The silence of the Obamas: America’s royal family’s newest vacation

Air Force One -
Air Force One -

WASHINGTON, February 15, 2014 — The Olympics are in full swing, and it is a pity there is not a gold medal for hypocrisy. President and Michelle Obama would win the Gold hands down. They would have no serious competition.

Barack Obama is celebrating the increase in America’s debt ceiling by spending more money on himself and his family. Fresh from a lecture to America on income equality, the Obamas are off on vacations that would make billionaires jealous.

The mainstream media have been almost silent on yet another opulent Obama vacation. Actually two Obama vacations: Barack Obama headed off to California for a three day golf vacation, while Michelle headed to Aspen, the winter playground of the rich and famous. Michelle, who sometimes thinks she is a queen, not a first lady, flew with her children — at taxpayer expense — to Aspen, Colorado.

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The rich and famous were seriously inconvenienced for an hour while Aspen’s airport was shut down so that she could arrive without impediment on her government jet.

It must be tough being the Obamas. Just a month ago, they were off on a two week golf vacation to Hawaii. There have been myriad other vacations. They go to Martha’s Vineyard. She goes to Spain with her girl friends. She takes the children on an African adventure. He golfs and golfs and golfs.

The hypocrisy could not be more stunning.

America’s workforce has not been this small since Jimmy Carter was president. Labor force participation is at a record low. Millions of Americans have simply given up on getting work. More Americans than ever now see the American dream of middle class prosperity as one they can no longer share.

The response of the Obamas is simple: Let’s take another vacation — on separate planes, if possible.

Ten years ago, when the economy was booming, the media regularly pilloried George W. Bush for spending a lot of time on his own ranch in Texas. Bush was not out partying with the rich and glamorous; Waco isn’t a place where the glamorous choose to gather. He just went home to clear mesquite and conduct the nation’s business outside of the Washington fish bowl. Yet there is almost complete silence from the media on yet another Obama vacation.

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If Congress had any courage, they would defund the Obamas’ vacations. Americans are suffering, unemployed, and in poverty. Americans are living through the Great Obama Depression, and all the Obamas want to do is take another government paid vacation.

If the Obamas want to take vacations, they should do it the way other people do it: They should pay for it themselves. They’re rich — six times as rich as they were when Obama took the White House, and probably a tiny fraction as rich as they’ll be when they leave it. Their net worth has risen from about $2 million in 2008 to about $12 million today. If they want to take the vacations of the rich and famous, let them pay for it.

We the people are tired of paying for their lavish lifestyle.

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  • Clyde Picht

    As the saying goes: “Ask me no questions and I’ll tell you no lies.” And if Barack hides himself away from the public noone can ask questions and he’ll not have to tell any more lies. Simple, no?

    • Carolyn Kieffaber

      Obama tells lies even when he’s not answering questions. In addition, reporters and talk show hosts aren’t allowed to ask “hard” questions.

  • Iron Mike

    This is a great article. I loved Barack’s economic inequality speech. I would have loved seeing some followup questions to Barack about what he was going to do about it (instead of flapping his lips). Seriously, what could anyone do about it except the individual that isn’t making what he wants. Get some more job skills and/or work harder is the only answer.

    Seriously, is any of the 1%’ers keeping anyone from making a buck?

    If you have to rely on the federal government to increase your salary by increasing minimum wage, then you need to look in the mirror to see the problem.

    • Wendy Wagner

      I used to feed and insure a family of seven, pay my husband’s doctor bills, pay the bills including a house payment, and still have enough to go around.
      Now I have paid the house off and moved out four of the five kids, yet I am barely above water. I dropped insurance on all the kids, including the 12 year old, because I need money from somewhere. Thirty dollars a week is a lot of money on my budget, and it is unlikely I will have anything to regret from my choice. Even a broken bone can be dealt with at a lower cost if I pay for it myself.
      I have a slightly better job than eight years ago, but pay raises have not even kept up with insurance; let alone the cost of living. And I love how the government has claimed there is little inflation when everything has nearly doubled in just five years.
      There is little hope that I would be able to get an education that would help me in a reasonable time. I have a family that needs my attention, and little help. I guess I could gamble and get student loans, but that is not going to get the school work done when I am working 60 hours a week.
      I am well over the present minimum wage. At least I am till wages go up to $14. I have no idea how anyone can survive near minimum wage. But minimum wage is not the problem. If they raise the minimum there will just be a lot more people in poverty.
      The problem is government regulations and taxes plain and simple. My employer is dealing with new regulations at an alarming rate. Some are so ambiguous that there is no way to understand exactly what is required to comply with some of them. And every tax on a business is going to pass on to either the employee or the customer. I happen to serve both rolls.

