The real reason President Obama refuses to mention radical Islam

Gun-toting bible-thumpers built this country. Obama has tried to fundamentally transform it.

Obama Prayer Breakfast
Obama Prayer Breakfast

LOS ANGELES, February 6, 2015 — Radical Islam. Those are the two words President Barack Obama cannot, will not and must not ever mention.

The empirical evidence is overwhelming. Al Qaeda, Boko Haram and ISIS are all powered by radical Islam.

Obama stubbornly ignores the evidence. At the National Prayer Breakfast, he called out Christianity by name and cited the Crusades. He invented a link between Christianity and slavery while ignoring the very real link between radical Islam and current global murders.

Over the course of his presidency, Obama has denied the existence of radical Islam by making up words and phrases. The Fort Hood shooting was “workplace violence.”

Obama obsessively hides behind the tired straw man argument that not every Muslim is a terrorist. This true statement is irrelevant. Flip it around. Most terrorists are Muslims.

Obama cautions us not to blame one billion Muslims for the actions of the killers. Nobody is doing that. Radical Islam and moderate Islam are both well defined and well distinguished.

Obama is different from every other president, which is why he behaves differently. His supporters cannot figure out what makes him different.

The issue is not racial, despite the desperation of his supporters to make it so. Plenty of American blacks have called out radical Islam by name. Dr. Benjamin Carson may run for President in 2016. Herman Cain did in 2012. Both of them have called out radical islam. They are 100% black. Obama is biracial

The issue is not religious. Obama is not a Muslim. He attended Jeremiah Wright’s church for two decades. Whatever one thinks of Reverend Wright, he runs a radical church, not a mosque.

With Obama, everything comes down to ideology. Religion and race are peripheral. Obama is a leftist. His entire identity is wrapped up in the leftist teachings of his formative years. Nothing in Obama’s life experiences show him to be a typical black, typical white, typical Christian or typical Muslim. None of those boxes fit.

He is a typical leftist. He is a typical academic, where groupthink and leftist ideology flourishes. He is the most leftist leader America has ever had. He entered office determined to prove that everything his predecessor believed and did was wrong.

The key word is wrong. On issue after issue, Obama’s anti-Bush approach has proven wrong. Obama was determined to close Guantanamo Bay. Prisoners he freed from Gitmo returned to the battlefield to kill Americans. Obama withdrew from Iraq. That action created the vacuum that ISIS filled. Obama stood down when the Iranian people stood up. That led to the mullahs crushing the Green Revolution in 2009. He took credit for killing Osama bin Laden while threatening to prosecute the attorneys who declared the Bush interrogation methods legal. Obama banned the phrases “War on Terror” and “Radical Islam.”

Obama insisted he was the anti-Bush. Obama was intelligent, cool, calm and the darling of intellectuals everywhere. Bush was a country bumpkin, a doltish oaf who fractured his syntax and clung to his guns and bible.

Bush was never as dumb as his critics made him out to be. Obama was never the intellectual heavyweight his supporters insisted he was. MSNBC’s Chris Matthews called Obama “the perfect man.” He never was.

Obama supporters claim that Republicans want to drag Obama down so another black man never enters the White House. Once again, the issue is ideological, not racial or religious. If Obama’s approach turns out to be not only wrong but discredited, then liberalism itself could be irreparably harmed.

Obama has to be right. If he admits that Bush was right and he was wrong, the academics will see themselves going down as well.

Those unable to accept this analysis of Obama should accept a basic premise and answer a simple question. The premise is that Obama is not perfect. He is a man, a human being created in God’s image but without God’s perfection. He has flaws, as we all do. He makes mistakes. The question to be asked is if there has been one time where Obama has ever admitted being wrong.

Obama is an ideologue. When facts contradict his deeply held beliefs, he declares the facts wrong. Anyone who tells him he is wrong is subjected to his anger and ridicule.

Most people can be wrong. Being wrong is part of life. We learn from our mistakes. For most decent public servants, being right is less important than doing right. When the Iraq War was descending in 2006, President Bush changed course. He put his own ego aside. Talk of his stubbornness was baseless. He changed course and improved the situation. Obama reversed course and made matters worse.

Leaders adapt. Ideologues insist over and over that they are right as global events consume them. Obama is willing to let the world burn because that is less painful for his fragile psyche than being forced to confront his own mistakes. Everything is always somebody else’s fault. If there was a time that Obama ever took personal responsibility for a human failing or failure, there is no video recording of this humility.

Rather than call out radical Islam, he will continue holding press conferences where he comes across as delusional, feckless and foolish.

The Islamists say they are Islamists. Muslim leaders in Saudi Arabia and Jordan have called out Islamists. Every leader in this world understands radical Islam except the few remaining leftists.

Obama cannot change. He will not change. He is a rigid, inflexible, dogmatic leftist ideologue. His opinions are pre-determined and unalterable. Like many leftists, he cannot fathom a world where gun-toting, bible-thumping conservatives could ever be right about anything.

Gun-toting bible-thumpers built this country. Obama tried to fundamentally transform it. He tried to change the world and alter human nature. The world was not interested and human nature was more powerful than his oneness. Obama failed. He was wrong. If he ever realizes this, he can change himself and start doing right. A good start would be calling out radical Islam and then dealing with it. The rest of the real world would be more than happy to welcome him to the party before it is too late.

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