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Trump vs. Biden: The final debate – What was not said defines our future

Written By | Oct 23, 2020
Trump vs. Biden, Election 2020

The final Trump vs. Biden Presidential debate is now history. Few minds were changed by either side. However, what was not said may have been the most important topics for our future. One of the mantras from Trump haters is that he really messed up America’s response to the China Flu pandemic. I hear this to the point of ad nauseam. Last night’s Presidential debate spent a full 20 minutes on this single topic. The truth usually stuns those haters, because the lies are so ingrained in the fake news that most do not know just how stellar Trump’s response has been.

During the debate, Biden highlighted some of the lies, while Trump refuted them. It sounded like a ‘he said, she said’ back and forth in the limited time. Nonetheless, President Trump masterfully turned the debate to his advantage stating, “There are businesses that are dying, Joe, you can’t do that to people.”

Trump vs. Biden – The cure can’t be worse than the problem

Contrasting his approach to handling the Wuhan Virus to Biden’s, Trump said, “the cure can’t be worse than the problem.” In a portion of the debate that Biden should have easily won, he stumbled and lost because they have different approaches to handling it were flatly shown.

Biden endorsing vague conditions for reopening businesses and schools, while Trump emphasized the need to get the economy back up and running. Biden by painting his approach with a wide federal brush where everyone must abide by the same set of rules, whether they apply or not. Trump calling for the states to devise their own rules, that affect their location. On this, and the question of the minimum wage, President Trump pointed a serious truth.   A one size fits all “cure” will not work equally in Los Angela, CA and Le Canto, FL.

The President’s approach closely resembles the Constitution, and primarily allows decisions to be made by state governors.

That is why Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York was allowed to implement policy that killed more seniors in nursing homes than in any other state.

It was not the federal government’s place to decide New York’s, or any other states, policy on how to respond to the health crisis. Biden’s take is total federal control is the answer to COVIC. This stark difference was highlighted to voters during this debate, exposing to every voter the philosophy between the political parties.

While this part was not a clear victory for Trump during the debate, for the first time the MSM aired the truth. Many who have yet to make up their mind were listening.

That truth pointed out the difference between Republican and Democrat.  While it won’t change any minds, it will give middle-of-the-road voters a real contrast to ponder.

The differences in Trump vs. Biden is in their approach

We have the first pro-capitalist President versus the former V.P. with his dictatorial “the state knows best because you are too dumb to know better” contrast.  A contrast one hopes voters will consider as they mark their ballots.

A clear cut differentiation between political beliefs can be seen in one statistic on hotel occupancy rates during the pandemic. It demonstrates exactly how stark a contrast the point of view is. At least within the lifestyle area. The study indicates that hotels in big Democrati-run urban cities occupancy rates are down 77% on average. In contrast, in midwestern Republican-run cities, the rate is only down 38%.

That is the difference between political lockdowns and reopening the economy.

Yet petty tyrants, like Michigan Governor Whitmer, warn either vote for Biden or expect continuous lockdowns as punishment.

Fortunately, the Michigan Supreme Court has already shut Whitmer down, and more than once, for her unconstitutional orders. The court will likely shut down her tyranny again. If not, SCOTUS will do so once Justice Amy Coney Barrett is appointed. Not because ACB will always vote for the conservative view, but the Constitutional precedent.


Not mentioned during the debate was what President Trump has done to combat COVID. That the President, against nearly everyone, did to restrict travel from overseas, very early, especially from China. Nearly, if not all, Democrats objected to the travel bans, especially Joe Biden, a policy that saved thousands of lives early in the spread of Covid-19.

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Some may remember Biden, Schumer, Pelosi, and Schiff all saying it wasn’t a necessary action, and calling it a racist policy. Remember, that when COVID started to overrun America, Democrats, led by Schumer and Pelosi, were all too involved in impeaching Trump.  More busy attacking what the feel is an illegitimate President than to worry about a deadly virus.