      • Abby Sapp

        This is the real truth, spoken by someone who is living it and knows.

        She is 100% correct!

      • Ed Thornton


    • Knotalibby

      Unbelievable isn’t it? He speaks about income inequality while he takes these lavish vacations with his entire family and every hanger-on they can think of to take and then he hangs out with his best friends Jay and B who earn $95 million a year. I know where he can start with his fix for inequality….

    • Jon Lewis

      Well said, I posted a comment saying the same thing as this article a few days ago on facebook in response to an item about these thieves in the Peoples House. Time to throw them out! Impeachment filings should include charges of Grand Larceny!

    • Michael Cichorz

      You really need to spend some time educating yourself. This is a rigged game that ends with all of us impoverished and enslaved to a massive federal government. You should read the Book, Monster from Jekyll Island, Research about the Act of 1871. Read about what happened in 1913 with the creation of the federal reserve and the IRS. The dollar of 1913 has been devalued to the point that same dollar is only worth 1 cent. Article one section 8 clearly tells congress it is to print and coin money. Interest free national money. Central banking is devouring the entire world.

      • Jerry Mael

        Typical. :/
        One of the few here talking to the heart of the matter.
        It is good to see someone seeking cause and affect/effect instead of bouncing off the walls about end results.

      • Jerry Mael

        Well said.
        Sadly, it is all too typical seeing one person out of dozens that base their views on cause and affect/effect rather than just knee jerking at the end results.

        • Michael Cichorz

          Thank you good sir. Nothing will get better until we get to the root of the problems. You can cure cancer with an aspirin. It might make the pain go away for a little bit, but it isn’t fixing a thing. Operation American Spring, Join the Movement. Stand up a be counted. May 16th in D.C.

  • Kim Guffey Lafferty

    Can someone explain to me how Obama’s network went from two to twelve million? The presidency doesn’t pay that kind of money so where and how did he get this money? I think the American people have the right to know this information when so many of us are hurting.

    • I recall one year he made some $5 Million off of his books. He is getting paid $400,000 per year with almost no expenses to pay for (no mortgage or utilities to pay at White House.). I do not know about the rest.

      • Mike Annas

        Eric..don’t forget he “deferred his book making monies until after his Presidency so the income won’t have to be reported until AFTER his terms end and they are accumulating in an off shore his tax return if you want to be really sickened by his hypocrisy

        • falling321

          He promised to donate all of the profits to charity from his book about his daughters…did he keep it instead? Wouldn’t surprise me at all! They make the majority of their money the same way most of the DC crowd does…off of investments on things they have insider knowledge about!

    • Paul Eno

      book sales,, overseas, he gives them our tax money , n then they buy lot of his books as kick backs

    • sleeper48

      *net worth?

      • Tom Lee

        net worth….0


      Easy peasy… flow is from his “interest groups” or PAC’s…..or Soros…..and folks complain about the Koch Brothers….LMAO

    • DC is Evil

      I would imagine SOME of the Solyndra money found its way into one of his bank accounts.

      Washed, of course.

  • Not Sure ✓

    I find it funny how democratic voters are against the 1%ers when the Kennedys, Obamas and most dems in office are 1%ers

    • Knotalibby

      But those are FACTS and Libs don’t deal in facts. They deal in hypocrisy and hate.

      • DoraG38

        And we can’t forget racism. If we disagree with this man we are racist! Absurd!

  • rochesternative

    “Let them eat cake” At least Marie Antoinette never actually said that.

  • tim

    It is good to be king and queen. If we complain – we are called ‘racist’. Let’s face it, they do not care what we think. They hold the purse strings and the power to do whatever they want and will continue on this path of spending as long as possible. No one will stop them. Laws mean nothing to BHO. We allowed this to happen by apathy. Congress does not have the balls to impeach him.

    • Debbie Peterson

      No, some of us worked like dogs at great personal and financial cost. We are having to bear the burden of the under informed voter, the couch potato voter, and the “I’m a Democrat, no matter what obnoxious, ill-prepared person is running,” voter.

