The Virtual Lynching of Elizabeth Lauten

Elizabeth Lauten
Elizabeth Lauten

WASHINGTON, December 4, 2014 — Over the weekend a massive Twitter storm erupted over the controversial Facebook post made by a low-key GOP House Staffer. What terrible and offensive thing did the staffer, Ms. Elizabeth Lauten, say to set off the violent Twitter storm? She simply criticized President Obama’s daughters, Sasha and Malia Obama, for the way they were dressed and their behavior during this year’s annual Whitehouse Turkey Pardoning Ceremony. The ensuing media and Twitter frenzy ultimately cost Ms. Lauten her job as Communication Director for Representative Stephen Fincher of Tennessee (R) as well as tarnished her name for the foreseeable future. Even after she resigned Monday the frenzy continued with various media outlets digging up her troubled past and the publication of numerous hit pieces by the left. While I believe social media is a great tool that promotes great political discussion, it should be very obvious that things are getting out of control.

#FireElizabethLauten quickly became a top-trending hashtag on twitter over the weekend, with it ensued a flood of hatred and accusations. It amazes me that the same people that are accusing her of “cyber-bullying” are the same people who are trying to ruin this woman’s life, talk about hypocritical! Have we devolved so far as a nation that we now virtually lynch individual’s that have an opinion we disagree with?

The Liberal media hasn’t been much better either. You would think that they would’ve been satisfied with her resignation, however their relentless obsession continues. Many in the media are now combing through her entire history trying to dig up as much damaging dirt as possible. If only they were this relentless when it came to the IRS targeting scandal or the recent comments made by Jonathan Gruber. Heck, they won’t even cover the Democratic Congressional Staffer that was just convicted of sexual assault. Apparently Democrats are only interested in women’s rights issues (and actions of Congressional Staffers) when it involves scoring political points against republicans.

Don’t believe me about the media’s Liberal bias? Take a look at this:

As Uncle Ben from the Spiderman Comic’s once said “with great power comes great responsibility”. This is very true when it comes to social media in today’s hyper-partisan world where a single Tweet or Facebook could ruin both your career and life. As a Communications Director Ms. Lauten should have known better as she is supposed to be competent in the art of public relations especially when it comes to politics. Her mistake however does not justify the twitter/media mob’s disgusting crucifixion.

I will leave you with a few videos of Republican children being criticized by the media:

SNL Makes Fun of Andrew Giuliani



Laura Ingraham Slams CNN Carol ‘Cheap Shot’ over Palin Family Brawl Smear


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  • I like how you left out when Republican John McCain criticized Chelsea Clinton back in ’98. You say liberal media is bias yet you do the same thing. HILARIOUS!! You should know the media is all about how many clicks, views and eyes they can get on a story. So if the story is popular in social media they will run it down to the ground. It’s not rocket science. I for one am happy she was dragged on Social Media. Sometimes you have to be completely knocked down to be humbled. I bet she learned her lesson.

  • Well I dunno

    Freedom of speech, baby!

    And freedom to make fun of you if you are hilariously tone deaf in a public forum.

    They are sides of the same coin. Lauten got what she deserved.

  • Erin

    Lynching? I hardly think people reacting publicly to a woman’s public comments is the equivalent of executing someone without due process in public. Seriously, find another word. People with any sense like myself aren’t even going to bother reading your article if you insist what occurred with this woman is on par with public execution.

  • Thanks for your comment Erin, however I have to disagree with your statement. In a sense this was a internet style public execution by twitter/media mob. You’re calling what happened to her “people reacting publicly”? For days this woman was cyber-bullied by countless trolls on twitter, the media is digging far into her past in an effort to ruin her life and she lost her job (and probably her career). You don’t think this woman has bills to pay and other financial obligations? It may not have been a literal lynching but it was a virtual/cyber lynching that has probably ruined her life for the foreseeable future.

    • Jax

      It takes true cojones to say that Lauten was cyber bullied after what she posted about two innocent teenage girls. As for losing her job, she had a communications job in the public sector and she blew it badly with her nasty tirade. What else could her boss do but cut her loose? She had become a liability.

      • All she did was criticize their outfits and facial expressions on her own personal facebook. Does that justify the ruining of her life? As you can see im the examples in my articles many in the media have done it. Should SNL have been flamed for making fun of Rudy Giuliani’s innocent kid for acting up during a speech? We all love to hate on Palin, I am personally not a huge fan of her but it is hypocritical to say that it’s okay to go after one official’s kids but not another’s.

        Finally to fromanotherplanet, I write a Conservative opinion column. While I do try to balance both sides I write from a Conservative view. News outlets such as ABC, NBC and CBS are supposed to report the news without their opinions injected. I can provide numerous examples of this if necessary.

        • 21st Century Pacifist

          Don’t worry about her. She is probably trying to decide what job to take from those offered by Obama haters.

