Republican firing squad: Shooting conservatives, not defeating liberals

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WASHINGTON, February 21, 2014 – Hang around Republican circles long enough and you will hear, “We have got to stop these circular firing squads.” The logic is simple; Republicans are killing themselves with internecine wars instead of going out and defeating liberals.

It is a great theory. Perhaps the best word for it is theory. As conservatives are discovering, though, what Republicans who complain about the circular firing squad really want is a semi-circular firing squad. These voices in the Republican Party want conservatives to stop shooting at them, while they try to take out insurgent conservatives.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz is probably the poster child for the semi-circular firing squad right now. Barack Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the left do not have to lift a finger to go after him. The Republicans are doing it for them.

Steve LaTourette is allegedly a Republican. He is a former representative from Ohio and his primary claim to fame is serving for eighteen years in Congress without any major accomplishments. He founded the badly misnamed “Defending Main Street” PAC after he retired from Congress to become a lobbyist. Defending Main Street PAC is allegedly a Republican PAC, but it’s mission is not to defeat Democrats; it is to stop the influence of the Tea Party. LaTourette’s PAC is mostly funded by big Wall Street firms and left wing unions.

And LaTourette has made it his mission to go after Ted Cruz. He was recently on MSNBC in full semi-circular firing squad mode. He claimed it was “reprehensible” that Ted Cruz forced Republicans to live up to what they claim to believe and said that Ted Cruz should be forced out of the GOP.

Famed Conservative William F. Buckley founded the National Review. Today that once conservative standard-bearer is little more than a mouthpiece for the “Republican Establishment.” Mona Charen, a National Review writer, this week went on the attack against Cruz: “Cruz Aims at His Own Side — AgainHe may be doing more damage to the GOP than are the Democrats.”

In a week that featured not only the usual Obama assaults on freedom and liberty but an Obama plan that would destroy freedom of the press in America, what does Charen think it is important to write about?

She attacks Ted Cruz for standing up for Republican values!

Conservatives should not put down their guns. Conservatives should not stop the so-called “circular firing squad.” Conservatives should fire faster!

The real problem the Republican establishment has is denial. For decades, conservatives dutifully sucked it up and worked for moderate candidates after conservatives were fairly and often unfairly defeated in inter-party contests.

Conservatives finally grew tired of a Republican Party that looked and acted very much like the Democratic Party. The rise of the Tea Party in 2009 was the first shot in the modern Republican Civil War.

But this time, unlike the past, conservatives are not going to go quietly back to support establishment candidates in the name of party unity. Conservatives are not simply going to walk away, because conservatives know they are a majority in the Republican Party.

The Republican establishment plans to spend hundreds of millions of dollars in 2014, not to defeat the Democrats but to defeat Tea Party Republicans. Karl Rove spent $325 million in 2012 for moderate Republicans; what does he have to show for it?

Conservatives are not afraid of the circular firing squad, and this time, it is not the conservatives who will surrender in the last chapter of the Republican civil war.

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Judson Phillips is the founder of Tea Party Nation, one of the largest Tea Party Groups in the country and the number one national tea party site on the Internet. A lawyer by profession, Judson has been involved in politics since his teens. “Ronald Reagan inspired me,” he says. Judson became involved in the Tea Party movement in February 2009 after hearing Rick Santelli’s rant on CNBC. “I heard there was going to be a Tea Party in Chicago inspired by Santelli, but didn’t know if anyone was doing a rally in Nashville where I was based. Finally I emailed Michelle Malkin and asked her if there was a Tea Party in Nashville. Malkin sent an email back saying, ‘No, why don’t you organize one?’ I did.” The first Tea Party in Nashville was held late February 2009 which drew a crowd of about 600. Judson then organized the Tax Day Tea Party in Nashville, which drew over 10,000 people into downtown. It was at this time that Tea Party Nation was formed. Later that year, Judson decided to bring activists from across the country together, so he organized the first National Tea Party Convention in February 2010, which featured Alaska’s former Governor and Republican Vice Presidential Nominee, Sarah Palin as it’s keynote speaker. He currently manages the Tea Party Nation website, writes several daily columns and is working on more projects than any one person should. He is a frequent guest on cable and broadcast news shows, including on Fox, MSNBC, CNN and others.
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  • journey50

