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Trump being the NATO boss despite Democrats Impeachment follies

Written By | Dec 4, 2019

President Donald J. Trump meets with President Emmanuel Macron of France and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in between separate meetings with each leader Tuesday, Dec. 3, 2019, at Winfield House in London. (Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead)

WASHINGTON: President Trump is the NATO boss. The man is large and in charge. He walks softly carrying the big stick of tariffs and determination. And he is not afraid to say what he thinks. Express what he wants. There is no ambiguity. Moments can get rough, like the exchange between President Macron and Trump that had a previously disparaging Trump supporting NATO.

Macron’s remarks in early November were that the North Atlantic Treaty Organization was suffering from “brain death.”

The French President speculating that its Article 5, which holds that an attack on one NATO member is an attack on all, might be past its time. Furthermore, the French president says the NATO alliance created to provide collective security against the Soviet Union following World War II should shift its focus to terrorism.

Macron further upset European allies by saying he wants to improve relations between Russia and the NATO countries.

President Donald J. Trump participates in a pre-bilat discussion with President Emmanuel Macron of France Tuesday, Dec. 3, 2019, at Winfield House in London. (Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead)

What is NATO

The North Atlantic Alliance Organization (NATO), is an intergovernmental military alliance between 29 North American and European countries with the organization implementing the North Atlantic Treaty that was signed on April 4, 1949.  NATO constitutes a system of collective defense whereby its independent member states agree to mutual defense in response to an attack by any external party. If a NATO alliance country is attacked, other NATO alliance countries will provide military aid.

The idea spawned not only by the WWII aggression of Germany toward European countries but also to assure those smaller countries could not be absorbed militarily by larger countries.



English: A global map of NATO partners around the world, with all the sovereign states that are under 20,000 km2 in area represented by a circle.


Last week, Macron says that the alliance should be working with China and Russia to combat terrorism, rather than balancing against them. Macron has also called for an independent European army that would compete with NATO. Macron has also talked about undoing the implicit bargain whereby European countries purchase American debt in exchange for U.S. military protection.

The Democrats impeachment farce against the untouchable Mr. Trump

Macron insisting that the  European Union must step up and start acting as a strategic world power.

Trump’s response to Macron’s negativity toward NATO being:
“NATO serves a great purpose,” the U.S. president said, adding that Macron’s remarks were a “very, very nasty statement essentially to 28 countries.”

Remarkable here is that while chastising Macron, calling his comment disrespectful, Trump is defending a group that he has previously questioned – mostly due to the fact that other countries were not contributing the prescribed 2% of their countries GDP. (Trump keeps criticizing NATO allies overspending. Here’s how NATO’s budget actually works – Business Insider – July 2018.

Trump is Trump

Regardless of which world leader Trump is meeting with, he will freely express his admiration of them. He praises their leadership and calls them good people, who want to do their best for their countries and people. He likes them. Genuinely likes them.  He speaks plainly.

But like the NATO boss he is, he will call them on what he sees as less than reasonable positons. Quickly convincing him that his way is the best way.

President Trump feels that every country – no matter how large or small – can do better if they just do the right thing to make their country great again. Put their people first. And President Trump’s economic policies are making an impact across the world.

During the NATO conference, President Trump is meeting with other adults, not the liberal juveniles filling the House today. Americans are all able to watch world leaders agree, disagree, and find consensus. Shaking hands and carrying on.

NAFTA – Good for Mexico, Canada and America delayed by Nancy Pelosi, Democrat

Sitting next to Trump, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says he thinks the relationship between Canada and the United States has never been stronger. Trump and Trudeau met in London where Trump said his country’s legislators have to ratify the new North American free-trade deal before Mexico and Canada lose interest in finalizing it.

NATO Boss, Trump, President Trump, Impeachment, Democrats, Macron, France, Trudeau, Canada,

Trudeau praised the work the U.S., Canada, and Mexico have been doing to get the new NAFTA approved in all three countries’ legislatures. The Democrats who control the U.S. House of Representatives haven’t brought the deal up for a vote amid concerns about enforcing environmental and labor standards on Mexican employers, they say.

However, the overwhelming reason for Pelosi’s delay of NAFTA is their displeasure at giving President Trump what they see as a “win”. Despite it being the best thing to do for the people, the regular Joes, of all three countries.

