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An unbreakable Constitution empowers Trump to legitimize votes

Written By | Nov 13, 2020
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Composite photo Dave McKinney President Donald Trump official portrait. Shealah Craighead The Preamble and 1st Article of the Constitution of the United States,_page_1.jpg Flag Thomas Ricks Photo by Thomas Ricks from FreeImages;

SAN DIEGO: The Constitution is both shield and sword for Trump as the dirtiest election of modern times evolves. There is no America without that document sealed by patriot blood. Trump has the fight of all our lives against those who reach new lows to replace it. It is because he stands by the Constitution and its principles that give cause to such treachery in the 2020 election.

However, Democrat schemers miscalculate, leave blatant security gaps for Trump lawyers to uncover. Founding Fathers were wise and provided Constitutional protections against attempts to destroy or overrun America and her voting system. Justice will prevail.

The Electoral College is the only official body who verifies America’s votes for the winner.

They are not due to meet until December 14. Therefore Joe Biden’s electoral votes have not been verified. He is only the president-elect in his camps’ eyes. No one but the Electoral College confirms the election results. Mainstream Left media does not have the authority to call the election on the night of or ever. They are not the gods and kings they strive to be. They can project only, but not confirm.

Forces for truth empower the fight. To concede is to surrender. Then Trump loses his right to pursue, to prove the 2020 election was criminalized.

It is more than a romantic notion to yearn for patriot posterity. Millions of Americans lost their hand in their government with each altered, flipped, or deleted vote. Trump wasting no time to backtrack on cheating and prevent its continuance in recounts and runoffs. He’s got every right to do so. And is protected more than we think by the very country he’s trying to save.

Knowledge is power and siphons out deception.

Trump strives for transparency, to assure our U.S. election system survives the 2020 fiasco that was no free election. A magnitude power grab in the midst of a nation trying to recover from a global pandemic.

Yesterday Trump tweeted shocking news about Dominion machines, with a tiered history of flaws and back door access to the secret software.

Lawyer Sidney Powell: Democrats used Dominion machines to steal votes

Trump supporters say ‘stand and fight’. Many would agree Trump not concede unless every vote is legitimized by law.

Hillary Clinton told Joe Biden to not concede.

Clinton, in her conniving wisdom, most likely knew the following about the Constitution.

One informed poster to Facebook shared the following…

It made sense and this writer offers some (numbered) excerpts, including backup research:

1. No law requires a concession speech. It’s a custom, a tradition, although a valued one. Concession aids in the peaceful transfer of power.

But good for the goose and not the gander. Trump never received the peaceful transfer of power so the Democrats broke that tradition.

2. Once the battle is over – the electors get together in Washington on December 14 – cast votes and certify the winner.  Not the media.

3. Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Nevada are all doing recounts with a minute margin of error in some battleground states.

“Each state has laws that allow a candidate, including a presidential candidate, to ask for an election recount. In some instances, a recount is automatically started based on the margin separating the top two candidates,” says Constitution Daily. If GOP is smart, they are watching like a hawk.

4. Like Al Gore, Trump knows something is off. Refusal to concede has only happened twice – both in the 1800s.

The overall 2020 vote is not clear.

This due to illegality all over the place, erroneous vote counts, and massive fraud claims. It’s a sticky entanglement like a spider’s web. Yet, the Democrats have underestimated the will and wiles of the American people to accept the trap.

72 million Trump voters could end up paying Biden’s debts

Facebook comments cont.:

5. Trump has legal options to go to court to prove irregularities.

Irregularities are the unfortunate norm for the 2020 election – it’s everywhere. Left media deny fraud, saying nothing will mount to nothing. That’s extremely naïve. They lie to make people give up on elections. Might as well say, ‘why vote, it doesn’t matter anyway’. Message received, but rejected.

6. If the court cannot rule on it and there is no certification – it goes to the House of Representatives (Alarm Bell goes ding, dang, dong).

7. At this point – the election is null and void and voting numbers do not matter any longer. The President is then elected by the House in Congress.

There are 475 members in the House. But they don’t all get a vote, thanks to the Constitution.