    I strongly Believe the GOP should have a Real Shakeup in the party, maybe call it a Coup & get rid of the so called Leaders that’s instigating all of the in-fighting that’s damaging our party so bad that we’ll be lucky to win anything in 2014 & probably nothing in 2016 if the fighting keeps going forward, also use Duct Tape & put it over the Mouths of McCain, Graham, King, etc so they will Shut the Hell up & get with the real challenge at hand & that is to win the majority in congress & retake the WH in 2016 & if they don’t get their act together we’re screwed & I’m going to bail out & go independent if things don’t change within the party & soon!!

    • Cynthia Banks

      The you better get involved at the precinct level, they are the problem

      • Cynthia Banks

        I intend to stay involved., thanks Journey50

    • Geraldine Fenton

      Love that! I cannot stand McCain, Graham, and Pete King! Karl Rove can go by the wayside also. I wish Fox would get him off their channel

    • Gracie Love

      Independent may be best for us…. I am teaching my daughter (24) that she must at all cost learn the local leaders and become involved asap that she has two daughters that need her to be their voice, now and in the future! Local level is where we need to start in order to get the county, state and national government cleaned out!

  • Kathleen Maurice

    Maybe the best thing for America would be for the GOP to force Cruz out…because then American Conservatives who uphold the beliefs that Cruz shares would finally defund the GOP and hasten their demise. We currently have a one party system, just a different name for each side of the coin – but make no mistake, there is just one coin.

  • Cynthia Banks

    I just got home from the Mesquite Nevada Clark County Republican Party Committee meeting. I was told at that meeting that I was not a republican because the Tea Party get Democrats elected. I informed that person, that it was all the compromising over the last thirty years that had us spineless. He was trying to insult enough to where I would leave. I told him I was a republican, I was going stay and he was not going to drive me out. If I’m the only voice I will be a voice for restoring our nations to it’s laws and constitution.

    • Johnny

      You did great, Cynthia….hooray for you…

      • Cynthia Banks

        Thanks Johnny it’s getting lonely out here. They accused of voting for Sharon Angle. I laughed because I was living in California when she was chosen, and I really didn’t think she was quality material. She proved she wasn’t.

    • JUde

      Name the he who was trying to run you out

    • JudsonPhillips

      Well done Cynthia!

    • acmaurer


  • Pam

    I agree, we have one party. It is just a two sided coin, one side is Democrat and the other is Republican. Together they will buy you the same thing.

  • Ernie Worley

    The Tea party dosen’t get Democrats elected, Independents do.
    Away with the likes of McCain, McConnel, Bonner and their ilk, forward with Cruz, Palin, and Lee, etc. P.S and away with. Lamar Alexander, Bob Coker as well.

    • reasonnotfeelings

      Tea Party Republicans need a leader to give us focus. We need to unite to primary out McCain or McConnell, or Boehner (add Graham). One of them needs to feel the grass roots digging through their shoes.

      • Johnny

        Yes, reasonnotfeelings. McCain has gone left a number of times. Once a hero, he lost his direction and is part of the force now attacking America and the constitution. He is a traitor in my book, when he signed on to supporting the Syrian Islamic Brotherhood along with Lindsey Graham. I’m a vet and you can imagine what I think of Kerry. Now McCain is in the same pocket.

        • AZnonna

          Unfortunately, McCain is secure until 2016.

          • Geraldine Fenton

            He knows he is toast. Arizona has censured him

          • JUde

            Arizona Conservatives need to RECALL McCain, give him something to think about

          • Billie F Smith

            Not if your state allows recalls! Get him out!

        • Ken Hicks

          Got your back Johnny… we veteran’s have to raise the flag and support it.