      • USAGunsmith

        so what you are saying is you vote democrat no matter what. How is that working for ya. Next you will vote for Killary. You are part of the problem. You should vote for the right person not the party. Ignorant.

        • AK_Hounds

          I think, unless my reading skills are compromised, she’s saying those of us who worked like dogs are having to bear the burden of those that don’t, and those that vote dem no matter what. NOT that *she* did, but that she is paying for others that do.

          • Debbie Peterson

            Yes, AK. that is exactly what I meant. So sorry if it wasn’t clear. We worked hard to get Obama out, in 2012. The shock of the century is that that pitiful excuse for a president won,and is now in the process of destroying our country. ‘Can’t wait for 2016 when he is out.

    • falling321

      While there are plenty of charges the House could legitimately bring charges of impeachment over, it would be worthless for them to do it, since the impeachment then moves to the Senate for the trial and the vote to remove from office and there is no way that Harry Reid and his democrats would ever allow Obama to be convicted and certainly never remove him from office! That would leave Obama still in office and make him even more of a leftist hero than Bill Clinton! AND give him three years to get his revenge via executive order…and you know he would do it!

      • Carolyn Kieffaber

        Harry Reid is an obstructionist and needs to be removed from office. He is a perfect example of why term limits need to be implemented. There are many other examples, I know!

    • Carolyn Kieffaber

      Months ago I asked my senators and representative, “Who, exactly, okays the money that a president can use for vacations?” I would think that because of our huge national debt that taking more that two vacations a year would be seen as excessive. Especially aggravating is the fact that FLOTUS takes some of her vacations at the same time as her husband, thus costing the taxpayers even more money. Unfortunately, I NEVER received an answer to my question. Maybe someone else knows the answer and will respond.

      • DEanna Lane

        I’ve wondered the same thing

    • thamper9391

      Nothing will change while Boehner is speaker of the house he is not a leader he is a follower. And he is following the money. As long as their are lobbyist in Washington DC people will not really get fair deal. Money talks. The American people are not even in the equation. So that is why the tea party needs to band together under one banner and get America back from the government.

  • Jennifer

    Can’t wait to hear about this summer’s sweet 16 party…..

  • Abby Sapp

    It would be so nice if they would just stay away …………… keep the plane, just don’t come back!

    • Dawn Harsley

      It would be worth of the plane.

      • Zorro

        I’ll even give him a dollar for gas,

    • Deb

      The problem with that is he’d give it to the Taliban or other terrorist groups for the technology that’s in it.

  • MarqSheb

    What will it take for the American sheeple to stand up and scream about what this thug in the white house is doing to our country? I am almost our of hope that we can save our country.

    • Pamela K. Cahoon Laub

      Patriots have been speaking out. The sheep bow to O and collect their freebies. They won’t speak out until their freebies stop and that will be to late.

  • Kim Rowles

    Where was all you outrage when other presidents did their vacations

    • DoraG38

      Ok, since you asked: George W. went home to Texas and cut brush. Clinton’s started the spendy vacations and his base called him out on it, so they cut back. Way back in Harry Truman’s day, they went home to Independence AND at the end of his term he and Bess got in their old second hand car and motored home to Missouri. He answered every fan letter by hand and finally asked for a bit from the gov. coffers for stamps to mail them out. Things have taken an awful turn. There have been no presidents who have treated the tax payers like the Obama’s.

    • Bill Gregg

      There are vacations and then there are V$A$C$A$T$I$O$N$S!!!
      Bush took 51 vacations on his ranch. Total cost to taxpayers? 20 Million.
      Obama’s vacation to Africa alone cost taxpayers 100 million.

    • Dominic Milan

      Shame on you Kim. They were Republicans so they deserved vacations. But now we have this socialist, communist, fascist, Maoist, leftist, Kenyan, Indonesian, Hawaiian, Muslim who goes to a church, blah blah blah. If Obama went swimming these people would complain he can’t walk on water. Trouble is most of the people on this site agreed with the first two lines.

      • danapointdad

        nonsense. keep defending the indefensible… good liberal… atta boy…

        got a health insurance subsidy? you’re welcome.

        • Dominic Milan

          As a matter of fact, no. I have insurance through work where I have been employed for 29 years. As a ‘good liberal’ I’m employed, a homeowner, taxpayer, veteran (Army), voter and I give to charities. Suppose you are going to say those are all bad things. And you didn’t answer Kim’s question: where was all your outrage when other presidents did their vacations?

