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Trump interview with 60 Minutes personality Leslie Stahl: The unedited version

Written By | Oct 22, 2020
Trump interview, Leslie Stahl, CBS, 60 minutes

Video still from unedited version of CBS 60 minutes interview of President Trump by Leslie Stahl. Fair copy via the President’s Facebook campaign page.

WASHINGTON – A soon-to-be legendary interview with President Trump waged by veteran CBS and 60 Minutes personality Leslie Stahl was taped earlier this week. It has not yet aired. But it was apparently scheduled for 60 Minutes’ upcoming Sunday evening broadcast. Increasingly unhappy with what was a biased interview that would be cleverly edited and tailored into a final, anti-Trump segment – a time-honored tradition among network “news” reports – the President and his staff threatened to release the unedited White House copy of the interview prior to Sunday’s broadcast.

A touchy Trump exchange with Leslie Stahl

CDN has just learned, via ZeroHedge, that the unedited copy was posted by the White House via Facebook Thursday morning. ZH reports the following verifiable facts in a short piece entitled “Bias, Hatred, & Rudeness” – Trump Posts Full Raw ’60 Minutes’ Interview’.

“Trump began by asking Stahl to ‘just be fair…’ after she warned him ‘are you ready for tough questions.’

“When she refused to accept his responses to various questions, Trump jabbed:

“‘…to you, nothing I’ve said will be good enough… You just come in here with that negative attitude.’

“And during a discussion of the fact that she refused to address any of the questions about Hunter Biden, Trump pointed out quite honestly that:

“‘you discredit yourself, I don’t have to’

Fact-checking the fact-checkers

ZH also discredits Wednesday’s frantic MSM fake news assertions that Trump ended the interview by “storming out” of the studio.

“The interview did not end with Trump storming out as the media has claimed but it certainly ended in disagreement with Trump saying ‘ I think we have enough of an interview here already, let’s go’ following a handler’s warning that there was a 5 minute window to a meeting with the vice president.”

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CDN presents the clip below, with a hat tip to the Tylers of ZH.

But we’d also echo the final question posted by the Tylers.

“How long before Facebook removes this clip?

The clip posted via ZH truncates the top of Trump’s head, but the audio is okay. So we’re providing a better clip via Twitter. But note that either Twitter’s or Facebook’s Thought Police (and their trusty anti-Trump algorithms) will remain vigilant 24/7. The video might come down any minute. As backup, follow this link to the truncated version at ZH,

Suggestion: Watch this video fast before it disappears down Facebook’s hyper partisan memory hole.

  • Headline image: Video still from unedited version of CBS 60 minutes interview of President Trump by Leslie Stahl. Fair copy via the President’s Facebook campaign page.


Terry Ponick

Terry Ponick

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