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Tulsi Gabbard: Her persistence magnifies the DNC’s primary hypocrisy

Written By | Mar 10, 2020
Tulsi Gabbard, Democrat, America

WASHINGTON — Representative Tulsi Gabbard embodies the tag line: “Nevertheless… she persisted.” Way more than Senator Elizabeth Warren ever could. Sen. Warren is out of the race, in fact. And therefore, she did not persist. On the other hand, contrary to a lack of media reports, Rep. Gabbard is still in the fight. And still persisting. The Democrat Presidential primary race is not down to two white men.

Due to her persistence, Tulsi Gabbard is still standing with two delegates to her name.

At the end of last week’s Super Tuesday marathon, Gabbard hosted a town hall in Detroit, Michigan. At that event, she told Darcie Moran of the Detroit Free Press that, “Daring to speak the truth is my crime and I have no regrets for it[…]”.

The meaning of persistence

Now on the cusp of Super Tuesday II, votes in Idaho, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, North Dakota, and Washington hang in the balance. As the only remaining female candidate in the Democrat presidential race, Gabbard is also hanging. She is being mostly ignored by the mainstream media, her own House Speaker, and her former fellow female candidates.

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Referring to the disappearance of female candidates, Democrat Senator Kamala Harris said, “It’s a shame… there’s nobody left…” after Senators Amy Klobuchar and Elizabeth Warren exited the race.

It looks like she forgot someone.

In rattling off the remaining female candidates, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi confused Tulsi Gabbard’s name with her scheduler, Kelsey.

“Kelsey – I Mean, Um Tulsi – Kelsey Is My Scheduler…”

Senator Elizabeth Warren talked to reporters outside of her house after suspending her own campaign.

“That’s the hardest part of this—all those pinkie promises,” she lamented. “… all those little girls who are going to have to wait 4 more years.”

To add final insult to injury, after changing the rules to accommodate billionaire Michael Bloomberg prior to the DNC’s debate in Las Vegas, the party changed the rules once again to exclude Tulsi Gabbard from the debate in Michigan this Sunday, March 15.

Is Tulsi Gabbard just a “spoiler”?

So, is Tulsi Gabbard the John Kasich of the Democrat fight, staying in the race just to spite the frontrunner? Or is she the burr under the saddle of the DNC? Patiently pointing out the hypocrisy of their supposedly intersectional and diversity-oriented platforms?

Democrats giddy with the success of Bernie and Biden

Dressed in her signature white pantsuit, Tulsi spoke with Fox News’ Shannon Bream on Monday about this very subject.

“‘I think there’s a lot of hypocrisy going on here, and I think the American voter have a right to ask these questions both of the DNC, their corporate media partners who are hosting these debates, as they are making all these rules, you hear a lot of talk—we just celebrated International Women’s Day, and the progress that women are making all around the world! But when it comes to actually making sure that in this presidential primary that the only woman candidate left in the race, the only woman of color, and the first female combat veteran ever to run for the presidency has a voice, the DNC and their corporate media partners say, ‘No thanks, actually that’s not what we want the American people to hear.'”

She’s not wrong. This writer has always found it quite strange that the party that likes to lay claim to diversity is currently clamoring to have one of two elderly white men nominated as their 2020 standard-bearer.

Hitting the intersectional markers as the DNC fails to notice

Tulsi Gabbard hits all the intersectional markers with Democrats: Woman of color, young, fresh. She is a real combat veteran and still holds the active rank of major, serving in the United States Army National Guard. As United States Representative to Hawaii, she holds an 8-year record of service without being a poster child for term limits.

Image courtesy Tulsi Gabbard’s House of Representatives website.

Ranging from her performance in the few debates in which she was allowed to take part Gabbard comes off fully as herself and refreshingly authentic as well. And that is probably part of the burr under the Democrats saddles.

The authentic vs the phony

From Warren’s lies about her ancestry to Fort Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg and his one-part poll-tested, three-parts recycled Obama blather, this authenticity is not a hallmark of run-of-the-mill politicians. Nor is it a hallmark of the surviving Democrat slate of candidates.

While Bernie Sanders has routinely been described as authentic, he is also recognized as authentically wrong on so much of what drives Americans and the American spirit. This is why the DNC is doing its best to promote a former Vice President with obvious ethical, and cognitive, challenges as its new frontrunner.

Democrats unholy quest for Washington’s political power and corruption

Gabbard rightly points out that the citizens of America are the ones who lose out in this equation. She notes:

“This is a greater disservice to them. This isn’t about me, it’s a disservice to voters who will not have the opportunity to make that best-informed decisions about who our next commander in chief should be.”
“Because we are not seeing these other candidates bringing to the forefront the issues that I am about, the need to bring this sea change in our foreign policy.”
What’s next for Tulsi Gabbard?

Gabbard’s persistence, her commonsense platform and her message of unity is a far cry from the perpetual blather of, “Orange Man Bad” that spews out of the mouths of both Vice President Joe Biden and Senator Bernie Sanders. And whether we would like to acknowledge it or not, a sea change in foreign policy is most certainly needed, especially in the wake of the current crisis concerning not only the American people but the world at large: Covid-19, the novel coronavirus.

Whether Gabbard continues on to the DNC Convention in Milwaukee this summer or suspends her campaign after this week, let’s hope she continues in her persistence to speak the truth and continue as a burr not only under the saddle of her party but in the political status quo as well.

— Headline image: Image courtesy Tulsi Gabbard’s House of Representatives website.


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