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Top 10 Powerful Bald White Guys (PBWG) of the Decade 2010-2019

Written By | Dec 31, 2019
Powerful Bald White Guys, PBWGJohn Durham, Brennan, Durham

LOS ANGELES: As Americans get ready to forever leave 2019 and this entire decade in the dust, one of the earth’s eternal truisms still remains: When a crisis is spiraling out of control, find a Powerful Bald White Guy (PBWG). Powerful Bald White Guys run this world. Giving PBWG their due means bringing them out of the shadows. 

The original 2009 PBWG list was inspired by actor Dann Florek. He played Captain Donald Cragen on the long-running (and still running) series, “Law and Order: Special Victims Unit.” Another great “Law and Order” PBWG was the late actor Fred Thompson.

The top ten Powerful Bald White Guys (PBWGs) of 2013

Although he went on to become a Tennessee Senator, Thompson remains forever in our hearts for his portrayal of New York District Attorney Arthur Branch.

Our Powerful Bald White Guys List is forever dedicated to Austin Hill.

Austin Hill was only 51 years old when he passed away suddenly and unexpectedly in late 2015. The beloved family man and longtime radio host resided in Boise, Idaho. Hill was white but actually not bald. He had perfect thick hair. He gave this annual list of PBWGs far much more radio attention than it ever deserved solely because he liked it. For his kindness of spirit and sense of humor, the PBWG list will hopefully forever keep Austin Hill’s memory aflame.

With that, here are the Top 10 PBWGs of the Decade 2010-2019.
Powerful Bald White Guys, PBWG

Screen shot captured by CDN

10.) Pope Francis

This man had the potential to save the Catholic Church. After years of declining membership due to church scandals and European secularism, the church needs saving. Early on, Francis was the real deal. He carried his own bags, was the most humble powerful man in the world, and even tweeted and used Facebook.

He was focused more on helping the poor than divisive social issues, endearing him to many people who saw the church as political. The old guard was not comfortable with change, but the status quo never is. He had the potential to be one of the great religious leaders of all time. The Pope helped the Catholic Church have one of the most successful Christmas midnight masses in a long time in the year he took over. Even Jews took time from Hanukkah to tell him, “Good Yontiff, Pontiff!”’

Pope Francis and President Obama: Fundamentally changing the world

He speaks, and one billion Catholics are supposed to obediently obey. In addition to being one of very few religious Powerful Bald White Guys on this earth, this Pope is a genius. Rather than preach Catholic doctrine, he spouts leftist politics from the get-go. In fact, his other religion is climate change. Yes, he is a climatista.

Consequently, the atheistic-to-platform-agnostic media gave him an instant free pass.

This even held true when he failed to properly handle his religion’s sex abuse scandal. (The Pope comes to America, and Democrats come to Jesus) Once again, the normally rabid American media gave him and his church a free pass. They hate religious people, but they love leftists. Pope Francis knows how to work the media to the benefit of the Catholic church, even when it diverges from traditional doctrine.

Powerful Bald White Guys, PBWG

Sen. Bernie Sanders.

9.) Bernie Sanders

The Vermont senator is as much of a socialist as any other Democrat running for office. However, he actually admits it. Sanders has galvanized thousands of young people, but nothing says hip and cool like a cranky septuagenarian.

He has been in politics for decades, and most people cannot name a single thing he has ever actually gotten done.

Yet he is willing to give free everything to everybody, so what is not to like?

He fails to rank higher because the whole world outside of his rich white liberal college supporters know he is not going to be president. Hillary Clinton did not allow it in 2016, and he was scared to death of her with good reason.

If he gains traction in 2020, he will be sabotaged again. For now, he will have to settle for being an entertaining guy who helped Larry David find gainful employment again.

Bernie still has millions of followers.

While he did not succeed in turning America into Venezuela or Cuba, the Vermont senator did manage to get some of his followers elected. Unsurprisingly, they are even worse than he is. Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez is so awful that she may make the hair of other men fall out, creating a nation of Socialistic Powerful Bald White Guys like Bernie. Now that is one unique way to spread a cult.

