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What a day: Veterans, truckers, Palin and Cruz

Written By | Oct 13, 2013

WASHINGTON, October 13, 2013 – Yesterday morning, Washington D.C. was swamped with protesters reminiscent of the 1960’s. Veterans, truckers and supporters came from across the country to show their anger, frustration and disgust over President Obama’s action of shutting off veterans memorials from visitors.

Police stopped truckers seemingly for no reason other than fear.

At times, the protest became physically confrontational. Demonstrators in front of the White House pushed police backwards, while police used batons held close to their bodies for protection.

People shouted, chanted and screamed at the White House and took down the barricades designed to keep them away from their rightfully earned memorials.

Many Republicans were on hand. Two who spoke the loudest were Sarah Palin and Senator Ted Cruz. Suspiciously absent were any democrat spokespersons. The White House media did not return calls for comment.

Palin said to an interested large group: “Is this any way for our commander-in-chief to show his respect and gratitude to our military?” and Texas Republican Ted Cruz was on hand to angrily declare that two weeks ago, President Obama signed a veto threat declaring “ If you send a bill to open the memorials, I will veto it” and Cruz went on to say “A bill to keep memorials open along with 14 other bills to keep vital government functions, including the VA are sitting on Harry Reid’s (D) desk and he will not let the senate vote.”

Last week at Yellowstone National Park, police reportedly used gestapo tactics to prevent visitors from enjoying the park. They went as far as ordering them to stay in the hotels rooms and would be arrested if they came out.

Visitors from overseas were left with a bitter taste of what America is about.

Veterans were angry enough to remove memorial barricades on their own. National Mall and Memorial spokeswomen Carol Johnson claimed the memorials are closed because they are normally staffed with personnel who know CPR and assist those who may need help.

In a review of events, when the bikers applied for a permit to ride for their rally a couple weeks ago, they were denied. However, when the so-called “Million Muslim March” made similar application, they were granted.

Last Tuesday the “Immigration Protest” at the mall resulted in eight Democrats from the House of Representatives who stood side by side blocking traffic as onlookers screamed “let them go”.

Many protesters asked to anyone listening, and many were, “where were the democrats today? Hiding in seclusion with our cowardly commander-in chief?”

The veteran protest went on all over the country with all 50 states dedicating at least one memorial as a staging area.

Listening to radio reports during the two hour ride home, it seems the veteran-trucker protest was a smashing success.

Republicans, veterans, truckers and supporters did a great job as Democrats seemed to pull their childhood “wubbies” (favorite blankets) over their heads and hide.

If the stalemate in Congress lasts and Obama does not act in a responsible fashion, (after all, he is supposed to be the ultimate leader) this rally needs to be repeated with greater numbers of veterans, truckers, bikers and folks who are fed-up with those who trample our constitution and violate public trust.

Paul Mountjoy is a Virginia based writer and psychotherapist


Paul Mountjoy

Paul Mountjoy is a Virginia based psychotherapist and writer.