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Trump’s “deplorables” trip the lights fantastic for Spicer on “Dancing with the Stars”

Written By | Oct 25, 2019
Dancing With The Stars, Voting, Deplorables, DWTS, Sean Spicer, Spicer,

WASHINGTON. Heading into its 28th season on ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars,” master of ceremonies Tom Bergeron tweeted to fans that it was his “hope that DWTS, in its return following an unprecedented year-long hiatus, would be a joyful respite from our exhausting political climate and free of inevitable divisive bookings from ANY party affiliations.” Bergeron then moved from his show’s joy-sapping guest, Sean Spicer, and aimed his ire at the show’s producers,

“We can agree to disagree, as we do now, but ultimately it’s their call. I’ll leave it to them to answer any further questions about those decisions.”

The “divisive” guest in question is indeed President Donald Trump’s former White House press spokesman.

Torches and pitchforks

Jon Coop, who was the Long Island Campaign Chair for Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign, tweeted for all those afflicted by Trump Derangement Syndrome,

Another member of the perpetually angry Twitter mob, with the handle “extremely thin toilet paper”, added,

“Normalize fascism with the wash-ups.”
That Spicer spice

So, here we are and it’s weeks into the competition. Spicer’s rhythmic gyrations to the strains of a live orchestra and a barely conscious ABC audience has been, to say the least, pathetic.

Dancing With The Stars, Voting, Deplorables, DWTS, Sean Spicer, Spicer,

Sean Spicer dances the Samba on “Dancing with the Stars.” Photo: ABC.

His dancing is as stiff and awkward as his many pressers in front of the ankle-biters and self-aggrandizers who call themselves White House correspondents.

Dancing With The Stars, Voting, DWTS, Sean Spicer, Spicer

“Dancing with the Stars” judge Bruno Tonioli. Photo: ABC.

Of Spicer’s Latin Samba, judge Bruno Tonioli quipped that the former Trump spokesman looked as though he was being “attacked by a swarm of wasps,” but added, “I have to say it was strangely entertaining.”

Spicer’s scores from the three-judge panel have been consistently low. But their votes are limited. Those from viewers, on the other hand, are unlimited.

And so, despite having to fumigate the ballroom after every disastrous and embarrassing Spicer performance, he has survived elimination thus far.

This reality came crashing down on Sailor Brinkley-Cook’s head last Monday evening when she was bounced from the dance competition after receiving a powerful 27 out of 30-point score from the judges.

She broke down in tears and was unable to say goodbye to the audience and fellow competitors.

Dancing With The Stars, DWTS, Sean Spicer, Spicer

Sailor Brinkley-Cook’s breaks down after she is eliminated from “Dancing with the Stars.” Photo: ABC.

Spicer no doubt did the happy dance in his head.

Slapping Leftwing Culture Silly

No one seems to have noticed, but Spicer’s continued survival on the prime-time show represents a slap in the face to America’s dominant, leftwing culture.

Every train-wreck performance by Spicer seems to receive a mock golf clap from the silent majority in fly-over country. The same folks that elected Donald Trump the nation’s 45th president seem determined to send the orange man’s gyrating avatar all the way to the “Dancing with the Stars” finals.

Putin sleeper cell: Hillary Clinton, Brennan, Clapper are agents of Russia

But it’s highly unlikely Spicer will take home the coveted DWTS Mirror Ball. His survival to date could be seen as something of a pre-2020 presidential election poll.

And unlike the phony push-polls proffered by our fake-news media, Dancing with the Stars call-in votes provide a survey of that vast swath of the country President Obama once described as “bitter” and who

“…cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.”
Deplorables, DWTSHillary Clinton, Clinton

Hillary Clinton gives concession speech after losing to Donald Trump. NBC News screen capture.

It is certainly entertaining to watch Spicer clumsily bust his moves on DWTS

But it is even more entertaining to watch the very “deplorables” who defeated Hillary Clinton in 2016 continue to rub all things Trump in the face of our self-professed betters through the powerful instrument of popular culture.

It’s certain Sean Spicer will eventually get the boot. But his vote-getting longevity indicates that in 2020 his former White House boss is more than likely to Viennese Waltz his way back into the coveted Oval Office.


Top Image: Sean Spicer and partner Lindsay Arnold dance the Viennese Waltz (Left inset) President Donald Trump. Photo: Wikipedia. (Right inset) A woman screams at hearing Trump take the oath of office in 2017. On Demand News screen capture.

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