        • JUde

          Would you say it’s time to swift boat the RINOs in office to replace with constitutional conservatives, I think this is what America needs right now. Some of my Hard headed Dem friends hate the tea party because they were told they are evil, evidence shows not one has a clue that if they had a single thought in their heads that the dem party put there they would be Tea party too.

    • Christine Golden

      Many Independents (like me) are conservatives who got sick of their party throwing them under the bus. I walked over the nomination of McCain and will never return. I got tired of being told that I was obligated to vote for any/every GOP candidate simply because they had an (R) after their names.

      Nobody owns my vote but me.

      • Patricia

        A third party gives the victory to the Democrats. Like when Ross Perot ran.

        • Tim Kern

          Perot ran because the Establishment Republicans wouldn’t listen then, either.

        • Christine Golden

          No, nominating Rinos gets Democrats elected. If you want victory so badly, you throw your principles under the bus this time: nominate a conservative.

      • manikajo

        You are so right. I’m sick of GOP acting just like the liberals. Protect my constitutional rights or get out.

  • jsgb1977

    Any one who attacks Cruz is on their way out so we love it when they identify their selves. This Latourette guy is a joke. Just like Mcain and all the other turncoat Republicans they no longer speak for the people, so if this means no Republican Party them so be it, HOWEVER WE BELIEVE THAT THERE ARE A SOME NEW REPUBLICANS LIKE CRUZ, AMASH, LEE, AND EVEN PAUL. That is if he changes his stance on immigration we just have to wait and see.

  • Deane Cooper

    The Tea Party is the one great thing that came out of having to suffer Obama getting elected. We no longer accept what we cannot change. We change what we can no longer accept. In Arizona this past month we saw our Republican party state representatives vote to censure McCain for voting against the issues the party elected him to represent. Do you think he cared? Of course not! He is a lying, cheating, thief of honor. He turned his back on the deal he agreed to when the POWs were getting ready to come home. I have never cared for that man and neither do the majority of Vietnam vets. I swear I will lose it if I hear one more person say he is a hero for what he went through over there. Seriously, I cannot believe more people haven’t back checked his claims and given him the boot long ago.

    • reasonnotfeelings

      It’s the score at the end of the game that matters for McCain. He loves his first quarter, while throwing intercepts left and…left in the fourth quarter.

    • Christine Golden

      I’d think more of John McCain’s military service if he hadn’t spent the past forty years cashing in on it.

  • Gwen Megale

    Beating the drum to remove Cornyn in TX primary for stabbing Cruz in the back, that last debt ceiling voting swap he and McConnell maneuvered signed his walking papers for me. If you are in TX support Cruz for taking the real conservative message to Washington and don’t send Cornyn back to oppose him. Vote Smitherman who is just as disgusted and will stand up against the imperial presidency. Thanks for all you do Col. West wish you were back in DC to bring a little more sanity to this out of control government!!

    • Christine Golden

      I will never vote for Cornyn again. Period.

  • reasonnotfeelings

    The next Republican Convention needs a Chicago 1968 moment for the party.

  • judy Potter

    The RINOS must really believe they can force Conservatives to buckle under their power. They don’t know who they are trying to CONtrol. Conservatives are NOT emotion driven, ignorant, low information, what’s in it for me voters. We will only support those who fight liberalism and stand proudly and honorably beside brave men and women (like Ted Cruz) who stand for our U.S. Constitution. To stab Conservatives in the back is a winning strategy HOW???

  • Rodney DeShong

    You republicans are traitor scum like the demacrats. I live 28 miles from the white house. You want to see a city spending money, actually come here and look at all the brand new buildings going up.I’ve lived here for 52 year’s, did highrise building restoration for 21 year’s. DC hasn’t been this busy since the 70s.They use to say it was cheaper to restore and update. It’s only like two or three general cantracters running all the job’s. Corruption at its finest and highest level’s.

  • Pete Roberto

    I have been a Rep. since 1968. Have major influence on quite a sphere of people. Until you make believe Republicans can be different than democraps we will all loose. Make a decision, you can’t get rid of us so be a rino like peter king or start to make a difference. we go to church, we believe in our country and the founding fathers. Get it yet? November is very close. Make a decision

  • Duane Savage

    The GoP had better wake up and see which way the wind is blowing.