At the same time, while fighting impeachment and COVID, President Trump was working to improve our economic standing with China. He got a deal with them that improved our economy while detrimental to them. But much more fair than previous trade deals between America and China.

This, too, was left out of the debate.

Trump vs. Biden – Foreign Policy

Is it any wonder that China is spending billions to elect Biden, a man they already own lock, stock, and barrel? But international diplomacy was purposely left out of this debate because President Trump has such a stellar record on this. Further enhanced by this morning’s announcements. (Trump Announces Sudan, Israel to Normalize Ties in U.S.-Brokered Deal)

But trouble areas will persist after the election. With a Trump win, China will continue to challenge us. A Biden wins means China while continuing to walk over the world, including America. That is why China is spending billions to ensure Biden becomes President. They control him, while they have no control over Trump.

If Biden wins, Taiwan will be invaded shortly after he is sworn into office.

Taiwan has chip technology that China needs, which is why they are preparing for an invasion. The only thing holding them back is President Trump. He would go to Taiwan’s aid and they are not yet ready to go to war with us at this time.

A Biden victory would ensure a free pass for invasion because he is beholding to China.

The rest of the world, including those nations that took Chinese loans for infrastructure, are turning against China and hoping America will keep them in check. With a Democrat as president, that will not be the case.

Only a second term for President Trump has the ability to keep them in check.

Trump vs. Biden – China, China, China

The reasons for the international foreign shift away from China is their being the source of the pandemic, their concentration camps and human rights disasters, the seizure of Hong Kong, threats against Taiwan, and domination of the South China Sea.

Xi has become too aggressive for world leaders. However, Trump may be able to get much of the rest of the world on board with the US if China makes an aggressive move. But only if President Trump is reelected. Biden will not stand up to China. Particularly now that we know they most likely have quite the dossier on the former V.P. and his son, Hunter, making a President Biden ripe for blackmail.

That is why there was no mention of it in this debate.

America in Peril: Tony Bobulinski connects the Bidens to the CCP

Pompeo has been working hard at convincing foreign governments to see China’s threat to the world. He has rightly pointed out that if China does try to invade Taiwan, that things could easily spin out of control, very fast. Any war brought on by China would affect the entire world.

It is why we need a vastly superior military with a much bigger Navy. Another point not highlighted in the debate is that President Trump has rebuilt the military. This spotlights the differences between Trump, who supports military expansion, and Biden, who wants to reduce military spending to increase social welfare programs.

One other international outcome that is already happening is the end of globalization.

Trump has ended that with favorable trade deals, which the pandemic crushed. Trump will continue in this pursuit, while Biden will return to the same globalization policies that created the rustbelt and almost destroyed America’s middle class. Those were the Obama/Biden years. Again, omitted in the debate.

One final thought on the differences between Biden and Trump campaigns. Joe Biden released a questionable new ad saying that America “never lived up” to its ideals.

“America was an idea, we hold these truths to be self-evident, we’ve never lived up to it, but we’ve never walked away from it before. And I think we just have to be more honest with what our kids know as we raise them, what actually did happen. Acknowledge our mistakes,” Biden says in his ad.
Already continuing with Obama’s apology tour, even before the election.


President Donald J. Trump’s slogan is “Keep America Great.”

Because he believes in America, and in you, the Americans. Which is the difference, and is what we are voting for, or against, on November 3rd.

The last debate did highlight the vast differences between Trump and Biden. What was not debated tells us more about those differences than anything that was said.


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About the author:

Joseph Ragonese is a veteran of the United States Air Force, a retired police officer, has a degree in Criminal Justice, a businessman, journalist, editor, publisher, and fiction author.

His last book, “The Sword of Mohammad,” can be purchased at in paperback or kindle edition.


Joseph Ragonese

Joseph Ragonese is a veteran of the United States Air Force, a retired police officer, has a degree in Criminal Justice, a businessman, journalist, editor, publisher, and fiction author. His last book, “The Sword of Mohammad,” can be purchased at in paperback or kindle edition.