The Second Concordat with Tyranny


LOS ANGELES, May 14, 2013 — Prior to launching in on The Second Concordat With Tyranny, I would like to briefly respond to a comment made about my previous article, Barack Obama: President ‘Cool Aid’ destined for Mt. Rushmore?.

Roe v Wade is legalized murder.

The price a population pays for the American government to allow “its people” homicidal privileges is a high one: inevitable tyranny and the government’s ability to do unto its citizens what the American people have been doing to their own gestating infants.

As for the business at hand, The Second Concordat With Tyranny, my regular readers may note that I’ve borrowed the title, Michael Moriarty’s Musings, from my own prosaic poems for Ottawa Life Magazine.

If you haven’t read them, they’re worth a peek.

Since the editorial staff of Ottawa Life and I could not agree with each other either politically or spiritually, we parted ways. The editorial staff are Canadian left, children of Pierre Trudeau, and I … Well, I became an American unable to comprehend the meaning of “Progressive Catholic,” let alone be censored by such a metaphysical contradiction-in-terms.

Little did I know that the new Pope Francis would bring back rumors of Liberation Theology and the Progressive Catholicism of a South America I thought unequivocally chastised by the Vatican.

The Progressive Catholics, rather like William Clinton as a “Progressive Baptist,” reinvented a Christ whose Golden Rule suddenly became, “Do unto gestating infants what you would not want done to your own gestating infancy.”

I trust it is disturbing for the pro-abortion, Progressive Catholic crowd to hear a Priest occasionally quote the Lord’s words, “As you do unto the least of these, so you do unto me.”

I trust a certain amount of new American interest in Ottawa Life’s growing fame will balance whatever damage I may have done to all Progressive Catholics, poor or rich, humble or arrogant, mere Vice-President of the United States or a one-of-a-kind, Minority Leader of the House of Representatives.

Pope Benedict XVI was obliged to publically lecture Minority House Leader Nancy Pelosi on her Democrat Party’s faith in cardinal sin.

The Mother Superior of Progressive Catholicism

 Mother Superior of Progressive Catholicism

As far as I know, she smiled mysteriously throughout her chastisement and returned to America firmly convinced that she was a “good Catholic,” albeit a “progressive” one.

Now the question is, have Nancy Pelosi’s and Joe Biden’s prayers been answered with alarming alacrity by a Progressively Catholic Pope Francis I?

Did a “Progressive” College of Cardinals push this change of “Rocks” upon which the Church is now split? And was the suddenness of Pope Benedict’s retirement a matter of “obedience” rather than concerns for his age?

Because Pope Francis is Argentine and also a Jesuit, is he an inheritor of the Jesuit intellectual, Daniel Berrigan and his proclivities toward Liberation Theology and world socialism?

Is Francis actually a salesman for Marxist economics and Progressive Catholicism?

Legendarily “guilty of everything thing except humility,” the Jesuits did little during my four years as their high school student to dispel their spiritual embodiment of the Greek word “hubris.” I wouldn’t now however, at seventy-two years of age, have missed a single second of that four year Odyssey through the still untouchably distant mysteries of ancient Latin and Greek.

However, and more to the point, does Pope Francis secretly approve of abortion and Progressive Catholicism? I certainly don’t listen to his words anymore. I watch his actions. And his words and his actions do not, as they say, add up.

The Pope’s now very well-known concern for the poor has, by some, been interpreted as the new Pope’s approval of complete surrender to state-controlled everything. Apparently, however, and according to some thorough investigation, Pope Francis is not a Liberation Theologian.

Pope Benedict XVI

Pope Benedict XVI

He certainly says he’s not.

What is Pope Francis’ position on abortion? Does he share Pope Benedict XVI’s personal sense of obligation to excommunicate pro-abortion politicians? If he does, then why didn’t he refuse to offer communion wafers to  both Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden at the his Installation Mass?! Pope Benedict XVI had given Nancy Pelosi a public dressing-down during her audience with him. The press attended it and reported on it.

Surely the news of Ms. Pelosi’s and Joe Biden’s arrival at the Installation Mass should have obliged Pope Francis, even before the Mass, to instruct them both that if they had the audacity to request Communion they would be refused.

No such thing happened.

Though Rev. Father Frank Pavone, founder of Priests for Life, predicted a “public uproar” if Biden and Pelosi took Communion, the silence has proven, as they say, deafening. Then again the mainstream press treats the hypocrisies of Progressive Catholicism in much the same way they have attended to Kermit Gosnell’s trial.

They just won’t talk about either.

What has happened to the Catholic Church that I used to know and be divinely intimidated by?