      • Dawn Harsley

        He is free to go on vacation WITH his family. The problem is Michelle goes flitting all over everywhere with her rich friends and their 13 year old daughter goes on spring break to Mexico with a plane full of her elite private school friends. Do you seriously believe taxpayers should have picked up the tab for Michelle to fly to Hollywood simply to present an Oscar? She took her friends and their children on a trip to Spain at taxpayer expense. How many times did Hillary Clinton, Barbara or Laura Bush go flitting everywhere on the taxpayer’s dime? I don’t remember Mrs. Carter taking her friends to Spain or flying to Hollywood to present an Oscar. There, I’ve included Democrats as well as Republicans. Happy now?

        • Raylusk

          Quit with the lie about flying to LA to present an oscar. It was done from the Whitehouse via video conference.

          • Steven Silz-Carson

            Some pathetic sheep will believe anything so long as it comes from those trusted folks at FAUX News. BTW, Obama is not a Kenyan Moslem. Actually, he’s a space alien who practices Scientology and Voodoo.

      • ssp556

        Wow. A lot of lib commies on this site.

    • Dawn Harsley

      It isn’t so much the President, but his wife, their children, her friends and their children’s friends, all vacationing at our expense. When they came back from Hawaii, instead of Michelle coming straight back to Washington, she had to be dropped off at Oprah’s house for some “girl time”. The very worst was that taxpayers paid for her trip to Hollywood so she could present an Oscar. And people complained because Nancy Reagan asked her friends to contribute to new WH china. The Bushes either went to TX to the ranch or to Camp David, which is close by.

      • Pamela K. Cahoon Laub

        A good first lady wouldn’t act like MO. She is a ghetto rat on a more expensive level.



    • Dominic Milan


    • Dawn Harsley

      Count me out. I didn’t vote for the guy, don’t like what he has done and is doing to our country but I don’t want to see any US President assassinated.

      • Ruth Davis

        It’s not called assassination it’s called escort him out of the white house for good

        • Raylusk

          She is showing up armed. She won’t be escorting anyone unless she plans to shoot it our with the Secret Service. And even then by the time she go in, the President would be gone. Only someone that can’t process facts wouldn’t understand this. So the logical conclusion is that she is going to try and kill Obama if she sees him leave the White House. Even if 100,000 armed traitors showed up at the White House they would never get their hands on Obama. Do you understand now?

          • STFUTWIT

            That’s NOT what she stated….and you THINK your logical…..LMAO!!!!

          • Raylusk

            You can’t seem to read.

            Ruth Davis Dawn Harsley • 16 hours ago −
            It’s not called assassination it’s called escort him out of the white house for good
            8 • Reply•Share ›

          • STFUTWIT

            Like I said before……and I can’t read? LMAO…’ll probably believe that I’m not writing either….lemming….and you use that word ‘traitor’ so loosely….

          • STFUTWIT

            I can’t read??? LMMFAO!!!!! Lemming, such a lemming…’s some more education for you….

          • Raylusk

            Out of context idiot. Now I am completely done with you because you are too stupid. Shove off little man.

          • STFUTWIT


      • MIKE M

        how about locked away in a sell somewere DAWN HARSLEY

  • Texas Two Step

    Where is Reggie Love?

  • June Helton

    Every time I hear of the king and queen and girls going on vacation I wish I could be in the White House and facing them face to face and telling them just what exactly I think of him as president and her as first lady. HE is a disgrace to the office.

    • Raylusk

      Every President in modern history including your precious Reagan spent more days on vacation then Obama.

      • Jason Morris

        False!! Prove it!

        • Chloe Rowles

          Jason……where have you been? or are you just very young?
          Roosevelt, Kennedy, Johnson, Reagan, Bush 1, and Bush 2, all took their vacations at their own ranches or their own vacation homes. Daddy Kennedy (Joe) paid for all of Jacqueline Kennedy’s vacations, and Onassis once bought out a whole plane for Jackie and her sister to fly to Greece alone because he couldn’t believe that the First Lady of the U.S. had to fly ‘commercial’. Eisenhower took his vacations at Camp David, named after his son David., All of this was publicized, so the public knew about it.
          None of the previous First Ladies had a staff anywhere near that of Michelle who has 3 or 4 times more than any of them had. And NONE of the past presidents EVER flew their dog to the vacation site in a separate government plane/helicopter. The Obama’s are just ‘in your face’ about spending our tax money on themselves, and they are just thumbing their noses at us. Then he hypocritically denounces the 1%, and preaches against ‘income inequality’.