Impeachment Follies

Impeachment trials move to Jerry Nadler’s Judiciary Committee this week, even as the President is on the world stage. Which does not present America, or America’s Democrat Party, in a positive light. There is little doubt that any of the world leaders meetings with President Trump, either one on one, or in a group, would ever trust an American Democrat leader – including those now running for the Presidential nomination.

President Zelensky Doubles Down on No-Quid Pro Quo

Ukraine president Volodymyr Zelensky is echoing his previous statements that he never felt that President Trump was attaching investigations into Burisma and the Biden participation with Burisma, to the release of U.S. military aid.

President Zelensky stating that the US military aid (something the Obama Administration refused to do) should never be held from Ukraine.

“Look, I never talked to the president from the position of a quid pro quo. But you have to understand. We’re at war. If you’re our strategic partner, then you can’t go blocking anything for us. I think that’s just about fairness. It’s not about a quid pro quo. It just goes without saying.”

This recent statement echoing Zelensky’s comments during a joint press conference with Trump in New York in September. Zelensky saying then that he never “felt any pressure from President Trump to investigate Joe Biden and Hunter Biden?”  Yet know it all Democrats ignore the Ukraine President, dismissing him out of hand as though he does not matter.  Though it is unlikely, if Democrats win in 2020, how could they possibly

But what is more telling is President Zelensky’s comments that he does not want to be involved in the politics of domestic America:

“I’m sorry, but I don’t want to be involved to democratic, open elections — elections of USA.” – President Zelensky December 2, 2019

Instead of embarrassing the President, Democrats are only embarrassing themselves. And assuring that no Democrat, sans a few, on the political

If a company, like Germany, fails to pay their 2%, it is not fair. However, sitting with Justin Trudeau, the President does not castigate the Canadian Prime Minister, instead saying they are “getting there.” An off-camera aide  confirming to the PM that their NATO participation is 1.4%, which President Trump repeats is “getting there.”

Trudeau also took a moment to review that Canada is increasing defense spending.

World Leaders recognize Trump’s the Boss

Unfortunately for America, Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler, Nancy Pelosi, and others – like the Squad Senators and Senator Al Green – take the idea that they are co-equal parts of the US Government to mean that they are co-equal to the President.  They are not.

Unlike Republicans in the past, President Trump is not afraid to stand up to Democrats. To tell them no, I am not canceling NATO so that I can prepare with my staff to attend your Kangaroo Court hearing.  I will not give you documents on demand.  Neither I, or my staff or cabinet, will provide you any assistance in your impeachment hoax.

Today, Schiff releases a 300-page Impeachment report which, you can be assured is filled with plenty of lawyer statements and three-syllable words that sound official.  But once again, the report has little substance.  The big reveal after all the testimony of expert fact witnesses was debunked as suppositions and hearsay, that Democrats have evidence from AT&T showing the time and duration (but not the content) of calls placed between Rudy Giuliani, Trump’s personal lawyer; Lev Parnas, a Soviet-born business associate of Giuliani’s; and John Solomon, a conservative columnist, formerly with The Hill who published a series of articles pushing debunked theories about U.S.-Ukraine relations.

What are the benefits of President Trump acting more Presidential?

In addition calls between Giuliani and the White House Office of Budget and Management (OMB), which was responsible for withholding the military aid to Ukraine which became central to the impeachment inquiry are listed.

But again, it is just a record of the call.  No substance. It is the supposition that if calls were made they must be proof of the allegations that the President abused his power by pressuring Ukraine to help him in the 2020 presidential election and then impeded attempts by Congress to investigate.

But alas, poor Yorrick none of that is true.  The Democrats have failed, as they failed with the Russia – Fusion GPS hoax dossier to make anything stick to the President.  Democrats will stomp their feet, scream constitutional crisis, and swear that the future of the republic is doomed. Not because they have proof, but because Hillary Clinton lost in 2016.   Which is the crux of the whole Impeachent Folly.

Hillary lost when she was, according to anyone that mattered, destined to win.  Therefore, it is not that Hillary lost, but that Trump somehow cheated to win.  But what they fail to recognize is that Trump was as surprised as anyone else when the result came in.  Remember the 3:00am press conference?

NATO Boss, Trump, President Trump, Impeachment, Democrats, Macron, France, Trudeau, Canada,

Broadcast screen shot of Trump Family

And the response of Clinton and Trump supporters.

NATO Boss, Trump, President Trump, Impeachment, Democrats, Macron, France, Trudeau, Canada,

It is obviously something that Democrats simply cannot forget.



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