$32.6 Trillion: The cost of Sanders and Ocasio-Cortez  Medicare for All

If the Democratic National Committee fails to rig the nominating process against him, he will get shellacked in the general election anyway. While he will lose the battle, he has already won the war for the heart and soul of the Democrat Party. Normal America has rejected socialism, but the Democrat Party led by the Squad has embraced it.

Bernie will never be the messenger, but Democrats have accepted his message as the future of the party.

Powerful Bald White Guys, PBWG8.) David Axelrod

Barack Obama’s top political strategist made Karl Rove look disengaged and apolitical. Barack Obama did not breathe without consulting with Axelrod. Axelrod was the link between Obama and the SEIU. Forget the Wizard of Oz. Axelrod was the guy who made sure that the curtain the Wizard hid behind was stitched together with appropriate labor. Look for the union label on that curtain. Axelrod is there.

Axelrod was one of two people actually running this country since every decision Mr. Obama made was political. Valerie Jarrett helped Barack Obama in the morning by tying his shoes, patting his head, and telling him how special he was. She then tucked him in at night. Everything in between belonged to Mr. Axelrod, who told Mr. Obama what to think and believe.

Forget 300 million Americans. It was all about 270 electoral votes.

When Obama was re-elected, Mr. Axelrod shot to the top of the PBWG hierarchy. Mr. Axelrod also created the Occupy Wall Street movement, although he refuses to take credit for it.

Whether unions, drug addicts, or college students are the perpetrators, every ounce of violence distracted voters from the failed Obama record. Axelrod was the master puppeteer.


Powerful Bald White Guys, PBWG

Former Fed Chair Ben Bernanke before Congress. (Credit: Talk Radio News Service, Creative Commons license.)

7.) Ben Bernanke

This poor Central Banker can’t get his due. First, he had to follow in the footsteps of legendary PBWGs Paul Volcker and Alan Greenspan. Then in 2009 and 2010 year, he finished in second place behind Hank Paulson and Ken Feinberg, respectively.

He had the potential to end up being the PBWG of this decade 2010-2019. He was a calm steady hand during the 2008 financial crisis and the dangerously slow recovery that did not accelerate until 2017. Had Bernanke ever learned how to speak Greenspeak or some other undecipherable gibberish economist language, he would have topped the list. He was fired by an Obama administration obsessed with token quotas over competence.

Ron Paul supporters despised Bernanke, but Bernanke’s supporters cannot defend him effectively because none of them exactly know what he or the Fed does.

6.) Jerry Brown/Rick Scott

These two men are actually not the same person. Rick Scott is a conservative Republican and the former Governor and now Senator of Florida. Jerry Brown is Governor Moonbeam, a liberal Democrat and former Governor of California. Both of these leaders had legislatures controlled by their own party, giving them broad powers. They governed in totally opposite directions.

California wanted high-speed rail. Florida did not. California wanted high taxes and regulations. Florida wanted them low. They both have good weather and strong environmental movements. The difference is Florida is able to protect trees without destroying human beings.

They both won re-election in 2014. Their friendly legislatures that implemented most of their respective agendas. Love them or hate them, they both governed as they said they would.

5.) The Media Cabal: Jeff Zucker/Andrew Lack/Rupert Murdoch/Roger Ailes/Phil Griffin/James Goldston/Les Moonves

A bunch of these people might actually be the same person. To avoid confusion, here is a scorecard of who they are or were.