          • AK_Hounds

            Absolutely right, except for your first line. I believe this should have been directed at Raylusk, who is obviously either confused or delusional, or both.

      • Pamela K. Cahoon Laub

        Most presidents spent time at their homes or Camp David. That’s not good enough for the Obamas. When they went there the Secret Service costs and Air Force One costs were minimal .compared to the Os. Their extravagant vacations are much more frequent and lavish than real presidents in the past.

        • Raylusk

          You don’t know what the costs were because no President has ever released their travel costs. What you read on right wing news media are made up figures. You also have no idea if the total travel costs of one President or another is greater or less. Neither do I. But the number of travel days are well known and easily available.

      • falling321

        You are actually factually incorrect. It is easy to say something like that, even easy to find liberal sites on the internet to back it up, but that doesn’t make it true. And not one of them too the massively expensive vacations that the Obama’s have done for the past five years…not even the Clintons and Hillary liked to take along her posse, just as Michelle Obama does!

      • gobnait

        Reagan and Bush spent the vast majority of their vacation time at their homes that were already kitted out with Secret Service protection and communications. Those vacations were far less expense to the American people. Additionally, they often hosted foreign dignitaries at their homes during their so-called ‘vacations’.

        • Raylusk

          You have no idea if Bush and Reagan spent less on vacations then Obama. That is pure supposition on your part. In fact even the costs that are thrown around by conservatives about Obama’s travels aren’t factual. Because no President has released the costs of his travel including Obama.

      • STFUTWIT

        I believe, so its true, that YOU”RE ALL MOUTH……LMAO

        • Raylusk

          No it is true and any google search will prove it.

          • STFUTWIT

            OH, just the liberal lemming response I was waiting for!!!!! JUST GOOGLE IT…LMAO

          • STFUTWIT

            You were already called out to prove it by Jason Morris, yet you haven’t… 1st comment stands…..

          • Raylusk

            You mean your first lie stands. You prove it isn’t true. Come on little man put up. I bet you won’t because yuk can’t prove I’m wrong because I’m not. I refuse to do your research and a little man like you don’t have the ability to bully me. Now shove off idiot because unless you prove me wrong I’m done with you.

          • OKCupcake

            Raylusk–one can always know when have won an arguement with a Liberal Leech parasite when they start with the name calling.

          • Raylusk

            The argument was lost by the loser above when he denied the fact that Obama has been on vacation less days then every modern President. I asked the little man above 5 days ago to prove I’m wrong. He hasn’t responded because he knows I’m right. So take a hike idiot.

          • OKCupcake

            Maybe less days but vacations have cost the taxpayers a BILLION no other president spent a quarter of that Put down the crack pipe you Liberal Leech parasite LOL

          • Raylusk

            You do not know what the cost of any President’s vacation is or has been. The conservative media is tricking gullible fools like you into believing their guesses are in anyway accurate. No President has ever released the costs of his vacations. But then it’s always refreshing to see another idiot believe their ideology is fact.

      • harriet steele

        Prove it.

        • Raylusk

          No. The information is available. All you have to do is look. I’m tired of doing research for conservative idiots that can easily do it themselves. Now take a hike.

      • Chloe Rowles

        I haven’t counted the days and I don’t care how many days they take, if they PAY for it themselves. In fact, I wish Obama would take 365 days a year on vacation, as long as he pays for it himself out of his 12 million in assets. Most past presidents vacationed at their own property, or paid for it themselves. But NONE of them took the lavish vacations that the Obama’s take.

      • leisureal-

        you would have tp prove that and I doubt if you could

  • rugvendor

    here, here …..

  • Tony Ruffino

    Our Nation is in a Sad State ~ Something Needs Too Be Done About This Administration ~ Any Honest Appliable Solutions out There??????

    • WWC

      Yeah, but if you were to say what really needs to be done and what millions of Americans are now saying to each other, the Secret Service, IRS, the TSA, the FBI, the local sheriff and local police department would be at your door!

