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The Spirit of Jan. 6 and resistance to critical race theory alive in Loudoun

Written By | Jun 23, 2021
Jan 6., Loudoun County School Board, Arrest, Americans

Trump supporters storm US Capitol Building in protest of stollen election. NBC News screen capture.

WASHINGTON. Something’s happening in America. Call it the Spirit of Jan. 6. Since the uprising by a diverse cross-section of US citizens on Capitol Hill that glorious day, average Americans have come to realize that they are increasingly on their own.

Watching as Republican lawmakers joined with Democrats in certifying the fraudulent election of Joe Biden as President of these United States, (many) Americans have finally come to realize the utter and complete failure of elective government.  And the usurpation of our constitutional order by the unelected forces of the Deep State.

And even if Republicans take control of Congress in 2022, do you really believe they’ll be effective in combatting Biden and the Democrat’s socialist agenda any more than they were at combatting President Obama and repealing his dictatorial health care monstrosity?

Remember when Republicans made lots of noise about ending the US Department of Education when Ronald Reagan ran for president in 1980? Typical of many GOP promises, that pledge disappeared, like the others, down the proverbial Orwellian memory hole.

Jan 6., Loudoun County School Board, Arrest, Americans

US Department of Education, Washington, DC. Photo: US Department of Education.

Critical Race Theory

And speaking of the US Department of Education, something called “critical race theory” has become the latest hobby horse advanced by the race-obsessed Deep Staters in Washington.

Citing President Biden’s executive order 13985, which directs the “whole-of-government” to address “the human costs of systemic racism,” the Education Department states:

“The ongoing national reckoning with systemic racism have highlighted the urgency of improving racial equity throughout our society, including in our education system…. American History and Civics Education programs can play an important role in this critical effort… For example, there is growing acknowledgement of the importance of including, in the teaching and learning of our country’s history, both the consequences of slavery, and the significant contributions of Black Americans to our society. This acknowledgement is reflected, for example, in the New York Times’ landmark ‘1619 Project’…”

The eye-opening aspect of that long, tortured paragraph is learning the editorial board at the New York Times has designed the nation’s K-12 US history curriculum.

And what is the thrust of the Times’ 1619 project?

According to the nation’s so-called newspaper of record, it…

“… aims to reframe the country’s history by placing the consequences of slavery and the contributions of Black Americans at the very center of the United States’ national narrative.”

Imagine if biblical scripture placed Israel’s enslavement in ancient Egypt “at the very center” of holy writ’s “narrative.”

The Bible would have ended at the book of Genesis, rendering as meaningless the liberation out of slavery as told in the book of Exodus. And you can forget about the narrative’s expansion into the New Testament’s telling of the Good News.

Critical race theory seeks to keep all Americans – Black and White – in Pharaoh Rameses’s miserable brick pits. It makes perpetual resentment, not the love of freedom and our neighbors, the glue that holds the nation together. Albeit with our fingers laced around each other’s throats.

Its tenets are so disgustingly and hatefully racist as to have roused average Americans – as seen on Jan. 6 – from their apathetic slumber.

Just the other day, Virginia’s Loudoun County school board abruptly ended public comments after parents and concerned citizens pointedly expressed their disapproval of the board’s affirmative positions concerning the teaching of critical race theory and transgender issues.

Jan 6., Loudoun County School Board, Arrest, Americancs

Angry residents of Virginia’s Loudoun County confront sheriff’s deputies at a school board meeting. Fox News screen capture.

Of the 259 who intended to speak, only 51 had the opportunity.

Outraged attendees did not take the sudden cut-off quietly.  Jon Tigges rose to his feet to verbally confront the board. But sheriff’s deputies quickly surrounded and handcuffed him.

“Do not resist,” a deputy tells Tigges.

Tigges remains defiant.

“This is an unlawful arrest. I have a First Amendment right to speak.”

But the deputy remains steadfast,

“Listen to me. At this point, the meeting is over.”

Those arrested were charged – believe it or not – with unlawful assembly at a legally sanctioned “public meeting.” Could this display of a progressive school board’s authoritarian inclinations be any more ham-fisted?

It’s said all politics is local. But the insurrection in the nation’s capital last Jan. 6 seems to have inspired average Americans, despite demands not to resist (like that of the deputy sheriff mentioned above), to do quite the contrary.

In defending their young ones against federal edicts to re-educate their children with hateful curriculum provided by the dissembling editors at the New York Times, parents and concerned citizens aren’t waiting for the Republican Party to get its act together.

And, by the way, who says you need a political party – especially one consisting of feckless castrati – to lead a movement against America’s creeping authoritarianism?

The key to this growing resistance movement, you see, is to be very loud and very ungovernable.


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Originally from Los Angeles, Steven M. Lopez has been in the news business for more than thirty years. He made his way around the country: Arizona, the Bay Area, and now resides in South Florida. A cigar and bourbon aficionado, Steven is a political staff writer for Communities Digital News and an incredibly talented artist.

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Steven M. Lopez

Originally from Los Angeles, Steven M. Lopez has been in the news business for more than thirty years. He made his way around the country: Arizona, the Bay Area and now resides in South Florida.