  • John Lee

    Good article. Until the establishment begins to understand this, they will continue to lose, and sadly some are OK with that!

  • Aeffesstoo

    After all, sucking up to the liberals has worked so well in the past.

  • Gerry Emery

    Well stated, Judson. Great article and I couldn’t agree more.

  • Jesus

    Former Republican here. How many of you “tea partiers” are under age 35? I am willing to guess very few. The Republicans, and the “right” in general will never win another election unless they can win back the millennials.

    Say what you want about the millennials but the boomers are dying off quickly. There will be no one left in the tea party in 25 years. Many of us are hard working, educated Americans who believe in conservative economic policy. However the far right has hijacked the GOP and is willing to fight the social issues to the bitter end.

    The party of small government sure likes to make an exception for the bedroom. Drop the social issues from the agenda and the GOP will return to power.

    You can kick and scream but until you address the demographic problems the GOP is facing, the GOP will never win another election. Hillary will soundly defeat Cruz or Paul in 2016 (not that I am hoping for that but it is a reality).

    • MoS

      Full disclosure. I’m a Dem. I make a habit of reading rightwing boards and web sites to get exposure to a full range of viewpoints and try to avoid the sort of groupthink that the internet fosters. Jesus has valid points. The Tea Party presents itself as the party of angry old white people. It’s like some crazy old man on his front porch rocker yelling at the future to get off his g’damned lawn. Young people see straight through that. Gnashing your teeth and pulling out your hair doesn’t sound like much of a retirement pastime.

  • Diane Saporito

    I’m from Texas and I am very proud to say that Ted Cruz represents our state.He is the only republican in Washington that has stood fast to his values and is standing up for the rights of the American people.

    • Sue Breslin

      How many repubs know the Bill of Rights backwards and forward, like Ted Cruz? and for that matter any demoRats? I would much prefer an individual that can cite any amendment , understand it and can legislate within its bounds, as my representative any day. Those who would call themselves American patriots need to stand ready to do the same things today that our forefathers did in 1775, and we’d better be ready to be called conspirators, traitors, seditionists and (today’s buzzword) terrorists by the government loyalists we oppose.

      • Diane Saporito

        — Original message —

      • Diane Saporito

        — Original message —

      • Diane Saporito

        — Original message —

      • Christine Golden

        Cruz was the lawyer who argued – and won – Heller before the Supreme Court.

  • David

    Does the GOP want to give Control of the House back to the Democrats? The Tea Party gave Control of the House to the Republicans in 2010 … so why is the GOP fighting the Tea Party? Do the RINO’s have control the GOP? The GOP needs to stop fighting this War with the Tea Party and Focus on Defeating Democrats in Nov. 2014.

  • Scott Capullo

    I have, like many others close to me, have had it with this lie that is said to be a two party system. The Rebulicrats are a disgrace to this great nation. It is the party of the people that shall prevail, and this is what Mr. Cruz is trying to say. It seems though, that his “fellow” repubs don’t want to live up to the conservative values that the rest of us expected from them. Many of us will stand with Ted, and for the rest of the mouthpiece morons that “claim” to be conservatives, we suggest you take a few too many sleeping pills tonight, and relieve us from your treasonous behavior.

    • Tim Kern

      There are two constituencies, though, Scott. There’s the Makers — those few remaining productive people — and there’s the Takers, who are well-represented by both parties. When the Constitutional limits of government are ignored and all we have is a democracy, the Takers out-vote the Makers every time.

  • Bob Setliff

    Hey, it couldn’t happen to a more deserving person than Teddy! -LOL-

  • Add in the Long Island RINO Peter King, who also announced that the PAC he set up will be to defeat Tea Party Candidates!
    The problem Conservatives face is that the country club GOP RINOS control most of the monies and Party infrastructure. How do we get around that?

