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Trump tells the UN to take a hike on the Paris Climate Accords

Written By | Nov 12, 2019
Paris Climate Accords, Trump

Cartoon by Ben Garrison. Adapted to CDN format, used with permission and by arrangement with

CHARLOTTE, NC – Take all the grousing from anti-Trumpists on both sides of the aisle. Combine that with the ongoing determination of the Democrats to impeach the president. You soon discover that, despite both these major roadblocks to his agenda, Mr. Trump has kept yet another promise he made to the American people during his campaign three year ago. He has formally withdrawn the United States from the cynical and disastrous Paris Climate Accords.

President Trump ends a very big boondoggle

It was slightly over a week ago President Trump put the U.N. on notice. He re-iterated, officially, what he’d proclaimed last year. Namely that the United States is officially withdrawing from the Paris Climate Accords. In so doing, the U.S. saves substantial taxpayer-generated government revenue previously spent on high-level but empty global rhetoric meant to redistribute much of the American workers’ annual income to other areas of the planet as decreed by the international Deep  State.

Historically, such agreements continually conclude with much hand shaking and head nodding in agreement and little else. Certainly, we’ve never actually witnessed or even read about any concrete strategies enacted that result in any useful environmental results whatsoever. The world’s elites, working through the UN, just want more and more of our hard-earned money to redistribute to their supporters.

The real reason behind the global warming climate change hoax

What used to known as “global warming” eventually took on the more inclusive moniker of “climate change.” The reason? Because the term encompasses more variables, thereby better suiting the needs of elitist Al Gore et al.

The burning question has never been about climate change as a reality. The Earth’s climate has constantly “changed” since the first day after the “Big Bang” many millions or billions of years ago. All we need do is look closely today at the world in which we live to see this. We can find examples of natural changes everywhere. Such as continental drift, earthquakes, volcanoes, rising and falling sea levels, advancing and receding glaciers and so on.

The only difference between way back when and now is the addition of a presumably civilized mankind to the equation, That presence, placed against the almost endless timeline of history, amounts to the blink of an eye.

But today, man has become arrogant in the belief that human presence has somehow altered the natural order of things so greatly that we must now find a way to maintain the status quo. Simply because WE want it to be that way. That’s how we god the Paris Climate Accords

Paris Climate Accords: Trying to control what we can’t control

Just because humans say there must always be snow in the Alps, that the Caribbean should forever remain at a constant 70 degrees, that Alaska’s Mendenhall Glacier should creep forward again rather than recede doesn’t really count for much in the perpetual scheme of Mother Nature. Life finds a way. Other species adapt. So why can’t man?

Granted, everyone likes snow in Colorado when ski season rolls around. But if the climate changed to make Denver a warm weather destination, would that really be so devastating? The skiers and resorts would simply pick up stakes and move elsewhere.

Would it not be better and more productive to research and analyze global climate patterns and trends. And then create the appropriate infrastructure to accommodate those alterations rather than spending countless trillions of dollars attempting to alter Mother Nature because human beings prefer things just as they are? As opposed to the phony utopia promised by the Paris Climate Accords?

The awful truth of the Paris Climate Accords

As Breibart News reports:

“The Paris accord would force the United States to cut its carbon emissions – which means energy use and industry – by almost a third from 2005 levels. Meanwhile, China – already the greatest polluter on earth – would be allowed to actually increase the amount of greenhouse gases it dumps into the atmosphere.”

In other words, we should punish a country that has the potential and the desire to improve the present situation. But at the same time, we should give a free pass to the world’s biggest environmental offender: Communist China. It’s that kind of thinking that makes reasonable people want to slap their foreheads with the palms of their despairing hands.

Breitbart continues, focusing on the staggering numbers involved in this climate hoax.

“The Heritage Foundation says this part of the ‘climate’ agreement alone amounts to a $2.5 trillion tax on the American people—an estimated $30,000 per family.


“But there’s more. American taxpayers would also foot the bill for a multi-billion dollar ‘green energy fund’ that would be redistributed to most of the other 170 nations in the agreement, including dictatorships and some of the most corrupt countries on Earth.”

Trump says, “Enough is enough.”

As Trump sees it, the time has come for the rest of the world to stop building elevators and giving the US the shaft. We have been “Mr. Nice Guy” for far too long. Let the rest of the world pay their fair share of their utopian fantasies. Like the Paris Climate Accords.

Meanwhile, if we are going to waste dollars anyway, let’s at the very least waste them on ourselves.

This kind of straightforward logic shows Donald Trump at his best. No Tweets, no name calling, no self-promotion. Just keeping a promise and looking out for the American people.

Environmentally there is nothing we can gain from the Paris Climate Accords. But they do allow the Al Gore fat cats of the world to rake in more money while they “talk big and carry a little stick.” In that case talk is definitely not cheap.

So this time around, perhaps it’s better for the US to pursue a different adage: “Silence is golden.”

— Headline image: Cartoon by Ben Garrison. Adapted to CDN format.
Used with permission and by arrangement with

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