Pope Francis: Are they waving to us from either side of a spiritual Grand Canyon?

Pope Francis: Are they waving to us from either side of a spiritual Grand Canyon?

Following the child-molesting scandals which Pope Benedict faced most bravely and candidly, this “special dispensation” by Pope Francis for Pelosi’s and Biden’s Progressive Catholicism lifts Catholic hypocrisy, in my opinion, to levels of criminally reckless disregard.

The Rights of Kings and Popes have been sold to me as a diplomatic defense for both of their brazenly lethal duplicities. What created this? This distinctively and proudly pro-abortion brand of Catholicism known as a Progressive Catholic?

Because of Pope Francis’ refusal to simply enact what is undeniably Church Law, his preference for a shamelessly heretical, New-World-Order diplomacy, a don’t-rock-the-boat surrender, a Papal empowerment of Evil engraved into history by Pope Pius XII’s Concordat with Adolf Hitler ― because of that, the Holy Roman Church is not only without “Holiness.”

She is without integrity.

Her John Paul II days of working “behind the scenes” are now empty myths.

Pope John Paul II frees Poland from Communism, and Pope Francis turns around and hands Catholic integrity and credibility into the hands of America’s euphemism for Communism: Progressivism.

If Pope Francis’ theology has “liberated” anything at all, it is Progressive Catholicism.

In my opinion, that unqualifiedly makes Pope Francis a Liberation Theologian, typically from South America.

With the only institution alive that unequivocally opposes abortion, with the Catholic Church dancing to the tunes of Liberation Theology, obedient to the progressives within her College of Cardinals, feeding Holy Communion to well-known pro-abortionists?! Then there is my belief that Rome’s last Pro-Life Pope, Benedict XVI, was forced by more than old age to retire?!

Because of such capitulation to a progressively Marxist New World Order, a bullying land-and-individual-freedom-grab worthy of the Third Reich, Stalin’s Soviet Union and Mao Zedong’s Red China, a World War III becomes not only inevitable, but utterly unavoidable.

The ultimate fly in the progressively Communist ointment will obviously and shamefully not be the Catholic Church.

It will be Islam.

God’s blessings in disguise.

Rather like Hitler’s anti-Semitic Third Reich, radically militant Islam will turn on its Communist, neo-Soviet ”Protectors”. What had begun as a long-term Communist, i.e., progressive campaign to crush America and fundamentally transform her into a docile corner of the progressively Marxist United Nations and its New World Order, this will turn into World War III.

A worldwide, Pro-Life Underground, rather like the French Resistance, will arise.

The human race, including the imprisoned and forcibly aborted Chinese, will stand up and say “no” to this last, worldwide Communist and inevitably violent sales pitch.

History has proven repeatedly that Humanity can survive the chronic corruptions within the Catholic Church. However, modern mankind, with its suicidal weaponry, cannot survive on an earth deprived of America’s Declaration of Independence and the words, “unalienable right to life!”

Much of humanity already longs for what the United States of America used to be: America the Beautiful, her promised “equality” and her “unalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” That America cannot remain absent from the earth for too long. It would mean eventual suicide for the entire human race.


Karl Marx was a self-loathing intellectual whose Godless eloquence has threatened every concept of individual freedom known to Man. Without the encouragement of his coauthor for the Communist Manifesto, Friedrich Engels, he might very well have ended his bitter and embittering life in suicide.

Dr. Karl Menninger once described insanity as “making one’s self a hostage to rage.” In that respect, no one was more insane nor more vengefully successful at Menninger’s definition of insanity than Karl Marx.

Was his insanity his inspiration to formulate his doctrines of tyranny and violence, its legacy the atrocities of Stalin and Mao Zedong?! Bizarrely and perversely but effectively, the Russian and Chinese Communist revolutions were all integral to the creation of a New World Order run not by sovereign nations, but by an inevitably Communist United Nations.

With the installation of Pope Francis, the New World Order has, in my opinion at least, a more than willing operative in the throne that rules the souls of over one billion Catholics.


“We at the highest levels of the Catholic Church won’t scandalize ourselves over it!”

In short, we face a new Catholic Concordat with tyranny for the Third Millennium A.D.

What might the most arrogant of Harvard’s and Yale’s “enlightened despots,” President Barack Hussein Obama have said to advise the new Pope?

Reject voices that warn about government tyranny!

Courageously and non-violently, Adam Kokesh has plans for a boldly persuasive protest against tyranny in America. Let’s hope that, God-willing, this “peacefully armed march” arrives at its destination without bloodshed. Even if the protestors are all arrested without bloodshed, the march’s strong reaffirmation of the Second Amendment will have been made in eloquent silence.

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