  • bippy stickle

    Thank you sir ! I am a true Tea Party advocate…I am backing Sen. Ted Cruz for President. I pray that he will never give up the good fight. We need a Tea Party backing for all Republican (really
    I prefer to be called Conservative) candidates from city halls up. I am so tired of the spineless Republicans in D.C. If the house controls the purse strings then why don’t they take a stand? Keep up your good work!!!!

  • Geraldine Fenton

    La Tourette and his kind are probably the ones who helped the fraud go on in Ohio voting

  • Joan Purzner Urcioli

    Although I am a registered Republican, I don’t feel like one anymore. As I see it, there really is no difference between the Republican and Democrat party. There is a precinct meeting tomorrow, and I wasn’t planning to go, but now, after reading some of the comments, I think I will. Maybe there is still hope for our country.

  • Lindasandoval

    I don’t call myself a republican anymore. If conservative continue to be attacked by rinos, we will go third party and take base with use. That will be a problem for rinos.

    PRINCETON, NJ — Gallup Daily tracking thus far in 2010 finds 18% of Republicans describing their political views as very conservative and 53% as conservative while 29% are moderate or liberal.

    There are few demographic differences between Republicans who call themselves “very conservative” and those identifying as simply “conservative.” However, both conservative groups differ significantly by religious identification and by age from moderate and liberal Republicans, more so than on any other demographic characteristic analyzed.

    Seventy-three percent of very conservative Republicans are Protestant, as are 66% of conservative Republicans. In contrast, 59% of moderate/liberal Republicans are Protestant. Moderate/Liberal Republicans are also more likely than conservatives to have no religious affiliation.

  • ajk105

    I’m reading the book “The Bureau and the Mole” by David A. Vise about Robert Philip Hanssen, the most dangerous double agent in FBI history. Now why is this interesting? Well half way through the book they discuss the Russian propaganda and how it was accomplished. And I quote from the book: “The Soviet Commmunist Party creadted what was, in all likelhood, the most formidable polical influence machine in the modern world.” “The Russians’ systematic manipulation of public opinion, engineered through misrepresentations, falsified documents, and the intentional spreading of rumors and lies, undercutting the United States.” Now does this sound like what the drive by press is doing to the rest of us? Comments?

  • SandyT

    Look, I love Ted Cruz and think he is a great American and conservative. My problem is, I don’t believe that he is any more eligible for the presidency than BHO is. There is no doubt that Cruz is a citizen. I was taught in high school Civics (back in the 1958-59 school year) that one had to be born of TWO citizen parents to be a natural-born citizen and eligible for the presidency. Cruz was born in Canada to an American mother and a Cuban father who didn’t become a citizen until 2005. There are those who say Obama has set the precedent so why not let Cruz in. Cruz would probably make a wonderful president, but what about next time? Do we let an anchor baby into the WH at some point in the future? Or someone from India, Singapore, wherever, just because others have been there who were not really eligible? If we want to follow the Constitution, don’t we have to do it ALL the time, not just when it suits us?

    • Eyeswideopen

      I agree with you 100%, Obama did it through fraud, but that doesn’t mean we can ever let it happen again we must stick to our constitution and not make exceptions because if we do it once we will have to let it happen again and that is far to dangerous. It is a shame though because Cruz WOULD make a good president……

      • SandyT

        Cruz has been a wonderful Senator and he is the kind we need more of, those who truly have the interests of our nation and We the People first and foremost. He has a great future ahead of him even if he never runs for potus, perhaps as Attorney General, or even the Supreme Court where he would be in a position to steer the court for decades to come. Even if he simply stays in the Senate, we couldn’t have a better one to represent Texas and do what is best for the American people.

    • Tim Kern

      If we followed the Constitution, Obama and his living predecessors would all be in prison, along with 2/3 of surviving Congress-folks.
      Come to think of it, that’s not a bad idea…

    • Christine Golden

      I’ve read several articles by Constitutional scholars. They all say that Cruz is a “natural born” citizen via his mother, plus the fact his parents were temporarily out of the country on business. It’s the same if a woman went to Montreal on vacation and went into premature labor: her kid is an American at birth.