          • Thanks for your comment, it’s funny that you label us Conservative/Republicans “Obama haters”. We are not “haters” we just believe this administration (and progressives in general) are taking the country in a very wrong direction. When did criticizing a politician we heavily disagree with become ‘hating”? I am willing to bet you did a lot of “Bush hating” when he was our President. Your comment is a prime example of what my article was about. The thing that makes our nation great is the fact that we do have the ability to criticize our leader when we do not him or her. We have the ability to express our political ideas and view points without persecution. It’s very disturbing to me that somebody had their life ruined and was harassed by a mob for exercising that right. I think she shouldn’t have posted what she did especially as a Comms Director and I believe she handled it horribly, however that did not justify the cyber-bullying, etc…

          • 21st Century Pacifist

            Well, when the leaders of the GOP are quoted saying that their main objective is to make sure Obama was not reelected, I call that hate. They were not talking about his programs. They made sure nothing was accomplished for almost four years.
            For over 30 years the cons had their way with deregulation, union busting, corporate humanization, etc. Look where it took us. The worst economic disaster since the Great Depression. We also got into wars under false pretenses. We also have the greatest income differential since the end of the XIX century.
            It is you cons that have taken this country in the wrong direction and will not get out of the way to start fixing it.

    • MyTakeOnThis61

      When you throw stones you better be prepared for a boulder to come back at ‘cha. This 30/31 year old woman did more than attack the dress of a 13, and 16 year old. She attacked their parentage too. That was really nasty and uncalled for–especially from a “holier than thou” shoplifter. I wonder what kind of parents Lizzy has? I have no sympathy for this grown woman. Given her age and position, she should be aware of the power of the internet. Who do you think she wanted to read her nastiness? She absolutely deserves all the backlash she is receiving. After all, she brought it all upon herself. You’re trying to defend that which is indefensible.

  • fromanotherplanet

    Lynching though??? You couldn’t find a better word??? You criticize the media for being outlandishly biased and here you are being outlandishly biased. Don’t you ever get exhausted of this race-baiting? Don’t you get zonked out?? In the words of Aibileen “Ain’t you tired Ms. Hilly? Ain’t you tired?”

  • Jax

    Lauten lost her job because she was SUPPOSED to be a Director of Communications, but behaved like a high school mean girl instead. Someone who slams innocent kids, and the way they dress, is a nasty, clueless bully. Lauten was in WAY over her head and deserved the axing she got.

    As for the Palins, even you must admit that they are a white trash/reality show embarrassment to the country. The Bush girls may sneak an underaged drink, the Obama girls may wear short skirts: it’s called growing up and, Republican or Democrat, they’re entitled and off limits. But the Palins??? They behave as if they escaped from a rerun of “Hee-Haw.” Perhaps Sarah Palin can hire Lauten as her press director, and they can spend their days nattering about how the “liberal media” berates them. Last time I looked, plenty of Republicans were embarrassed by these by these dueling do-dos.

  • 21st Century Pacifist

    Freedom of speech can only go as far as it infringes on minors. Saying that the president’s daughters belonged in a bar was insulting and against past policy of keeping the President’s children away from political strife. Firing her was what she deserved, and don’t worry, there are plenty of right wing haters of the Prez that would hire her on the spot. Probably her best career move.

  • George Polgar

    Here’s a tip. When mounting a defense of something indefensible, it is a good idea to totally disavow and condemn the original infraction. The “jury” needs to see remorse and acceptance of personal responsibility to take the edge off their impulse for summary condemnation.

    Your defense of Elizabeth Lauten screams your own contempt for the President of the United States and common decency. You probably have strong views on “the sanctity of the marriage” and “family values” and all the other hypocritical tenets of 21st Conservatives.

    Lauten is a catty drone who deserves all of the misfortune she has brought upon herself. She should learn short accommodating phrases like “may I help you” and “would you like fries with that” to rebuild her career.

  • S.Kube2

    Ross Spohn, I’m sorry, but you’re a muppet. What should be slightly more alarming (to your employer) is that this article ‘outs’ you as an author for an online news site who doesn’t seem to understand how the internet works. However, what is most alarming is that you appear to be defending the cyber-bullying of two children.

    I absolutely have to award extra points in your slanted and, frankly, disgusting defense of a staffer picking on two teenagers for the way they stood and dressed for using video of SNL and Bristol Palin as an example of when ?Democrats? (was that the point?) had bullied conservative children. Let me see if I can put down your points…hmmm…how to address this bulletproof argument….oh yeah:
    – SNL and CNN are NOT the social media accounts of Democratic staffers!! Lauten should have known better.
    – Furthermore, Bristol Palin got in a drunken brawl assaulted a man (punched him in the face 7 times) before screaming expletives at other party goers, police, etc. Now let’s just set aside the fact that if she were a black male she would be dead right now, and focus on the fact that she is a grown-ass 24 year old (with children) behaved in a foolish, and totally disgusting way, and still Bill O’Reilly came to the rescue and smacked a CNN anchor on wrist for SMIRKING and MAKING FUN while the audio of the recorded event was playing. Lauten BULLIED two teenagers for the way they were fidgeting during a long Presidential ceremony. Can you see the difference here?

    Bottom line – your article reads as nothing more than a conservative ranting about how he doesn’t like “them internets”. It is not a ‘tool’ of the liberal media, you dope! Lauten said something reprehensible that no-one in her position should ever had said under any circumstances, and social media shut categorically shut her down for it. The fact that you’re trying to blame “the liberals” because a bunch of people on the internet said ‘enough’s enough’ to Lauten’s disgusting behavior, and she ultimately lost her job for it is foolish.

  • diamonddame

    are we calling this journalism now or an angsty no-bama diary entry? poorly written.