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Tulane University Ding-Dongs remove Victory Bell from campus

Written By | Mar 4, 2020
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WASHINGTON:  Reacting to the new #woke populace, Tulane University has removed the campus “Victory Bell” that was rung to celebrate sports victories.  It has recently been revealed that the bell, cast in 1825, was given to the school by former Louisiana governor and law school graduate Richard Leche. Leche was a close ally of former disgraced Gov. Huey P. Long.  (Tulane University removes ‘Victory Bell’ due to its ‘horrific’ past on plantation – AOL News)

While the bell has been on the campus since 1960, its past history as a way to call slaves has rendered it no longer acceptable as a campus adornment.

21st-century education of 15th-19th century slavery

The study of slavery, as is typical in the education systems in the United States, is not only incomprehensible but stultified by academic novices and their so-called students. It would appear that the universities are academically corrupt at all levels from administration to student—in all areas. (History of slavery – Wikipedia)

Even private schools such as once top-notch Tulane University in New Orleans has become a community of morons it seems.

The rage against Southern conservatives: will rewriting history kill the GOP?

The historical fact and facts of slavery is a subject as woefully painted by ignorance as that harbinger of gray matter decay, Climate Change is. But then universities and facts seldom conjoin.

Tulane recently and her students had a typical “progressive” hissy-fit upon learning that the Victory Bell had once been rung to direct slaves and their various movements. In part, a letter by President Mike Fitts and Board Chairman Doug Hertz said:

“It is terribly disheartening to learn that it is, in fact, a vestige of a horrific part of our nation’s past,” the letter said. “Now that we understand its history as an instrument of slavery, continuing to use this bell in a celebratory manner would run counter to our values.”

These childish brainless brats of “progressive” thought certainly must stay up late at night thinking of ways to say stupid things. It is as if Joe Biden sends them text messages on how to sound like a fool.

“As an academic institution, we believe it is important to find a way to use this bell to further our knowledge and understanding of slavery and pursue a more just society,” the letter further said.

An academic institution? Good grief, a bulldog gets a better education at PetSmart than that offered at most institutions of “higher learning.”

For example, should these overpaid moderate to low I.Q. administrators even think of researching the history of slavery they might understand that it isn’t caused or cured with a bell. No more than the Liberty Bell in its inanimate state signed the Declaration of Independence.

As far as that goes, the Liberty Bell first rang in 1760 to honor King George III ‘s coronation. Irony, irony, irony. But then the concept of “higher learning” and universities is an ironic couplet.

Tulane and the Atlantic and Triangular Slave Trade

And, of course, this would be the Atlantic and Triangular Slave Trade these two Mutt and Jeffs at the figurative blackboard mean.

That is, as opposed to Sumerian slavery, Grecian slavery, Roman slavery, Middle Ages slavery (including most of Europe), and Portuguese slavery. These historical items, of course, these nitwits are apparently ignorant of.

But to further ends, which slaves are being bell-directed?

  • The Africans blacks (sold by blacks to whites—which is all of those in America);
  • Slaves brought by New England slavers to the Americas;
  • The slaves in service to individuals or plantations from Rhode Island to Florida;
  • Or the slaves owned by the various American Indian tribes?

Maybe some of these, but probably these academic cue balls mean the slaves around Orleans and Jefferson Parishes. After all, the American South is the only place in the past 5000 years to be associated with slavery, or it seems to academia.

Nor does ringing the bell today have anything to do with any values of the past. All it has to do with is some liberal masterminds of tomfoolery posing as and taking money for being part of the sick twisted worthless University system in America.

Slaves to higher education

Tulane charges  $75,000.00 per year for freshmen (not including a thousand bucks or so for books). For this fine fee, students get bloviating hacks who bathe their minds with mental manure pretending to preach some sort of false righteousness. (Cost of Attendance | Undergraduate Admission)

And sadly, this sort of tripe from so-called academics is reflected in public universities, as well. These public beauties of pseudo-intellectual ping pong, unfortunately, are paid by the taxpayers. And Bozos like Bernie Sanders et al want them to increase the tuition by eliminating it so it can be free,

This is not confusing, it is “tenured” thinking.

Now supposedly while we honor ending slavery by purging bells, we reenter the slave trade by chaining the taxpayers.


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