8. The 12th Amendment says each state gets one vote. There are 50 states. 37 of them are Republican. House votes in the next president. Senate chooses VP and they have enough seats now to choose Mike Pence.

If the House can’t choose – then the Vice President acts as president until he has an electoral majority and if that fails to produce a winner – it goes on to the Senate.

A handful of reasons why Trump has no need to concede.

Sean Spicer on Newsmax’s Spicer & Co. interviewed Jordan Sekulow, spokesperson for Trump’s legal.
A summary from the newscast:

Regarding Pennsylvania’s (PA) ballot deadline extension. Supreme Court Justice Alito referred the matter to the entire court about a “local state court judge extending the time ballots could be delivered and voted on.” Justice Alito told PA to separate the late mail in ballots and keep separate from the total count.

“They didn’t do it. That’s a game changer with PA’s 20 electoral votes,” says Sekulow.

The Constitution says the state legislature changes the law when it comes to election, not a state court.

“We’re not looking at just Philly here. We’re looking at tens of thousands of votes that could potentially overturn who wins the state of Pennsylvania.”

Nevada fails to verify ballots.

Trump’s team filed a lawsuit in Nevada bringing to task 600,000 votes in Clark County. A worker swore an affidavit saying he was told to put votes through without verifying signatures and to ignore discrepancies with addresses.

Texas rejects Dominion voting machines.

The same Dominion machines used in 47 counties in Michigan including Antrim where 6000 votes were flipped was previously rejected by Texas in October 2019. In a document prepared for the Texas Secretary of State, Dominion Voting Systems Democracy Suite 5.5-A was rejected for use.

“During our voting test, we discovered that some party names and proposition text were not displayed, and one scanner was not accepting some ballots. These all turned out to be errors Dominion made in setting up the standard test election used by the Secretary of State.”

Dominion testing failures included, ‘misleading ballot casting messages, disappearing messages, crossover votes, lost adjudication results, DRE station failure, and USB port vulnerability. Dominion got the big Texas boot:

“Nevertheless, I cannot recommend certification. Computer systems should be designed to prevent or detect human error whenever possible and minimize the consequences of both human mistakes and equipment failure. Instead the Democracy Suite 5.5-A is fragile and error-prone.”

Donald Trump – one-man leading the D.C. swamp resistance movement

Trump’s lawyer, Rudy Giuliani explains PA lawsuit.

“Trump against Boockvar” federal lawsuit seeks to disqualify the votes that were not properly observed in Pennsylvania. Over 600,000 votes denied watchers (Philadelphia, Pittsburgh), sent there by the court. Former Supreme Court cases warned that mail-in ballots are inherently “not reliable.” Observers were pushed back “easily 20 feet.” You render that ballot unlawful when you count with no Republican present and in many instances no Democrat. In many cases, the counter did not examine the envelope of the mail in ballot with voter information.

On election night Trump led in PA by 700,000 plus votes. “That is a lead very hard to be made up by legitimate voting,” says Giuliani.

In Detroit, numerous poll watchers testify they experienced being blocked from observation, similarly.

A whistleblower and 3 others offered sworn affidavits saying at a Michigan location, ‘at 4:00-4;30 am after election night while the shift was changing, about 100,000 ballots came through the back door. (Not through the normal delivery door). Stacks of ballots arrived in unsealed cardboard boxes, exposed, rather than mandated double-sealed wooden boxes. People initiated the count quickly, shouting loudly, thinking few were there. As far as lawyers can determine, they called out one name only – ‘Joe Biden’ over and over.

‘You didn’t see the all the stolen TVs in the back of that truck – did you?’

Election truth-tellers came forward under penalty of perjury to sign more than 230 sworn affidavits. A heroic move. The courts will take it from there. With the rock of the Constitution and great lawyers,  many who are volunteering, Trump can win legitimately.  That produces a sobering reality. We will face perilous times as Biden’s call to heal rings empty.  And the streets erupt. God please help us all.

Featured Image: Composite photo Dave McKinney President Donald Trump official portrait. Shealah Craighead The Preamble and 1st Article of the Constitution of the United States,_page_1.jpg Flag Thomas Ricks Photo by <a href="/photographer/woofwoof-39570">Thomas Ricks</a> from <a href="">FreeImages</a>

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