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The Senate Impeachment trial designed by Democrats to destroy America

Written By | Jan 21, 2020
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President Donald J. Trump disembarks Marine One Tuesday, Jan. 21, 2020, at the InterContinental Davos Landing Zone in Davos, Switzerland. (Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead)

WASHINGTON: The best part of the Senate Impeachment Trial is that both sides get 24 hours to present their case.  And they have two three days to do so.  Three days during which the Democrats will not be able to grandstand via tweet or before reporters lurking in the hall.   The Senate Impeachment Trial is the Democrats’ last, best hope to ensure that President Donald J. Trump is not reelected.  If the Senate calls for summary judgment because Democrats failed to prove their case in the House, the Impeachment Trial may end before it really begins.

Because Donald Trump, it is being predicted, will win re-election.  The only purpose of this Presidential Harassment is that Democrats cannot beat President Trump.

Schumer, just before the trial begins, grandstands saying the eyes of the nation are on this “trial” and that the trial cannot be fair unless the Senate votes to do the work that the House failed to do. That unless the Senate issues subpoenas for documents the Democrats want and agrees to allow the witness the Democrats want, it is all a cover-up.

Because trials have witnesses and documents.

“The McConnell rules seem to be designed by President Trump for President Trump. It asks the Senate to rush through as fast as possible and makes getting evidence as hard as possible … In short, the McConnell resolution will result in a rushed trial with little evidence in the dark of the night – literally in the dark of night,” Mr Schumer says.

What the Senate minority leader Schumer, or Adam Schiff, fails to recognize is that the House had the opportunity to subpoena documents and witnesses.  But in their hurry to Impeach the President in the House, they did not want to follow the procedures.  Why?  Because it would have taken too long to work through the courts.  The House did not want to do the work because it was too easy to hide in the Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF) to do their secret work.

Newt Gingrich says “It’s a coup d’etat not an impeachment inquiry”

A room that did not let the light of sunlight to shine on the procedures and hearsay witnesses.  A process that kept those hearings secret to the public, or the Senate / House Republicans. Proceeding in a locked room that refused the President’s rights to call witnesses or review documents.  Documents, including transcripts, that have still not been provided to the Executive Branch or the Senate.

It was simply just too easy to come up with two vague Articles of Impeachment, and then stand there, in Democrat masse, and claim that the Senate is covering up the crimes of the President.   Because the goal is not to try the President in the Senate, but in the court of public opinion. To remove the President from the 2020 election ballots.  (California Senate passes bill that would keep Trump off 2020 ballot unless he releases tax returns – 5/2/19)

Good for the Political Goose and Gander

A few weeks ago, the Republicans noted that the House Democrat Majority was being unfair in their Impeachment hearings. That Adam Schiff, Chairman of the Intelligence Committee, did not even allow the Republicans in the House Minority to ask a question, or call a witness. They did not let the President, through Republican representatives to cross-examine those witnesses.  When they did get a question in, Schiff would counsel the witness to not answer.

Now that the coin has flipped, and the Impeachment has moved to the Senate, the Democrats are sniveling about a “fair trial.” Repeating ad nauseum that if the Senate, i.e., Mitch McConnell does not guarantee that they can call the witnesses they want, the Senate trial is nothing but a cover-up. Senator Schumer, Representative Schiff, Speaker Pelosi, and Jerrold Nadler all demanding that the Senate do what the House would not.

The cliff that Democrats impeachment fraud will drive America over

In opening statements, Adam Schiff is demanding that the Senate allow witnesses and documents that they failed to obtain in the House Hearings.  But it is Adam Schiff who failed to subpoena witnesses, like John Bolton, or documents that he is now demanding the White House provide.

Schiff posits the Republican-led Senate must allow Democrats to call new witnesses, like Lev Parnas, and demand documents, such as all documents, transcripts, memos, emails created by the White House as they relate to Ukraine.

That even though they did their job and that the Articles of Impeachment prove a preponderance of guilt by the President, they need more.

“Although the evidence against the President is already overwhelming, you may never know the full scope of the presence misconduct or those around him,” Mr. Schiff says.

Which is it?  Did they prove their case in the House, leading to the Impeachment Articles? Or have the kicked the Impeachment can down the road, now demanding that the Senate do the work they failed to do in the house?

Adam Schiff says the reason the House could not take the time to work through the courts to gather the evidence they now want, was the imminent danger of the President.  And if it is the latter, and they have proven the president is a threat, why do they need to gather more evidence? Simply, they do not have an argument for Impeachment.  Democrats have not proven any impeachment High Crimes or Misdemeanors as called for by the Constitution.  (Two House articles of impeachment fail to meet constitutional standards – Alan Dershowitz)

However, that imminent danger presented by the President was not so imminent as Speaker Pelosi held onto the articles of impeachment for 33 days before sending them in a Democrat Dirge March to the Senate?  (Chris Wallace: Commemorative impeachment pens ‘not a good look’ for Nancy Pelosi)

Democrats End Goal

The Democrats end goal is that they will convince voters that the president did conduct himself in a criminal way and therefore he should not be re-elected.  Mark my words, once this trial is concluded, the speaking points will change from “we demand a fair trial with witnesses and documents” to “you can’t possibly re-elect the President because he broke the law, and then covered it up.

President Obama, John Brennen and Spygate: When did it really begin?

What Democrats are forgetting is that what they are accusing the President of, aiding another country in interfering in an election, President Obama and Hillary Clinton did with their spying on candidate, president-elect and President Trump and their collusion with Ukraine and Russia in the creation of the Steele Dossier.  That under Obama’s tutelage, that persons at the very top of the U.S. Intelligence Committee – James Clapper, John Brennan, Jim Comey, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strozk / Lisa Page – among others all conspired to conduct a coup de’tat against the President.

Articles of impeachment do not have the support of the Constitution.

The Constitution requires fundamental fairness and due process in any legal proceeding.  That fundamental fairness and due process be given to the accused, in this case, the President.  That the call to arms is not “no one is above the law”, which is laughable on its face when considering the Steele Dossier and any number of Hillary Clinton’s illegal actions.  The call to arms should be “innocent until proven guilty.”

However, Democrats have been seeking to prove the president guilty of whatever crime they could concoct since before his election, and as reported by the compliant liberal media within minutes of his inauguration. (The campaign to impeach President Trump has begun – Washington Post January 20, 2017)

Democrat antics that are even more disgusting in the promise that if not removed from the office, another impeachment proceeding will begin (‘We can impeach again’: Democratic congressman suggests continuous impeachment effort – December 5, 2019)

The only hope for the Republic, for those tired of the lying, conniving, duplicitous Democrats is to vote them out of the House and vote Donald Trump for another four years.  During this time we must demand that the Judiciary, Congress, and President create the guidelines to stop this type of partisan politics to undermine America ever again.


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