      • Tony Ruffino

        You Are Probably Right ~ That is The Extreme ~ WE Already Know He has Alzheimer’s, and that takes a long time ~ So, Just Maybe Someone Or A Group Of People Can Come up With a way to Impeach the Idiot……

    • rightffielder

      YES, but if you speak your mind AGAINST ovomit and clowns!! You get a visit!! Been there said that and his Gestapo were quick to pay a visit

      . Problem was I did state facts!!!

    • MIKE M


  • Republicanonsite

    My husband and I haven’t had a vacation in years. I asked him the other day, if somehow I came up with the money, would he consider spending it on time away. We are now searching for something that is reasonable and won’t take too much time from our small business. A long weekend would be nice…..could maybe I have some of my tax money back so I can afford a vacation….or do the Obama’s get to spend it all on themselves.

    • Lyn

      Same here, small business owners who have not had a week vacation in decades. We don’t even get long weekends, my husband was at work when our granddaughter was born and almost died on Thanksgiving, 2000 and he stayed at work this week when the snowstorm hit our area. I raised three children and daddy was rarely home. In years past there were several summers where he didn’t have a single weekend off. These heathens in the WH do not care who has to sacrifice for their extravagance, they are so wicked! One consolation is that NONE of their evil deeds escape the eye of the Lord and He will recompense the wicked.

  • Rodney DeShong

    Hang the traitors

  • Richard StJohn

    Fifty some years ago then President Kennedy encountered a real problem. A woman he’d slept with turned out to have been a former secretary to the head of the East German Secret Police. Presidential affairs weren’t reported on back then but this was different. This went to national security and if the press found out it would have resulted in JFK being impeached and disgraced. A member of the opposition planned to reveal this fact and had called a press conference. With no options available his brother bobby walked down the hall and humbly knocked on the office door of the most powerful man in Washington D.C. and arguably in the entire world. Mr. J. Edgar Hoover. Bobby Kennedy explained his brothers problem and asked if Hoover could possibly assist. In less than an hour press conference cancelled JFK presidency secure. Magic? Not hardly. As head of the FBI hoover found that having the dirt on potential adversaries was a great asset. And he had the dirt on everyone. …..Fast forward 50 something years and The First Imperial Ruler of America Barack Obama decrees anything he wants. Congress sits on its collective hands afraid to offer any real opposition. Even some recent case opinions have been totally unexpected. Why? Well it could just be because it happened to work out that way. But I think it is far more likely that the famed hoover files have been updated through the NSA’s illegal data mining operation and anyone who appears on Obama’s radar is quickly on the receiving end of some hardcore blackmail. The facts themselves are not really as important as the knowledge that the spin in the media will be damning. So like the little kids on the school yard who cower in fear when the far older, bigger and stronger bully appears our congress falls in line and doesn’t oppose the King. Now many will scoff and say if that was true he’d get legislation passed. Not so. He has been achieving the same results and increasing his power by leaps and bounds. In fact his power is nearing absolute. In support of this I offer the following. Charlie Rangel, Queen Maxine Waters, Sheila Jackson Lee and several other prominent ultra left wing folks from congress consider their top priority to be writing executive orders for Obama to sign. It’s the basic legislative process. it just removes all opposition. This administration is by far the most corrupt in history. I think this would be a means they’ve employed from day one.

    • Wendy Wagner

      It is already widely known that he used dirt to win his senate seat. Something about opening the opponent’s divorce records. I’m pretty sure there was another known instance also.
      If we could just see his college records………
      There are some cases where it is easy to see that he was holding a loaded pistol to those who would get in his way. John Roberts was a pretty obvious case in point.

    • Steven Silz-Carson

      Perhaps your Kennedy story has merit; we will likely never know. Regardless, as a parable it holds value as a lesson in what absolute power can do. But to say Congress is “afraid to offer” opposition is absurd. They oppose to the point of obstruction as they pander to their bases and their money men. Remember, the Imperial Presidency was a major prerogative of Mr. Darth Cheney and his neocon homeboys in the pentagon, Rummy, Wolfowitz, Feith, Perle & Scooter Libby, who told Bush what to think and do for his first 4 years. I don;t know who writes Obama’s executive orders, but I do know that a whole heap of Congress’ bills are penned by various special interest lobbies and groups like the American Enterprise Institute, and other arms of the Koch Bros. apparatus.

