The terrorist forces from without: The air we breathe is freedom.

The war on gangsters is painful, bloody and terrible, but as long as we the citizens of this wonderful nation want freedom, it will be our way of life to fight for those freedoms.


MISSOURI, July 9, 2017 – We live in a day and time in which we must place our trust in our elected officials more and more, hence the concern about their integrity. We recognize as never before that our enemies outside of our country want to destroy us, and they want to do it on our soil.

The horrific events of September 11, 2001, awakened us to this new threat. We are more aware than ever that terrorism is an ever-present reality in this day and age and it is frightening.

Many have second thoughts about flying to a vacation spot or taking the Amtrak to visit Chicago for a weekend of shopping, staying at a beautiful hotel, enjoying a wonderful breakfast, before touring to see the sights. Or we may want to take a jet to New York to see a Broadway play (to me there is no other entertainment like a Broadway musical).

Or we may want to fly to New York to see a Broadway play (to me there is no other entertainment like a Broadway musical).

We are trying to live normal lives, making plans for doing things that we enjoy, but in the back of our minds, there is the threat that some terrorist group may attack in a public place.

Centers of entertainment and Shopping Malls have been discussed as potential targets. Please note—I said potential. Well, it is my viewpoint that this type of threat should not stop us. Terrorists want to put fear in our hearts to stop us from living normal lives. If we don’t continue to live freely because of fearfulness, they have won without ever doing a physical act. Again, terrorism is all about getting into our heads with fear.

If you think about it, we all face terror every day when we get on one of the interstate highways and face that group of drivers that I term as “kamikaze pilots.” They are not at 30,000 feet in the air but in the lane next to us. There are many more daily threats to our lives in the society in which we live today. Why should we stop living a full life because of some potential terrorist threats?

Why should we stop living a full life because of some potential terrorist threats?

How do we overcome crippling fear? Fear is overcome by faith. How many times in your life have you overcome fear by having faith in your God. We must not allow our lives to be filled with sleepless nights and tormented days, for we know by experience that faith can calm our fears.

Days are so very precious to all of us, and every morning when we wake up, we must say to ourselves that we are very happy and blessed. We should be thankful for each day and the privilege to participate in life.

Remember, the war on terror is not like World War II when we could identify the enemy and we knew where they were. Today, our enemies are not located in one place and they have many faces and are hard to identify and it will take years and years to defeat these enemies.

It may seem frivolous of us to think of fun-filled days in the midst of war and terror, but I think it is one way that we can maintain our sanity. There is nothing pleasant about any war. General William T. Sherman said, “War is hell!”5 and that quote remains famous because, though it is a simple phrase, it really does say it all.

War is still with us and that war is called the “War on Terrorism,” The enemies are without a face and country but there are countries and you know who they are that provide havens for training terrorists and even offer financial support.

The United States is aware of these countries and their efforts to undermine the American role in securing freedom for the masses in the Middle East. At the same time, we are acting in self-defense and want to protect our own country from these terrorist regimes.

From news reports, we learn about the various tactics our country is pursuing to eliminate the heads of this terrible monster know as terrorism. It is my opinion that we must be patient and support our country in this effort. Remember, these terrorists are hidden and must be rooted out of their dens of evil.

It is not like in the past where as a rule, there were battle lines drawn. Yes, we had door-to-door combat and guerrilla warfare in the jungles, but we were fighting an enemy force rather than terrorists who are nothing but gangsters hiding among the civilian population.

Terrorists are not soldiers but gangsters guilty of multiple murders and to give them a designation as soldiers give them too much stature.  Prior to 9/11, we were attacked by these gangsters many times, as in the case of the USS Cole bombing and the 1993 World Trade Center attack.

But when 9/11 hit our country, it seemed for many of us like the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor all over again.

In looking back throughout history, it is my opinion that most wars were fought over freedom. This current war is about maintaining our safety and freedoms. This war is different from many other wars, in that we will not wake up every morning and read in the headlines that we just won another major combat battle.

This time it will take patience and belief in our leadership that in time we will prevail, and we still are the greatest nation in the world.

We, seniors, remember when our nation was attacked at Pearl Harbor. We had no armed force to speak of, but we mobilized. Even at first when we did not have tanks, we used trucks and put signs on the side of them saying, “Tank.” Yes, as we all know we “improvised and won the battle for freedom” not only for our country but also the world. So, you gangsters, beware, because you are messing with the wrong country!

We are so blessed to have these freedoms and we must fight in our own way to keep these freedoms alive and well. Millions have died so that we may have freedom. We continue to fight the gangsters who are killing our soldiers in order to return to power. It appears to me that the gangsters hate our freedoms, which is the most valuable asset that we have.

Some of these assets are our individual freedoms to live as we choose, to come and go as we please, to worship as we wish and many more freedoms.

The air we breathe is freedom.

It is my view that we must not crawl in a cave and hide. So, we must—especially our retirees who have worked their whole lives so that they could enjoy the “twilight of their years”—keep those retiree plans. Take those cruises, plane trips and those “snow bird” vacations in the winter. No way will we let these criminals take our happiness away that we earned by working and saving for these golden years.

The war on gangsters is painful, bloody and terrible, but as long as we the citizens of this wonderful nation want freedom, it will be our way of life to fight for those freedoms.

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