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Trump fights COVID-19 , Nancy Pelosi’s final four goes high on the hog

Written By | Mar 28, 2020
Pelosi, Democrats, Pork, Pelosi, Democrats, Impeachment, Kavanaugh, Coronavirus

CHARLOTTE, NC: By most accounts from the national media, Nancy Pelosi is a seasoned veteran politician with keen political instincts. If that is true, then why does Pelosi’s recent record makes her look more like Alfred E. Neuman than Albert Einstein?

Nancy Pelosi is certainly mean, arrogant, hypocritical, angry and self-serving. Not one of those descriptions, and countless other negatives, make her candidate for the Mensa Society. A fact she proves time and time again.

Nero supposedly fiddled while Rome burned. However,  with Washington ablaze as it fights the COVID-19 pandemic, Pelosi chose to host a huge Democratic cookout filled with more pork than a freight train full of pigs.

Democrat Corruption, Pelosi, Democrats, Impeachment, Kavanaugh, Coronavirus

Pig. Photo: Matthias Zomer via Pexels,

By any reasonable count, that bit of skullduggery was Pelosi’s fourth serious political screw-up in a matter of a few months.

Wuhan flu coronavirus stimulus: Democrat corruption no longer invisible

Hardly what you would term as a masterpiece of brilliant strategic thinking.

Only time will tell of course, but for someone who led a three-year impeachment crusade against President Donald Trump, it appears that Ms. Pelosi’s widely admired leadership skills may have gone a long way toward re-electing the very person she, and other party hacks, have tried so desperately to remove from office.

Here’s a brief recap of the Pelosi “four play” which is having a cumulative effect on the mood of the American people. Americans who will most assuredly pay attention now because it is hitting them in their wallets during a time of crisis.

#1 – The Kavanaugh Fiasco:

Most of the craftsmanship for this event belongs to California Senator Diane Feinstein. Pelosi, being Speaker of the House, had no choice but to get involved in the Supreme Court confirmation of Justice Bret Kavanaugh.

For the most part, though Feinstein’s 11th hour tactic was a typical Washingtonian trick. Her gamble would probably have gone unnoticed by many Americans because, at that time anyway, they had little or no interest in day-to-day politics.

Brett Kavanaugh vs. Blasey Ford: Governance versus mob rule in action

At the same time, the process was likely far enough ahead of the election that many people, even those who do follow politics, would have calmed down by November.

For Nancy Pelosi however, Kavanaugh became a catalyst to her downfall.

#2 – Impeachment:

Timing is everything and the impeachment of Donald Trump was a great example of bad timing. To begin with the process was a huge waste of time, energy and money.

Unlike Kavanaugh, the country basically tuned out of the impeachment, and Pelosi’s efforts to drag out the results of the witch hunt only served to anger more and more Americans with each passing day.

Nancy Pelosi: House Royalty demanding to be Queen of Senate

In the meantime, while Congress was accomplishing nothing of significance, there was news coming out of China about a nasty little virus called COVID-19 that was highly contagious and spreading rapidly.

Still the impeachment proceedings continued with no practical outcome other than Pelosi and her vigilantes would be able to claim they had successfully impeached the president.

Timing is everything.

#3 – Going on a tear:

With the impeachment still in progress the State of the Union address was delayed. Normally the SOU is little more than a boring free 90 minute commercial for the president to boast about his accomplishments during the previous year.

For the most part, the event is extremely partisan where the home team stands frequently as they applaud and cheer loudly while the opposition remains seated and silent.

This year however, due to the growing animosity between the White House and Pelosi’s House, the promise of something unusual happening loomed large.

As anticipated, something unusual did, indeed, take place,

Speaker Pelosi goes on a tear at Trump’s State of the Union

At the start of the speech, the president appeared to snub Pelosi by not shaking her hand. For the entire address with the camera focused on the trio of Trump, Pelosi and Vice President Pence, the speaker of the house used the time to fidget, look disinterested or distracted and to occasionally tamper with her copy of the SOU.

When Trump concluded his remarks, Pelosi boldly and defiantly tore her copy to shreds as analysts from all the major networks attempted describe the scene.

Though her Democrat cronies cheered Pelosi for her actions on the following day, the episode did not play well across the country as Pelosi’s Hat Trick of political gaffes was now in full focus.

#4 – Coronavirus:

Whenever a national or global crisis erupts, it’s almost guaranteed that the minority party will rally to criticize whatever policies the party in power uses to handle the problem.

In the ongoing current pandemic of trying to contain and minimize the damage created by COVID-19, Nancy Pelosi has once again misread the tea leaves.

Nancy Pelosi: Ring leader of Democrat’s Covid-19 relief thievery

Faced with the unprecedented task of maintaining the safety and well-being of every American while striving to keep our economic engine churning, Donald Trump is being bombarded on all sides from the mainstream media to Nancy’s opposition.

Many anti-Trumpers have gone so far as to say that the president has no interest in the American people, despite the fact that he holds televised daily marathon briefings designed to reassure Americans and keep them informed.

Believing that the sooner we can slow the pandemic and get the country back on track is the best way to proceed, Trump is seeking a two TRILLION dollar economic package to bridge the gap. It’s a financial gamble that no president in history has ever attempted to undertake.

The Density of Pelosi’s Democrats

But here’s where Nancy Pelosi and her colleagues have failed to grasp the gravity of the situation. Playing politics as usual in true Washington tradition, Pelosi is using this request for funds in the same manner as any other bill.

In so doing, Pelosi is holding relief measures for US citizens hostage by including millions of dollars in the package for the DC Kennedy Center of performing arts. And then there was her bids for ObamaPhones, the furtherance of the Green New Deal, restrictions on the aviation industry, and on and one.

No, this relief for Americans is NOT typical. It is a one-time effort to keep people safe and healthy while making a desperate attempt to keep our vibrant economy vibrant.

Nancy Pelosi’s last minute backdoor barbecue is an abject disgrace.

If this is an example of what analysts regard as being a savvy politician, then our country is in far more dire straits than we realized.

China gave the world a pandemic, and Nancy Pelosi added the pork. We can only hope that voters will go “hog wild” come November and vote “Miss Piggy” Pelosi out of office.

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