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Ulrich Klopfer, another Dr. Frankenstein of abortion meets a silent media

Written By | Sep 21, 2019
Abortion, Klopfer, Gosnell, Frankenstein

WASHINGTON. On the afternoon of Sept. 13, Will County, Illinois Sheriff’s Detectives received a call from an attorney representing family members of the late Dr. Ulrich Klopfer. Klopfer died ten days prior to the call. The family made a gruesome discovery while taking inventory at Dr. Klopfer’s home somewhere outside Chicago. You see, Dr. Klopfer was an abortion doctor. But he was just one of many Dr. Frankenstein’s in the evil trade.

Abortion, Klopfer, Gosnell, Frankenstein

Dr. Ulrich Klopfer. CBS News screen capture.

A prolific killer

According to the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette, Dr. Klopfer was “Indiana’s most prolific abortion doctor in history with numbers going into the tens of thousands of procedures in multiple counties over several decades.”

The Will County Sheriff’s Office press release also said 2,246 “medically preserved fetal remains” were located at the late Dr. Klopfer’s property. Klopfer loved his work so much, he carried the fruits of his labor across the Indiana state line to his Illinois home as trophies.

And as USA Today points out, very little is being said in the national media about the horrors in Illinois.  That these abortions were performed in Presidential Candidate Peter Buttigieg’s Indiana.  (Abortionist Ulrich Klopfer kept thousands of dead babies but inspires little curiosity)

Abortion: From Roe v. Wade to the infanticide of America’s future

When his Indiana license to practice medicine was suspended in 2016 for failure to report some procedures to state authorities, Klopfer told members of the medical board:

“Women get pregnant, men don’t. We need to respect women making a decision that they think is best in their life. I’m not here to dictate to anybody. I’m not here to judge anybody.”

Dr. Klopfer’s deference to women, fueled by the same “respect” proffered by the US Supreme Court in Roe vs. Wade and pandering Democratic politicians, went a long way in aiding the good doctor’s grisly collecting fetish.

But as The New York Times was quick to note,

“There was no evidence that medical procedures were performed at the Illinois property where the [fetal] remains were found.”

Well, then, that makes everything okay. Move along.

Birds of a feather
Abortion, Klopfer, Gosnell, Frankenstein

Dr. Kermit Gosnell at his murder trial. Fox News screen capture.

Nowhere in the mainstream media’s reporting on Klopfer did the name Dr. Kermit Gosnell rate a mention. He is the Pennsylvania abortionist who in 2013 was sentenced to life-plus-30-years in prison for the murder of 3 post-abortion babies that survived the “medical procedures.”  Abortions performed on legally sanctioned Planned Parenthood ground. He finished them off by severing their spinal cords with scissors.

And like Dr. Klopfer, Gosnell kept trophies of his work in formaldehyde-filled jars.

Dr. Kermit Gosnell and his legacy: Has America become Abortion Nation?

Adrienne Moton, a former employee at Gosnell’s Philadelphia abortion clinic, recalled one of the doctor’s small, helpless victims during the doctor’s murder trial:

“I just saw a big baby boy. He had that color, that color that a baby has. I just felt he could have had a chance.”

Dr. Gosnell made sure that baby boy, who miraculously survived the abortionist’s medical procedures, never got the chance.

The secular religion of abortion
Mayor Pete, Pete Buttigieg, Democrat

Mayor Pete Buttigieg. Photo: Gage Skidmore via flickr,


But abortion has become, at least for Democrats, the third rail of American politics.

Fort Bend, Indiana mayor, and Democratic presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg was careful not to let his much-heralded religious leanings get in the way of a “woman’s right to choose.”

“Like everyone, I find the news out of Illinois extremely disturbing,” Buttigieg told reporters, “I also hope it doesn’t get caught up in politics at a time when women need access to health care. There’s no question that what happened is disturbing. It’s unacceptable. And it needs to be looked into fully.”
The excuse for moral depravity

It’s more than a little disingenuous for Buttigieg to say abortion hasn’t been a hot button political issue since the Supreme Court rammed it down the throats of the nation in 1973. And speaking of Roe vs. Wade, wasn’t protecting the high court’s landmark ruling the impetus behind all the bogus sexual allegations leveled and re-leveled at Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh?

Kavanaugh, Hearings, Democrats

Judge Brett Kavanaugh. Fox News screen capture.

Didn’t pro-abortion forces deem it imperative to brand Kavanaugh an immoral sexual predator in order to render him unfit to pass moral judgment on the most callously immoral “choice” a woman can make?

Doctors Gosnell and now Klopfer prove the depths of moral depravity nearly a half-century of legal abortion has inflicted on the nation’s medical profession.

Abortion, Frankenstein

Boris Karloff as the monster in the 1931 film “Frankenstein.”

Abortion: Dr. Frankenstein’s most horrific monster

The wanton killing of the unborn has turned doctors into something worse than the fetal body-part-selling monsters of Planned Parenthood. They’ve become the very monster of Mary Shelley’s Gothic horror tale “Frankenstein.”

“God, in pity, made man beautiful and alluring, after his own image,” says the hulking, unnatural creature of Dr. Frankenstein’s making, “but my form is a filthy type of yours, more horrid even from the very resemblance. Satan had his companions, fellow-devils, to admire and encourage him; but I am solitary and abhorred.”

If Mayor Pete feels even the slightest moral pangs concerning the monstrous medical fetishes practiced among some abortionists, it more than likely has something to do with the monstrous, underlying medical practices that enable it.


Top Images: Movie still from the 1931 film “Frankenstein.” Inset (top left) Dr. Kermit Gosnell,
Fox News screen capture. Inset (lower right) Dr. Ulrich Klopfer, CBS News screen capture.

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