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Trumpism and that flakiest of the flaky Senator Jeff Flake

Written By | Oct 2, 2018

WASHINGTON: The great benefit to Trumpism is how quickly it’s thinning the GOP herd of its timid establishmentarians. Sen. Jeff Flake may appear youthful and vital in photos, but he’s utterly feeble in spirit. And that runs contrary to the cowboy zeal that animates most Arizonans.

A melting snowflake

And so, Flake has, well, flaked out and will not seek a second term as the Copper State’s representative in the US Senate.

According to the Arizona Republic, that state’s citizenry…

“… embrace the combative, nationalist, America-first tendencies Trump puts on center stage every day. Flake is conceding that Arizona Republican voters, like those in Tennessee, Alabama and elsewhere, want the bare-knuckles politics Trump represents.”

In other words, the politics of diffident accommodation under Republicans like the late Sen. John McCain has rolled, with a gentle kick from Trump, into a cold grave. Rest in peace.


Jeff Flake, Trumpism, Kavanaugh, SCOTUS, Senate Hearing, Ford, Stephen Nemo

Senators John McCain and Jeff Flake. CBS News screen capture.

Delays, delays delays

The disgraceful delays in Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation can be laid at the feet of Sen. Flake. He has allowed wiled-eyed Kavanaugh accusers to postpone a confirmation vote yet again.

Jeff Flake, Trumpism, Kavanaugh, SCOTUS, Senate Hearing, Ford, Stephen Nemo

Activists confront Sen. Flake in an elevator. CBS News screen capture.

This happened shortly after two female activists cornered Flake in a Capitol Hill elevator, one of which had an emotional breakdown, claiming her past tragedy entitles her, and her alone, to determine who sits on the US Supreme Court.

If there is any good news to be had from the Kavanaugh business, it’s that the circus antics of the left have highlighted what’s at stake in the upcoming midterm elections.

Think of the craziest protester carried screaming from the Senate hearing room and remember that the Democratic Party is the wellspring of their paranoia, fear, and unhinged rage.

Jeff Flake, Trumpism, Kavanaugh, SCOTUS, Senate Hearing, Ford, Stephen Nemo

Pro-abortion protestor at Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearings. Canadian Broadcasting Corporation screen capture.

Kooks and nuts

All the above is perfectly embodied in the person of Kavanaugh accuser Professor Christine Blasey Ford.

Ford’s sincere and tearful recollections of a near rape experience while in high school sounds a lot like the traumatic memories of an alien abductee recalling, with accompanying tears, the horrors they experienced while aboard the mothership.

What do Kavanaugh accusers and alien abductees have in common?

And all those named by Ford as witnesses to her near-rape experience at Kavanaugh’s hands have denied knowledge of her fantastic story.

Jeff Flake, Trumpism, Kavanaugh, SCOTUS, Senate Hearing, Ford, Stephen Nemo

Professor Christine Blasey Ford. MSNBC screen capture.

But overactive imaginations and the hysteria it produces are emblematic of the Trump-deranged left. And that hysteria now guides the actions of the flakey Sen. Flake.
Potomac Fever

It’s worth noting that, once upon a time, Flake was a darling of the Tea Party. But that was when he served in the US House of Representatives.

But something happened after winning his Senate bid in 2013. It’s called Potomac Fever.

As the New York Times recently observed:

“For the past two years, Mr. Flake has been a man on an island. He infuriates conservatives with his constant sniping at President Trump, which included writing a book bemoaning how he thinks the administration has compromised the Republican Party.”
But at this crucial point in American history, it is Flake who has compromised the GOP.
GOP Trump-derangement syndrome

His hatred for the president is the same as the late Sen. John McCain. They could not forgive a novice politician who so easily triumphed over the GOP’s stratified layers of “conservatism” to become president. And he did so by championing a combative, in-your-face brand of patriotic populism.

This naturally has conventional conservatives, in the mold of Jeb Bush and Ted Cruz, wondering what the future holds for them.

Flake knew his future and bowed out.

Jeff Flake, Trumpism, Kavanaugh, SCOTUS, Senate Hearing, Ford, Stephen Nemo

Sen. Lindsey Graham. Fox News screen capture.

And speaking of fearful Senate Republicans, Lindsey Graham has seen the error of his never-Trump ways. He’s jumped aboard the Trump bandwagon with his spirited defense of Kavanaugh and out-of-character condemnations of Senate Democrats.

The quavering voice of Blasey Ford and the railroading of Brett Kavanaugh

Graham has brilliantly suggested that if Sen. Jeff Flake and the Democrats manage to sink the Supreme Court nominee’s confirmation, President Trump should immediately re-nominate Kavanaugh. This way his confirmation becomes a get-out-the-vote issue for Republicans this November.

And it’s delicious to think what a red tide at the polls will do to the fragile minds, women, and men, of hysterical Democrats… and flaky Republicans.


Top Images: Sen. Jeff Flake, Brett Kavanaugh inset. MSNBC screen capture.

Steven M. Lopez

Originally from Los Angeles, Steven M. Lopez has been in the news business for more than thirty years. He made his way around the country: Arizona, the Bay Area and now resides in South Florida.