Phil Griffin — President of MSNBC News.
Jeff Zucker — President of CNN
Andy Lack — President of NBC News and MSNBC
Rupert Murdoch — Chairman Emeritus of FOX which owns FOX News
Roger Ailes — Deceased former President of FOX News
James Goldston — President of ABC News
Les Moonves — Former President of CBS
Phil Griffin —

MSNBC President Phil Griffin is responsible for polarizing the American people 24/7. He hires leftist basket cases to teach modern liberals how to approach conservatives and scream at them. Among his many significant accomplishments, Griffin has hired Al Sharpton, Chris Matthews, and Keith Olbermann. No matter how terrible the ratings are for this cable channel, Griffin cannot be fired since MSNBC is more interested in ideology than quality content. They call themselves a news network despite being an all-opinion network without an actual news division.

The Top 10 Powerful Bald White Guys (PBWGs) of 2015
James Goldston —

The Big Three original television networks still hold more sway than their cable counterparts. Goldston, the ABC News President, controls one-third of those original stations.

Leslie Moonves —

The CBS titan was not talented enough to merely become a Chairman, CEO or President, so he was all three of them. He is known mostly for having been ridiculed nightly by David Letterman. Moonves used his free time over the years to sue Howard Stern and allow Dan Rather and Mary Mapes to attempt to rig the 2004 election with a  “fake but accurate” anti-Bush memo. He was ousted when the #MeToo movement outed him as a serial sexual predator who preyed on his female subordinates.

Jeff Zucker —
Powerful Bald White Guys

Jeff Zucker

The President of CNN Worldwide has also been in charge of NBC Universal. This move allows him to dumb down minds on cable television and one of the original network stations. After failing at NBC by firing Jay Leno the first time, Zucker bungled his way upward to help CNN to retain its comfortable niche as a low-rated network.

Zucker wants CNN to produce more documentaries, replacing controversial content and ratings with boring, sleep-inducing programming even fewer people will watch. For now, he wants CNN to replace MSNBC as the leader of the anti-Trump resistance. The problem is that since MSNBC already has a built-in angry left audience, CNN currently has no rationale to exist. Doing straight news is something they may wish to consider. If not for paying airports to air CNN, ratings might collapse to zero.

Lack is the lunkhead running and ruining NBC News and MSNBC. He is proof that PBWGs can survive almost anything, from incompetence to corruption. Lack has kept his job despite covering up numerous sexual assault allegations against former “Today” show host and former PBWG Matt Lauer. To protect Lauer, Lack even spiked a story on PBWG and original #MeToo sexual predator Harvey Weinstein.

NYC Mayor Rudy Guiliana (Image captured by CommDigiNews)

NYC Mayor Rudy Guiliana at the GOP convention (Image captured by CommDigiNews)

4.) Rudy Giuliani

He was a great Mayor during peacetime. He saved New York City from certain death during the 1990s. He became America’s Mayor after 9/11. He is the epitome of a leader. He turned New York into a world-class city again in the 1990s, while steering the city through unimaginable tragedies in the 2000s. He is a true hero.

As the lead security consultant to Rio De Janeiro for the 2016 Olympics, he stayed in the global public eye for years as a beacon of successful leadership.

While he did not get to be President, in 2017 he became President Trump’s most effective legal warrior.

Clearly, special Counsel Robert Mueller met his match in Rudy. Giuliani overcame prostate cancer, three ex-wives and al Qaeda. He fears nobody and brilliantly mauled Mueller in the press. Mueller’s report and subsequent testimony was a dud, giving Trump momentum and credibility in future continuous attempts to oust him. Rudy led that legal strategy that strengthened the Trump presidency.

Jeff Bezos, Amazon, National Enquirer, AMI, L.J. Keith

Jeffrey Preston Bezos, aka Jeff Bezos, is the founder and CEO of and the current owner of The Washington Post Company.
This caricature of Eliot Jeff Bezos is based on a Creative Commons licensed photo from Steve Jurvetson via Wikimedia. Jeff Bezos, Amazon, National Enquirer, AMI, L.J. Keith

3.) Jeff Bezos

This online retail tycoon and Washington Post owner occupies a truly enviable position. He has money to burn, allowing his pet paper to lose millions annually by forcing its hard left ideology on its rapidly dwindling number of angry readers. Bezos can write these losses off on his taxes to offset the gains he makes from being the founder, Chairman, and CEO of

Bezos is arranging a brave new world where drones can be used to deliver merchandise, spy on consumers, and perhaps even kill those who do not pay their Amazon bills on time. Despite controlling the entire online shopping world, owning the failed Washington Post is still not as important, unfortunately, as owning the failed New York Times.

