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The Revolutionary Guard puts 80 million Iranians at risk for CoronaVirus

Written By | Mar 9, 2020
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FRANCE: According to public information, Coronavirus in Iran started in the city of Qom and much of the responsibility for its spread can be attributed to the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC). The IRGC never ordered the stopping of Mahan Airline flights to and from China contributing to the import of the virus and its further expansion.

As of this weekend, Iran reports a total of 6,000 confirmed cases–one of the highest recorded cases outside of China. Deaths caused by coronavirus also reached 145. And at least 23 legislators have tested positive. (2nd Tehran lawmaker dies from coronavirus as Iran death toll hits 145)

The IRGC claims that flights to China were used to bring medical equipment and mask from Chin However, nobody really believes that.

Mahan Airlines has always been used to transport troops or services for the IRGC. Furthermore, the airlines was under the direct supervision of Ghassem Soleimani, prior to his death. Several countries have offered assistance and supplies to contain the epidemy in Iran. Iran refusing the help.

Coronavirus (COVD-19): The latest global threat from the Iranian regime

The pressure of the economic sanctions, as well as the critical trading situation, have forced the IRGC to maintain its commercial relations with China.

Spreading CoronaVirus throughout Iran

Besides trading and troop transport purposes, sources indicate that more than 700 religious scholars have traveled from China with the support of the IRGC. Those scholars then entering Qom and spreading the virus throughout the city.

A member of the Iranian parliament says the persons performing the ‘unconventional acts’ will face up to two years in jail as well as flogging.

But this is not the end. An IRGC officer admitted that after a theological training held in Qom last week, which received representatives from all the provinces, some participants became quarantined in their homes after testing positive for the virus.

All the situation got worse with the secrecy that the regime imposed around COVID-19 in the country. All converting Iran into a new kind of global threat.

The hoarding of medical supplies by the IRGC

The IRGC has carried out a policy of hoarding medical supplies and hygienic materials such as masks. Health Minister Saeed Namaki wrote to Hasan Rouhani:

“Considering the possibility of a Coronavirus outbreak in the country, I ordered the ban on masks export. I ordered my colleagues in the Health Ministry to buy locally produced products at a reasonable price in order to save them for the emergency. Unfortunately, a small amount of this material was purchased, and the rest of the country’s production entered the black market. Ten days after, only 1 million masks had been delivered, and we do not know where they are stacked. Who is behind this huge network that so lightly claims to deliver 200 million masks in 24 hours?”

By “huge network,” the Health Minister is talking about a higher power, like Khamenei’s institutions and the IRGC.

The Iranian regime’s fear of people’s reaction

The regime’s secrecy about the disease and the hoarding of medical supplies have fueled public mistrust and anger.

“The Coronavirus has spread to almost every province in the country”, said Iranian President Rouhani. “But the psychological ‘security’ of society is very important. Some people are anxious about the coronavirus outbreak”. Meanwhile, throughout such a nation-wide crisis, Namaki appointed Seyyed Abbas Salehi, Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance, as “the head of confronting biased rumors and psychological warfare” about COVID-19.

Iran is experiencing the fatal symptoms of a decaying regime

The Iranian Cyber Police (FATA) police have acted to counter “disturbing public opinion in cyberspace” in order to resolve what “worries people”. Hossein Ashtari, Law Enforcement Force Commander, confirms that some individuals have been identified and arrested in coordination with judicial authorities.

Revolutionary Guards commander Ayoub Soleimani announced that the Special Unit, main suppressive force during the November uprisings, started to “disinfect public passages” in the streets using shields that defined themselves as the “Corona suppression force”.

But how can an armed force fight microscopic creatures?

It could be deduced that the true mission is the repression of a new popular protest. Other operations to stop COVID-19 include several military bases’ cooperation and the shutdown of the Friday Prayer shows.

But again, how will the deployment of military forces end COVID-19?

They have also set a new plan called “National Mobilization to Defeat Coronavirus” with 300,000 Bassij teams, which seems like another big lie.

Health Minister Namaki explained that Basijis would go to ‘every single house’ to identify suspected cases. But this looks very suspicious. Are self-quarantined people staying safe from the virus if the Bassijis visit them?

Or is Rouhani’s Minister of Health is looking for a more dangerous virus that may threaten the regime’s survival?

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Hamid Enayat

Hamid Enayat is an independent Iranian political analyst and writer based in Europe.