The Will of the People: Why Donald Trump escapes the bounds of beltway politics

Donald Trump continues to perplex those beltway insiders that do not get what the fly-over state voters are getting


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo., March 6, 2016 – On Fox News Sunday, conservative commentator George Will was asked to comment on the faint reaction to Mitt Romney’s damning news conference about candidate Donald Trump. He sniffed that he wasn’t all that surprised at the public’s reaction. “A view that’s arrived at without reason cannot be altered through reason,” was his final analysis.

With those remarks, Will once again demonstrated a pundit’s arrogance stemming from “inside-the-beltway wisdom and pseudo-intellectual myopia.” That same insider hubris leads Will to categorize everyone residing between the coasts as fly-over (read non-important) state un-importants.

The CPAC straw poll reveals true conservative views

Mitt Romney, a multi-millionaire, twice failed presidential candidate managed to catapult right over a teachable moment, going instead for the cheap shot in attaching Donald J. Trump. For many, Trump is a man who has made his way through good old-fashioned capitalism and at the very least Romney should be able to recognize another star capitalist for his skills and enviable success created under the American way.

Capitalists like Mitt Romney and Donald Trump would not fare well under Bernie’s and Hillary’s socialism. Their efforts would be suspect, vilified and regulated nearly out of existence. Their employees’ jobs and paychecks would dry up. The capitalization of a 21st century America would be all but halted.

Will’s and Romney’s focus on petty squabbles and politically correct tone herald the end of the GOP. How can we have so many of our top influencers most interested in appearances and in being members of an exclusive club that does not rally under the call of American exceptionalism. It’s a make no apologies, big boys don’t cry, no trophies for attendance sort of free enterprise. Remember?

The GOP and its apologists on Capitol Hill have lost sight of the Golden Land so many of the world’s down-trodden and oppressed have voted with their feet to join. They have allowed themselves to be swept up in the superficial, by walking away from the American story. It is a story that bears being shouted from the rafters and throughout the world.

This grand experiment based on individual freedom and the triumph of each man’s carving his niche in the world is fading fast.

Fortunately, if it’s not too late, one group still gets it, still honors it, and still sees in a rebel candidate like Trump a pathway to elevate America its former glory.

Those residing outside the Beltway, even those in the easy-to-forgo flyover states, see the war of civilization we are unwittingly engaged in. This oft disregarded group sees the the recent murders of a 16-year-old boy beheaded for missing Friday prayers and the firing squad execution of a young girl who refused to give aid to ISIS fighters, the drowning and crucifixions of Christian children and the dislocation of entire ethnic populations as the true blasphemy in the world.

They realize that this struggle for civilization is now, that it is ongoing and fierce and that it deserves our best effort to overcome once and for all.

Trump and America’s political transformation


Clio: The muse of history (open use image)
Clio: The muse of history (open use image)

Much is said about the unexplainable rise of Donald Trump. Must America return to Arnold Toynbee’s (1889-1975“Study of History”? Must we fall all the way back to the gutter to recognize in ourselves those qualities that created the grand experiment, a freedom-centric country to begin with?

Or might we avoid that step by having the nerve and clear-sightedness to elect a rough-around-the-edges cowboy like Donald Trump as our next leader?

The truth hurts. To many, Trump tells that truth in blunt dialogue that can be unpleasant for those inside the beltway. Failure is something to be feared and avoided at all costs. Donald has failed and failed mightily in his long career, but his actions are such that a fear of failure stops future progress.

Donald Trump and a deeply wounded America both have known greatness and have known failure. Farr too many Americans are now living in failure.  Neither comes back without great effort; however, America and Americans are capable of getting up and starting over.

So is the innovation, soul and very spirit of America embodied in Donald Trump, whom many see as a new voice, while inside the closed ranks of the political inner circle and GOP is, at best, a failed candidate.

Which shall we choose: the spirit of a Donald Trump and American exceptionalism or the stultifying patronizing commentary by the likes of George Will and Mitt Romney?

America is deciding seemingly for the former. We want our soul back. And we realize we’ll never find it again if it’s up to anyone other than Trump. Seek out the truth-tellers. Avoid the arrogant and self-satisfied. Eschew complacency. Seek exceptionalism.

George Will and Mitt Romney will never get it. They’re too far gone, elitists both cut from the same cloth. They only see trees. Donald Trump and those of us in fly-over country see the forest.

Big difference.

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