Powerful Bald White Guys: Top 10 2018 Austin Hill Awards

He was the top PBWG of 2018 as the world’s richest man and dorkiest logistics coordinator. Nothing inspires people and screams sex appeal like supply-chain management.

Bezos fell from the top spot when he mailed pictures of his genitalia to his girlfriend, who shared them with a friend. The picture went viral, and Bezos’s wife MacKenzie is now the world’s wealthiest woman. Even after the divorce, Bezos is still rich enough to be on this list. He is also still with his girlfriend because a woman who shares pics of her boyfriend’s genitals can get away with anything as long as the guy still thinks she is hot.

Goldman Sachs Logo

2.) The Goldman Sachs Cabal (Corzine, Paulson, Blankfein, Solomon, Gensler)

The last few Goldman Sachs CEOs may all be the same person. Just to distinguish, Jon Corzine, Hank Paulson, Lloyd Blankfein are all former Goldman Sachs CEOs. David Solomon is the current Goldman Sachs CEO. Gary Gensler only made it to Co-head of Finance at Goldman Sachs. He was never the CEO. However, he looked like one so people thought he was.

Hank Paulson should have been Time’s Person of the Year a decade ago in a close vote. Regardless of whether one supported the bailouts or the stimulus bills, Paulson’s relevance cannot be denied. While Bernanke had to implement the plan, Paulson developed TARP and sold it to Congress. The entire economy hinged on the work of Hank Paulson.

A devastating financial crisis could only be solved by a man from the company that runs our government, Goldman Sachs. Picture him as Jon Corzine except without the sinister looking felon goatee and with competence. He is also the most influential PBWG behind the scenes named Hank since “Hey Now” Hank Kinglsey kept Garry Shandling in line in the form of Jeffrey Tambor. Although most of Paulson’s heroism came in the 2000s rather than the 2010s, he gets an honorable mention. Just to reiterate, all these Goldman Sachs CEOs might be the same person.

Jon Corzine is more than a failed Governor of New Jersey.

This former CEO of Goldman Sachs was fired when he lost a power struggle to another legendary PBWG, Hank Paulson. Mr. Corzine is more than a guy with a sinister-looking beard and an arrogant wealthy leftist hypocritical disposition. He leveraged his Goldman Sachs position to become the failed CEO of MF Global.

In fact, leverage was Corzine’s problem. The company suffered the eighth-worst global bankruptcy. 1.2 billion dollars of customer money went missing. Even worse, customer funds were commingled with company money. Mr. Corzine’s greed and hubris were the sole reasons MF Global burned, as his bets on European debt blew up. Yet he avoided all punishment because he is above the law. He is a leftist and a former Goldman Sachs guy.

He has two shields of lifetime immunity from any bad acts. Occupy Wall Street did not criticize him even though he should be the poster child for what they hated He is that powerful.

Gary Gensler used his Goldman Sachs CEO position to springboard to becoming the Chairman of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission.

Gensler’s CFTC position was the reason why Jon Corzine skated free of any penalty. Gensler was a Corzine crony. Gensler donated to Corzine’s New Jersey campaigns. Mr. Gensler “recused” himself from the MF Global investigation, which allowed him to look honorable in public while controlling and steering things behind the scenes. Corzine could not go down, because then the question of regulatory neglect would have tainted the CFTC itself.

The CFTC wanted to implement a rule to prevent certain trading practices that could lead to increased risk of default. Corzine lobbied to have the policy delayed, and Gensler had the juice to make sure it was never implemented.

