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Under COVID-19 threats, the spirit of America’s Patriots is alive and well

Written By | Apr 19, 2020
Patriots, American, America, COVID-19

Protestors gather outside Ohio State Capitol.

WASHINGTON: Dennis Jamison wrote an excellent article at CDN about the brave men who stood up for freedom, at risk of their lives, titled, “Reflecting on World Freedom and America’s shot heard ’round the world.” It spoke of the courage of those American Patriots who stood tall against overwhelming odds on the greens of Lexington and at the bridge in Concord, Massachusetts, April 1775.

He ended by asking if today,

“In the coming showdown between freedom and tyranny, will Americans still stand for freedom for themselves and the rest of the world?”

The thing is, that the question has already been answered.

In Michigan, Virginia, Minnesota and New Jersey, freedom-loving men and women joined forces to protest overreaching Democratic governors who placed draconian stay-at-home orders on their citizens.

While they may not have been standing against redcoats shooting lead balls at them, they faced down the novel coronavirus, arrest, fines, and prosecution, simply to stand up for freedom.

Of course, there were repercussions. After all, no ordinary citizens dare disobey tyrannical Democrats. Arrests have been made in Michigan and New Jersey over the lawful protest in those states. Watch for more in other states where Democrats believe they are kings.

After a series of tweets by President Trump praising these Patriots, saying “Liberate Michigan, Minnesota, and Virginia, ” more freedom-loving Americans in Texas and Maryland marched against dictatorial Democrats, some only mayors others governors, and their overreaching orders on social distancing.

One must wonder why these little tyrants believe that they can capriciously suspend our Constitution?

New Jersey Governor, Phil Murphy, recently answered that question when on the Tucker Carlson show he stated that he gave no thought to the Constitution when 15 men attending service at a synagogue were arrested due to his statewide lockdown orders. (15 charged in Lakewood, N.J., after attending Orthodox Jewish funeral in violation of governor’s ban on large gatherings)

Carlson asked,

“By what authority did you nullify the Bill of Rights in issuing this order? How do you have the authority? ” – 10:55 on the video

After replying that those questions were above his pay grade, he simply dismissed the Constitution as irrelevant.

All petty dictators believe that their word is law, and that there is no higher authority than themselves.

But Americans have the love of freedom ingrained in souls. It is a part of their DNA, the same makeup that drove those minutemen to get out of warm beds, grab their AR-15’s, err, muskets, and stand tall on the greens of Lexington to face down an overwhelming force arrayed against them.

Democrat tyranny on full display among COVID-19

On the other hand, this latest round of tyranny by Democrats shows exactly who they are. It only strengthens all Patriots resolve to never allow a government to subjugate them to their whims.

Patriots, American, America, COVID-19

Protestors gather outside Ohio State Capitol. NBC News screen capture.

It proves that Americans are a special breed.

We may have gone soft because we enjoyed so much freedom over a very long period, but that love of the American ideal was never lost. It still flows through our veins. Blood that we are willing to exchange for freedom.

So, yes, in fact, hell yes, Americans will stand up for freedom for themselves and the world. And it makes me proud of those who are peaceably protesting for our natural rights as citizens.

It fills my chest with pride to be an American!

God bless the U.S.A.


Joseph Ragonese

Joseph Ragonese is a veteran of the United States Air Force, a retired police officer, has a degree in Criminal Justice, a businessman, journalist, editor, publisher, and fiction author. His last book, “The Sword of Mohammad,” can be purchased at in paperback or kindle edition.