      Bottom line is the US government issued him a passport, driver’s license, and other official documents based on the validity of his birth certificate. His credentials even passed Supreme Court scrutiny via his application to argue before the Justices [see: Heller] His office has already prepared the legal groundwork, if he decides to run for president, according to one of his staffers. Cruz is a Constitutional scholar himself: he wouldn’t ‘put himself out there’ if he didn’t think he could back it up in spades.

      • SandyT

        Christine, I am NOT a Constitutional scholar. Cruz is without a doubt a citizen, which makes him eligible for all of the things you mentioned, i.e., passport, driver’s license, etc. Those of us who are old enough and paid attention in high school Civics can only tell you what we were taught. The offices of president and vice president are the only two in the nation that require a candidate to be a natural-born citizen, as opposed to native-born or naturalized citizen. I am not the only person who believes this. The Founders were very well versed and familiar with Vattel’s “Law of Nations”, clearly used it as the basis of “natural-born”, ” The natives, or natural-born citizens, are those born in the country, of parents who are citizens.”.

  • John Burney Sr

    Ted Cruz for President of Texas!!!!

  • John Davis

    The old republican guard is DEAD.. And they are gasping for the final breathes of life.. When the Tea Party was coming to life, both political monsters went-ballistic.. That was a sign that the ole republican guard wasn`t the same, they were as corrupt as the democratic perverts… Washington has become the League of the DC Delinquents { LDCD }.. Out-of-work WV coal miner, but still a lover of Truth, Honor and Justice.. A very-proud supporter of the Tea Party.. Maybe not with finances but in-heart but proud to be numbered with the Patriots of America.. I love you America.. I love our Constitution.. I love the people that stand with our Flag, our Faith in GOD and our true love for one-another.. Martin Luther King Jr. had and I have it and proud of it….

  • Exodus2011

    Americans won’t soon forget the summer of 2013, when Senators Cruz and Lee came out every day fighting to try and stop WE The People being hurt by the implementation of the Obamacare BULLSCHMIDT …

    and then Oct 1st came …. and Cruz and Lee were VINDICATED

    the GOP Establishment even FURTHER discredited than they were before ….

    DEO GRATIAS for the FEW GOOD LEADERS who put PRINCIPLE before Party ….

  • Cynthia Banks

    His name was Frank Shannon, and he apologized at the end. But it is just terrible tactics to try and drive fellow republicans out of the dialogue.

  • Tim Kern

    Why not let the establishment Republicans have their meaningless party? When the likes of Governors Scott Brown and Rick Scott; and Senators Cruz, Lee, Paul, and a few others leave, the remaining air under the Republicans’ wings will go with them. In the House, a lot of the 2010 guys (e.g., Todd Rokita of Indiana) are carrying the message, too; the Republican leadership just won’t listen.

    The upstart Republicans didn’t have a chance with their new party in 1860, either, when the Democrats were split between Breckinridge and Douglas, and the remaining Whigs, who stood for nothing (but who numbered among First Executives such illuminaries as William Henry Harrison, John Tyler — who didn’t really win, but succeeded Harrison, Zachary Taylor, and Millard Fillmore — another unelected successor), were left without a candidate. The Whigs even ran the fossilized but very tall (6’5″) 3-star General Winfield Scott (aka Bob Dole? John McCain?) in their last hurrah, in 1852.

    Oh, wait… didn’t that gangly Illinois bumpkin from the upstart party beat all the establishment guys?

  • Robert M

    Had to look up internecine. The word fits what’s happening within the republican party. Too many in the GOP have been bought.

  • Tom Winegar

    It’s too bad that when today’s Presidents take the oath to defend the Constitution of the United States they don’t take it with the same commitment that Hitlers’s military did theirs. I’m not condoning fascism or the Nazi’s but at the time when German’s took the oath to follow Hitler while holding the Blood Flag it became a living thing in their minds and the thought of violating that trust was zilch. Obama lied with every single word he recited and then set about dismantling all we real American’s hold dear.