The CEO of Goldman Sachs is usually America’s top PBWG since Goldman Sachs usually runs the world. Jon Corzine, Hank Paulson, Loyd Blankfein and now David Solomon all headed the politically connected Wall Street investment banking firm that is too big to fail. However, in the age of Trump, Wall Street is not as worshiped as it was among Republican voters in years past. The establishment donors still love them, but the grassroots are suspicious of them. David Solomon will at some point top this list when the anti-Wall Street sentiment calms down.

1.) The Deep State Cabal
These people may all be the same person, or they may be powerful enough to be human clones of each other.
James Clapper — Former Obama Director of National Intelligence (DNI)
John Brennan — Former Obama Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Director Thomas Pickering — Former Obama State Department head of Benghazi investigation commission
Tom Donilon — Former Obama National Security Agency (NSA) head

Forget the Bilderbergers. These are the non-Jewish power brokers. They control everything and could have anybody except Vladimir Putin killed with a predator drone for blinking improperly.

It is one thing to try to overthrow the government once, as John Brennan did when he organized an invented Russia collusion conspiracy out of thin air. It is quite another thing to try and overthrow the government a second time.

Brennan may be a criminal, but he is a dedicated criminal. Once the Russia narrative collapsed, Brennan was working with a CIA analyst friend Eric Ciaramella to create a Ukraine controversy. When that fails, Brennan will choose another nation between Australia and Zimbabwe to try and set up Trump. If Brennan avoids prison and succeeds in overthrowing the legally elected United States government, he will in 2020 be the top PBWG.

Clapper is an amateur compared to Brennan.

He only tried to overthrow the government once. After the Russia hoax failed, he kept his mouth shut while Brennan doubled down and plotted Ukraine. Brennan also oversaw the coercive interrogation methods that the left insisted amounted to torture. He got back in the left’s good graces by publicly attacking Trump and working tirelessly to remove him. Donilon successfully spied on Americans but retired before the spit hit the fan.

Pickering successfully whitewashed the Benghazi debacle. He did exactly what blue-ribbon panels and commissions are supposed to do. He issued a boring report that nobody read and got the Benghazi matter to be completely forgotten by those who wanted it forgotten. Basic questions about Benghazi have still never been answered, thanks to Pickering’s hard work.

A guy trying to overthrow the government and promote government corruption is powerful. The guy who can bring the coup plotters to justice and stop the corruption can become even more powerful.

It takes a PBWG to stop a cabal of PBWGs.

Attorney General Bill Barr hired no-nonsense prosecutor John Durham to look into the origins of the coup attempt against President Trump. Durham is tough as nails and has a reputation for being above politics. He used to be a prosecutor under Obama’s Attorney General Eric Holder.

In addition to being a PBWG, he has a sinister-looking beard and furrowed brows that convey seriousness. He has the power to hand down criminal indictments. Democrats desperately tried to rush impeachment of the President through before Durham could complete his work.

durham, brennan, clapper, indictments, coup, russia hoax, doj, cia,The media cannot stop him. Neither the Democrats or Republicans can stop him. Brennan cannot stop him. Brennan, Comey, and Clapper are now on defense.

For being able to completely turn the tables on the top white-collar government criminals, John Durham is as powerful as it gets. He has instilled fear without having issued a single indictment … yet. He is powerful because those in his sights know those indictments are coming. He does not communicate through the media. He is only talked about.

Those who speak don’t know anything, and the one man who truly knows refuses to speak.

If he successfully prosecutes the Deep State, a big if, he could next year begin the race for the top PBWG of the next decade. John Durham was definitely the top PBWG of 2019. However, he is not one of the top PBWGs of the decade because all he has offered us is potential. 2020 will tell if he or Brennan gets the inside track to be the top PBWG of 2020 and the entire decade. 2029 is a long way away, and rumor has it 200 is even further away than that.

Those are the Top 10 PBWGs of the Decade 2010-2019.
Below are the Top 10 PBWGs of each year starting in 2009 including the Top PBWGs of the Decade 2000-2009

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