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President Trump winning, shattering the Democrats incalcitrant ceiling

Written By | Jan 23, 2018
Trump Winning

WASHINGTON, January 23, 2018.: It can only be described as another precedent-shattering achievement for President Donald Trump’s winning record. Democrat Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer thought the positive media coverage of his forced government shutdown would backfire on Republicans.

Like the shutdown effort to defund authoritarian Obamacare in 2013.

Trump winning

Sen. Chuck Schumer failed to place blame on President Trump for his government shutdown.

Back then, establishment Republicans could not present a cogent argument to defund President Obama’s unpopular government takeover of America’s health care system.

Schumer Shutdown Fail: Swamp set to re-open, as bulls massacre bears on Wall St.

After all, John Boehner, the Obama-accommodating Republican House Speaker, believed the government was a perpetual-motion spending machine and had no philosophical disagreement with the government forcing a free people to buy its lousy product.

Trump winning

Former GOP House Speaker John Boehner.

But Tea Party freshmen Senator Ted Cruz of Texas led the Obamacare defunding effort in the Senate, spearheading a filibuster.

Recalling these events, the retired Boehner told an audience at Stanford University in 2016 that Cruz was “Lucifer in the flesh… I have never worked with a more miserable son of a bitch in my life.”

Trump winning

Sen. Ted Cruz.

Lucifer in the Senate

Cruz, then running for the Republican Party’s nomination for president, said,

“When John Boehner calls me Lucifer, he is directing it at you [the American people].”

When Trump won the presidency and tasked the Republican-controlled Congress to fulfill their nearly decade-old promise to repeal Obamacare, Boehner Republicans told American voters to drop dead, keeping it alive and in place.

You see, big-government worshiping Republicans consider small-government, freedom-loving Americans to be as Luciferian as Sen. Cruz.

Trump winning over bumbling Republicans and Democrats

During the recent government shutdown over illegal alien “dreamers,” Trump refused to play the part of the usual, inarticulate and bumbling Republican.

“Democrats are far more concerned with illegal immigrants than they are with our great Military or Safety at our dangerous Southern Border,” he said via Twitter, “They could have easily made a deal but decided to play Shutdown politics instead.”

A Washington Post/ABC News poll found 48 percent of Americans blamed President Trump and congressional Republicans for the shutdown. Only 28 percent blaming Democrats.

But the recent cave by Sen. Schumer and his fellow Democrats proves the aforementioned poll to be phony. As phony as those in 2016 that assured us, beyond all doubt, Hillary Clinton would be America’s 45th president.

Feebleminded  Congressional Republicans fail, again

Unlike a majority of feebleminded congressional Republicans, President Trump knows a phony poll when he sees one. In the same deft way he identifies fake news, by promptly ignoring it.

Both political parties favor illegal immigration. Democrats are hoping to change the nation’s demographics. By doing so they hope to add an army of government-dependent souls to the welfare and voting rolls.

Conversely, Republicans hope to provide cheap, wage-depressing workers for their billionaire donors.

Trump winning continues, ends the era of Democrats

In a symbolic move lost to the media, President Trump signed a short-term spending measure late Monday in the White House Treaty Room. He did so under Theobald Chartran’s oil painting of President William McKinley watching as the treaty ending America’s war with Spain is signed in 1898.

Trump winning

Theobald Chartran’s oil painting of President William McKinley watching as the treaty ending America’s war with Spain is signed in 1898.

That conflict’s conclusion expanded America’s influence around the world and accelerated Spain’s decline.

Adios Democrats in the age of Trump.

Steven M. Lopez

Steven M. Lopez

Originally from Los Angeles, Steven M. Lopez has been in the news business for more than thirty years. He made his way around the country: Arizona, the Bay Area and now resides in South Florida.