  • Vickie Frank

    America will never be free again because the Puppet Masters have been in control for too long now to go back to a Christian and Moral country. It won’t matter even if we elect all the politicians who want to get our country back. They will be blocked at every turn by the ones left in Congress that are under the Puppet Masters control. Conservative talk show hosts must get on the ball and start telling the real truth or we will lose everything that is left of the appearnce of Freedom. The real truth must be told and people need to listen and read. BECOME AWARE…WAKE UP…FIGHT FOR THE TRUTH…FIGHT FOR OUR COUNTRY THROUGH PEACEFUL DEMONSTRATION…TAKE UP CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE IN YOUR OWN TOWN AND STATE WHENEVER AND WHEREVER YOU CAN. MY FELLOW CITIZENS, STAND UP NOW!!!

    • Steven Silz-Carson

      So, in your educated opinion, who are your “Puppet Masters?” Let me guess first: Could it be Satan, and/or the Jews and or the Jesuits?

      • LibertyMonger

        So I guess your simple mind really believes one man is this powerful. Lmao

        • Steven Silz-Carson

          Without insulting you, why do you think I believe as you imply? All I ask is you to specifically name the “Masters” to which you attribute such power?
          If you can’t name names, or at least generalities with a logical explanation of why you believe they are in charge, you ought not be given voice herein.

          • Pamela K. Cahoon Laub

            George Soros, Saul Alinsky and their cohorts give Valerie Jarrett instructions and he pulls BHO’s puppet strings. Hillary shares their communist views and is a fan.

          • falling321

            Soros and Valerie Jarrett are two of the Obama puppet masters. Jarrett is tied to Iran and most likely has her own masters, but Soros is the head of his own organization.

  • Steven Silz-Carson

    Does anyone know how all presidents since WWII have traveled? So why are the Obama’s different? Is it because they have the audacity to be Negro? Oh yeah, they ought take the bus and sit in the rear.

    • AgnesCox

      Oh! For heaven’s sake! Steven Silz-Carson, you’re an idiot! It’s people like you that keep the race issue alive! Do you ever think before you post a blog! FYI, there is no racism here, except you’re remarks. There is a disagreement with Pres. Obama’s policies and spending, and nothing to do with the color of his skin, or his political affiliation.

      • Steven Silz-Carson

        Me think the lady doth protest to much:) Especially in the absence of data. The previous president (Bush the lesser) had vacationed or whacked weeds for 350 days in Texas,flying AF1 77 times at a per flight cost of about $800,000. But that was Texas trips alone. He also took numerous day trips on AF1 all around the US like it was his personal taxi. So forget race and tell my why you’re not griping about “W’s” travel bills? Perhaps all US Presidents ought to fly coach, fine with me, but the fact is, they don’t and have not for 50 years.

        • LibertyMonger

          You and the rest of you are such pathetic fools. Obama is playing you like a fiddle and you have no clue. While he hangs out with all his white elitest friends on both sides of the aisle. It has nothing to do with racism, you just think it does cause that is what they teach you. You are a pathetic boot-licker and will be one of the first to jump out the window when it all crashes down on you. No one man has that much power it is WHITE PEOPLE pulling his strings, sending him on all these vacations, laughing at YOU.

          • Raylusk

            Typical tea party member. Can’t argue facts because the facts are against her, so resorts to name calling. This is why less than 20% of Americans agree with the tea party.

          • Steven Silz-Carson

            The funny-hat, illiterate-sign people are “entitled” to their unsupportable positions, just wish they’d stop being so noisy and go play with themselves.

          • STFUTWIT

            Just for you HELLO KITTY……

          • Steven Silz-Carson

            You still have not enlightened us as to who the “Puppet Masters” are and why you adore them so much?

        • falling321

          Where do you get those ridiculous numbers? Yes, Bush took the month of August off to go home to his ranch and cut brush and he took quite a few trips home with heads of state who were visiting the US. They quite enjoyed a few days at the Bush ranch, getting home cooked meals and tours of the ranch. And all presidents fly in AF1, they have no choice as it contains all of the equipment necessary for a president to maintain power and security should anything happen while he is traveling or in the air. It isn’t the use of the official plane that is the problem, it is the Obama’s both taking different flights, sometimes when they are heading to or home from the same place for vacation! And then, for some strange reason, flying their dog to their vacation spot on a different plane. And they don’t go home, they go to the most exclusive, expensive places in the US! They inconvenience others who are vacationing there or trying to visit there, such as when they shut down the whole of the grand canyon tourist areas for a day so they could spend 10 minutes looking at it! Or sending their daughter to Mexico with all of her classmates and enough secret service agents to look out for all of them! Or M. Obama’s entourage on her trip to Spain. This couple has reached the point of insanity when it comes to their vacation expenses…and I’m not even counting Obama’s nearly weekly golf day out with his buds.

