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Veritas: CNN whistleblower impeaches fake news network’s tattered credibility

Written By | Oct 16, 2019
Project Veritas, fake news, CNN, Zucker

Cary Poarch. Project Veritas screen capture. Inset, fake news CNN President Jeff Zucker. The Paley Center for Media screen capture.

WASHINGTON. Ask Project Veritas. They’ll tell you that Cary Poarch is a whistleblower of a different sort. First, he’s not a secret minion of the CIA, spreading disinformation to help moribund Democrats oust the duly-elected president of the United States. Second, his information is firsthand and recorded for posterity by a hidden camera under his control. In fact, Poarch works as a satellite uplink technician for the Washington, D.C. bureau of fake news CNN.

Now, this is a whistleblower
Project Veritas, fake news, CNN

CNN whistleblower Cary Poarch. Photo via screen capture from his gofundme page.

Despite his background and employment, however, Poarch says on his gofundme page that he found himself “bothered” by CNN.

“… bothered by [the network’s] one-sided coverage” and “relentless drive for ratings over meaningful content, and the skewed judgment of a network president who prevents other stories from overtaking his vendetta against Trump,” says Poarch.

Interestingly, Poarch is no friend of the president. He’s a self-described Bernie Bro. Yet it’s clear he sees CNN’s Trump-derangement-centric programing as edging out what little coverage the network gives his favorite millionaire and democratic socialist, Bernie Sanders. It’s something called “balance.” Which is something CNN’s current executive crew apparently never heard of.

But why don’t we let Poarch tell us about this in this latest Project Veritas exposé.

Project Veritas, the scourge of fake news

How did Project Veritas penetrate CNN?

Poarch says the camera he used surreptitiously was provided by Project Veritas, which is the brainchild of conservative gonzo journalist and Andrew Breitbart acolyte, James O’Keefe. Poarch says he used the camera to record…

“… firsthand evidence of rampant bias across the network, and President of CNN Jeff Zucker’s personal vendetta against the President of the United States.”

To that end, Zucker is recorded giving the CNN Washington bureau staff its Trump-derangement marching orders:

“We’re moving towards impeachment… We shouldn’t pretend, oh, this is going one way. And so, all these moves are moves towards impeachment.”

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Don’t be a GOP media brownnose

Sen. Lindsey Graham. CBS News screen capture.

Zucker then tells his staff that South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham, who was once a reliable never-Trump Republican, is now the enemy of our fake-news “enemies of the people.” It should serve as a warning for those deluded John McCain-like Republicans with inclinations to brownnose the press.

“So, I just wanna say on the Lindsey Graham front. I know that there’s a lot of people at CNN that are friendly with Lindsey Graham. Time to knock that off. And it’s time to call him out.”

What if CNN falls like a tree in the forest and there’s no one to watch it?

CNN President Jeff Zucker. Photo: Robert Scoble via Wikipedia,,_CEO_of_NBC_Universal.jpg.

But as Zucker clearly understands, it’s difficult to sway public opinion during a time of well-earned and intense public distrust of the media.

“I think what’s going on in America now is really fundamentally the result of years of fake news, conspiracy nonsense from Fox News. The fake conspiracy nonsense that Fox has spread for years is now deeply embedded in American society and frankly that is beyond destructive for America.”

Zucker, like most in the media, conflates the fading fortunes of legacy media outlets, like CNN, with the prospects for the nation under the presidency of Donald J. Trump. But the last three years paint quite a different picture of reality.

Facts get in the way:
  • Mexico may not be paying for a US border wall, but it’s doing the next best thing. Under intense pressure from the Trump administration, Mexican authorities recently stopped a Central American migrant caravan of 2,000 people bound for the United States. “The Mexican effort has contributed to a sharp reduction of migrants arriving to the U.S. border in recent months,” the Los Angeles Times reports. Trump’s move is an end-run around our do-nothing, open-borders Congress – Republican and Democrat alike.
  • And in what has to be a difficult admission for left-wing National Public Radio, they report: “Unemployment has reached a nearly 50-year low. The jobless rate for Hispanics has never been lower; the past two years have been the best job market ever for African Americans. Wages are starting to rise – and, more significantly, for the lowest-paid workers.”
  • According to Chuck DeVore of Forbes: “314,000 more manufacturing jobs were added under Trump than under Obama, a 170% advantage.” In 2016, President Obama said manufacturing jobs would never return to America. “What magic wand to you have?” said Obama in reaction to Trump’s campaign pledge to begin restoring the nation’s dying manufacturing sector. Obama added that Trump’s plan to roll back Wall Street regulations was “crazy” and would not “make your lives better.”
  • And Trump has begun to draw down America’s endless military engagements in the Middle East.
Democracy dies in darkness

As Project Veritas clearly reveals, Jeff Zucker’s impeachment push at CNN is obviously designed to help Democrats stop Trump before he succeeds again. Winning, in the eyes of Democrats and their media friends, is Trump’s most impeachable crime.

President Trump speaks at the White House Social Media Summit. Fox News screen capture.

And speaking of winning, Zucker’s disgust for Fox News is simple sour grapes. According to Nielsen Media Research, Fox News averages around 2.4 million primetime viewers, while struggling CNN lags behind, garnering a paltry 761,000. That’s below the numbers generated by the Food Network’s boutique audience.

As Rich Noyes at Newsbusters observes:

“More households keep chickens and other poultry birds as pets than tune in to CNN’s primetime shows.”

Project Veritas, with the help of CNN whistleblower Cary Poarch and his hidden camera, has proven – yet again – the birds-of-a-feather agenda between legacy media and Democrats. And right now, that agenda is to remove President Trump from office before he defeats any one of the Democratic Party’s potential, far-left 2020 presidential nominees.

The icing on this cake, however, is that CNN President Jeff Zucker’s own words have “further embedded in American society” the monumental fakeness of fake-news CNN. And we have Cary Poarch and Project Veritas to thank for revealing another dark corner of the far-left, pro-Democrat media swamp.


Top Images: Cary Poarch. Project Veritas screen capture. Inset, fake news CNN President Jeff Zucker.
The Paley Center for Media screen capture.


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