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To those conservatives whose candidate is out of the race

Written By | Mar 5, 2016

WASHINGTON, March 5, 2016 — This has been an amazing campaign on the GOP side, beginning with 17 candidates. Each one had passionate, hardworking supporters, some paid, most volunteers. Their supporters gave the candidates their dollars, their talents, and the most valuable commodity of all, their time. It seems that this year there are many people actively engaged who have never been so involved in a political campaign before.

But one by one, candidates have to suspend their campaigns; only one can get the nomination. When that happens, their supporters, especially those who have been involved for the first time, can feel devastated. Some may even feel abandoned by their candidate. The hard work and sacrifice seem wasted. The money donated can’t be retrieved. The comradery with other campaign workers vanishes, leaving an emotional hole. The experience brings some to tears.

It’s almost like grieving over a death; no one can replace their candidate. It is not uncommon to hear some of loyalists say, “I can’t vote for anyone else. I just won’t vote.”

Those who give in to those feelings don’t recognize that in doing so, they are giving up control. They forget why they allowed themselves to become so involved in the first place. For people to become so invested in a candidate, they must have recognized problems or situations that needed to be addressed. After all, they believed that their candidate was the best one to address them.

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Dear supporters of Ben Carson, Jeb Bush or whoever, those problems remain. The question now is, “What are you going to do about them?”

Over the past 30 years our culture has taught people to avoid personal responsibility. Children play sports where winning and losing carries no consequence. Everybody gets a trophy. We learn that, when we fail to accomplish something as planned, an excuse must be offered. When we fail, only external reasons are considered, it is never us.  Few people have learned the power of personal responsibility:

I am responsible for how I respond to every situation and person in my life, nobody else can be responsible for me.

So here we stand.  The problems that our candidate was to be perfect to fix still remain. What are we going to do about it? We can get discouraged, not vote, withdraw into our own lives and not worry about those things that are larger than ourselves. There may be a sense of relief that it is not our problem anymore.  It may provide assurances that we won’t be jilted like that again. What about our nation? What about our children and our grandchildren? Shall we push our problems off to them as our country has done up until now? The longer we wait, the worse it will become.

There are other candidates in the race.  Oh sure, none of them can replace our candidate. Everyone has faults.  Do we even know how they promise to address the issues our country faces? Perhaps we should start there. We know the problems. How would the candidates still in the race impact the problems? How would the Democratic candidates impact the problems if they are elected? Can you honestly say it doesn’t matter?  Even with the remaining field, we may believe that one candidate would just nibble around the edges of the problem. Wouldn’t that be better than accelerating the problem as either Hillary or Bernie will do?

It is time for the GOP to begin coming together and prepare to back one candidate. It won’t be your candidate, so it won’t be the perfect candidate. He may not even be the next best person. But unless we take personal responsibility and do whatever we can to get the most conservative candidate elected, we will hand the nation’s future to the socialist-leaning Democrats. Then what will we hand off to our grandchildren?

  • A nation whose debt and deficit will rise in an accelerated manner until our kids’ country crumbles under the load, assuring them a low standard of living
  • A nation whose Supreme Court is hopelessly liberal and uses every opportunity to change the meaning of our Constitution to something more with the times
  • A government that lords over the people, taking away Christian freedoms and rushing us into a culture where anything goes and nothing matters

Those who have lost your candidate, what do you intend to do? Pout and retreat or take a few days to mourn and then get back up and make your own choices in order to do what you can to make an impact for the benefit of the grandkids?

The choice is yours.

Jack Meyer

Jack Meyer operates small businesses in Arizona and Colorado and is a follower of politics.