          • Carolyn Kieffaber

            I think that part of the problem is that Congress or whomever okays these trips is/are also responsible. I have yet to receive an answer to my question from my state representatives as to who is responsible. As a taxpayer, I am appalled at the abuse of our money, especially since we are so far in debt. The Obama’s don’t give a rats-ass what we think about them. It’s as if they are shoving their excessive, expensive behavior into our faces just because they can.

    • falling321

      Throw away your race card…it’s way past it’s expiration date! We don’t care that he is bi-racial, we care that he has no character!

      • STFUTWIT

        That won’t ever happen since THAT’S ALL they have……LMAO


      And have you there with them….LMAO

  • dianna_browning

    now you know why he keeps raising the debt ceiling. So he can add to his vault.

  • sbg101

    “If congress had any courage…” “IF” – My, what power those two letters hold!

  • hugs4u

    and when gw bozo bush took vacations every othr week to crawford texas, you all never whimpered a word of displeasure. someone needs to tell you all to suck it up and put on your big boy pants and quit whimpering like little girls.

    • FreezingFreddieMN

      Laura went with him.

    • ssp556


    • Nanci Alley

      And tell us exactly how did the Bush’s cost us more? He went to his Ranch in Texas which Bush OWNED! The fuel cost for WORKING VACATIONS? What part of Obama’s RIPPING OFF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE ARE YOU NOT GETTING? They just got back to WDC the beginning of January except of course the first whore who stayed another whole week at our expense!

  • Michael Cichorz

    Tis article is a great reason for people to get mad. GET REAL MAD!!! get so mad you are ready to do something about it. Operation American Spring May16th. JOIN THE MOVEMENT! Stand up and be counted. Iceland stood up as one people and changed their country. “Pots and Pans revolution” If enough of us unite, we can do the same.

  • jerryhulick

    Two to twelve?????? And just think that’s the money that’s exposed for tax purposes. How much do you think is in offshore cubby holes that the IRS doesn’t see. Oh hell they probably set them up for the king and queen.

  • Rico Nardone

    Finally some of you are waking up ..Where does he get all that money ? And why dosent the president get defunded? If it were a private business he wo
    uld be put in jail.And what about the American people ,the hard working American people who are loosing the American dream? did everyone give up?

  • Barbara Winters

    Another vacation? Already? When does hje work for his salary? What does she do? And separate airplanes? No wonder they wanted a debt increase. And he made millions on his books which aren’t worth a penny. He said he could do whatever he wanted. And he is. When are we going to do something about this?

  • alrotundo

    But this president has taken less than a THIRD of his predecessor Bush’s vacation time.

  • cmse

    With ZERO down to earth experience where the rubber meets the road, all he was good at was delivering dynamic very convincing speeches full of pleasing to the ears promises and LIES. With his socialistic views and imaginary vision of nirvana on earth, he believed that equality could only be attained by having a elitist few (1 percent) who’s smart enough and know what’s good for the masses (99 percent). Definitely an irony and hypocritical which was okay with him but not for everybody else so long he could gained political power.


    Anyone want to guess how many more of these vacations they’ll award themselves for this year…..Spoils System is certainly working for them…….

  • Abby Sapp

    If they think they’re a “royal family” …… they are decidedly incorrect. Karma is a biatch!

  • robocop33

    They are just spreading some more of ‘our’ wealth around. They believe it is their job to go on spending sprees and spend, spend, spend until it hurts, (the taxpayers) Really, when will this nation finially get so sick of them that they will be sent packing from the Peoples House?

  • dmprisk

    Well, they might as well have a good time before the taxpayers all find out there is no Gold in Fort Knox and our money is only wallpaper. Obama is crashing the system. Here we come FEMA camps.

  • C Breeze

    “Anque La mona se vista de seda, mona queda”

  • knowsit

    The reason for the separate vacations are that Obama and Michelle can’t stand the sight of each other.
    The W.H. is acceptable, it is big enough to stay out of each other’s hair, but any other walls, including air plane walls, make the room too small for the two.