent is wont to do, Victor Gordo used this against Tornek, and it may have tipped the scales in Gordo’s favor.

Victor Gordo Wins the Pasadena Mayor’s Race

On November 5, Pasadena Star News reported that Victor Gordo declared victory in the race. Unlike the Presidential contest, the margins were not even close, with 10 points separating the candidates.

From Victor Gordo’s statement:

“I am incredibly honored by the tens of thousands of voters who placed their faith in me,” Gordo said in a statement on Thursday, Nov. 5. “Their message that we need a city government that puts their interests first is clear and I won’t let them down. I will represent the best interest of all residents of our city.”

I outlined in my article on the Pasadena Mayor’s debate the reasons why Gordo was not the best choice, and why he is being groomed by the Democrat Party to use this role as a stepping-stone:

“This is another indication that he is being groomed by the National Democrat Party for the next stage, just as the now-derailed plans were for Mayor Eric Garcetti of Los Angeles. The mayor of a prominent U.S. city is logically the next stepping stone to higher office.


“With the present goals of Democrats to force employment and union slavery onto all Californians, and eventually all Americans, who do you think the party wants at the helm of Pasadena, California?


“You do the math.”

More Labor, More Lockdowns

Now with the looming Biden-Harris administration, the fact that Victor Gordo defeated Terry Tornek falls right in line with their goals. Both Biden and Harris have championed California’s  AB5 and the national PRO Act, and the big unions who backed both laws are expecting payback for pushing the Biden campaign over the finish line. This payback will surely involve bolstering the unions, which have been failing for years. Sadly, this will see the continued diminishment of independent professionals and small businesses in order to see that accomplished.

Terry Tornek has been Mayor of Pasadena since 2015. He will hand over the gavel to Victor Gordo at an early December swearing-in ceremony.

California’s AB5 destroys women, minorities Gonzalez claims to champion

With both the local and national administrations acting as a conduit for Big Labor, it is not a good time for entrepreneurs, independent professionals, and people who desire economic freedom. Biden’s transition team COVID advisor is already talking about more lockdowns, and Democrat-run states are beginning to fall into line.

California Governor Gavin Newsom, with his arbitrary metrics, has already moved certain counties back into lockdown mode, and many businesses fear they will be closed for good. So, Gordo’s pledge: “I will represent the best interest of all residents of our city,” may not be something he can fulfill, especially since small businesses, which make up much of Old Town and Hastings Ranch, may not see a resurrection.

Time will tell.

Democrat Malfeasance Is a Resume Enhancer

I see a Mayor of Los Angeles Eric Garcetti-like rule for Victor Gordo, where he spends more time pushing Labor causes and traveling for the Democrat Party than he spends on actual city business. Garcetti is slated to be Secretary of Transportation in the Biden-Harris cabinet. So, it seems record homelessness, crime, and mismanagement gets you into national office.

It’s a good day to be a Democrat.


Lead Image: Screen shot from mayoral debate over Red Roses in Bloom by Pixabay


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