The Republican Party’s war: The conservatives vs. establishment

Donald J. Trump and his motto of Make America Great is the standard bearer for Republican Patriots who say Conservatives be damned.


WASHINGTON, May 29, 2016 — Man’s inhumanity toward man is brutal and unmerciful. Evil has dictated the brutish behavior of man since the dawn of civilization, whether it is on foreign soil, or sand, or the streets of Chicago, Ferguson, Detroit, Memphis or Baltimore.

But not all war is fought on a battlefield painted red with blood.

The best among us are now in a fight for the power wielded by a privileged few that are always plotting and scheming. This is war’s modus operandi; the ends justify the means. It’s motto; take no prisoners.

The war inside America’s borders today is a political war being staged between and within two party ideologies. The stakes are high. The winner gets to take this great country down the path of its choosing.

“Loose Cannon” Trump and “Crooked Hillary” go to war

The schism in America lies between those who embrace the democratic socialist movement of the left and those on the right who seek small government and personal responsibility. The loudest of the groups on the left is the millennial crowd, young people whose minds seem to have been corrupted by a government run educational system, pop culture, and a maligned media conglomeration.

These individuals seem to want free this and free that without personal responsibility. They have come to loathe the principles America was founded on. Nationalism and individuality are demonized.

In their blinded eyes, governments are the cure all and end all for our problems. From kindergarten through college, they have been indoctrinated into the religion of liberalism. They are taught to view themselves as citizens of the world. They are taught that capitalism and individuality are inferior to socialism and collectivism. They believe that America is to blame for the ills of society here and abroad.

Operating on an emotional level, they are easily enticed and led by charismatic leaders who play them much like a prodigal violinist would play a rare and valuable Stradivarius violin.

Opposed to the “free” millennial thinkers are citizens who want to wrestle power from the influence of the elite class, the crony capitalists and those that are manipulating our economy and running it into the ground.

They seek to stop the career politicians that take their government salary, and influence driven graft, with the same hand. Tired of being lied to by the elites and the politicians that serve them, grassroots voters have used this election cycle to express their dismay and anger by supporting an outsider.

Political stalwarts, on both sides of the aisles, fearing they will lose the cushion of being a career politician, have banded against Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders, as two outsiders attempting to upset the apple cart.

For Conservative standard bearers, the cry is that Donald J. Trump, the presumptive nominee, is not a true conservative. Naysayers say Trump is usurping the Republican Party and moving it away from its Conservative base.

But the voters who support him simply do not care because Trump is is a patriot and in their eyes, that is the next best thing to being a conservative.

Conservative patriots hold the Constitution as their standard, and through their support of Trump they are demanding that this country be returned to the vision and principles the Founding Fathers put forth.

Trumps message of “Make America Great Again” has reached a sonorous resonance from sea to shining sea.

Patriots for Trump
Patriots for Trump

Conservative patriots are quick to defend America and what it stands for; a beckon of light for the world and the most prominent and powerful country in the world.

Trump has made it clear that his goal is to bring his business experience to government and turn America’s anemic economy around. He understands that a country without borders is no country at all. Trump says he will talk, and listen, to any foreign leader.  In doing so, he will keep America first and not sell our country to the highest bidder.

But not everyone is enthralled with this controversial outsider. As a result, both sides of the Republican Party have lost sight of the real enemy: Hillary Clinton and the Democrat Party.

Republican establishment working for Clinton and against Trump

Make no mistake, the democrats are armed to the teeth with their socialist ideology and socialist agenda and are being led by hardcore sixties radicals who mean business. They are all playing for keeps. And none of them will rest until they have achieved victory.

Republicans must band together, defeat socialism on our shores and deny Democrats their victory.

By all indicators, Donald Trump appears to be the presumptive nominee; one who has brought in hundreds of thousands of new voters to the party. He has won more primaries than any other republican candidate.

As for the establishment republicans who oppose Trump, and the conservative base that do support him, they can both take a lesson from history.

In all of history, no two states hated one another, or were at each other’s throats, more than Athens and Sparta. They were different culturally, politically and militarily. But both knew that if they were going to survive, it was essential that they join forces, along with other Greek States, to defend the mother land against the greater threat to Greece:  King Xerxes of Persia and his million man army.

Senator Ted Cruz and Governor John Kasich, and the republican establishment need to embrace and join forces with the Donald and his supporters, much like the Greek states did when they were invaded by Persia in 480 B.C. Their united goal should be taking down Hillary Clinton and the democrats.

But is that possible? Will the two factions unite?

When all is said and done, those who oppose Trump need to know this; it is going to take a radical to defeat a radical. And Hillary is as radical as it gets in this campaign. Trump is a radical, as well. Trump could have easily ran as a Democrat but he choose to run as a Republican, the free radical that he is.

Remember that it was the Republican Party of Lincoln that gave birth to the 1860s Radical Republicans who set the tone for social radicalism and true social justice.

These were men who rose to the occasion to free an enslaved people and saw to it that they had the right to vote and an opportunity to live the American dream.

While the democrats are salivating and their leading candidate is sharpening her sword, the two major republican factions are staring eyeball to eyeball in a face off that will lead them to defeat at the polls.

If we are to survive as a country we have to unite against the greater of two perceived evils…or we die as a party and as a nation.

And with that, the hopes of our grandchildren,

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