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The reason Putin wanted Clinton to defeat Trump

Written By | Jul 14, 2017

LOS ANGELES, July 14, 2017 — Russian President Vladimir Putin conspired with Donald Trump to prevent Hillary Clinton from becoming President of the United States, according to people incapable of rational thought. Those who want to engage in the logical reasoning will want to see the end the nonsensical #TrumpRussia hashtag. It has no basis in reality, and requires abandoning common sense in favor of blind ideology.

Vladimir Putin wanted Hillary Clinton to win and Donald Trump to lose. Understanding this involves the simple ability to understand basic human behavior.

Trump’s critics and some of his supporters agree that his temperament has been consistent for decades. Trump can be erratic, undisciplined, brash, and frequently lacking in impulse control. He has never had an unexpressed thought. His entire life has been spent pursuing money and fame. Having the biggest house, nicest car, and most beautiful wife in the world is not enough. He needs you to know that he has these things. He publicizes everything he does.

He was a frequent guest on the Howard Stern radio show, where people reveal their innermost thoughts to the entire world.

Every single thing that Trump has ever done has been done in a manner to reach the most people as quickly as possible. Like many celebrities, Trump is addicted to Twitter. He tells you everything he is doing at all hours of the night except for the rare moments when he is sleeping.

Most people who detest Trump would accept the assessment of him as a publicity hound. Yet these same people are trying to convince the world that Trump is also a secretive, criminal mastermind who stayed in the shadows and engineered a plot with a man he had never met.

Was Trump lying when he said he had never met Vladimir Putin until several months after the election? About one billion people own smartphones with modern picture-taking ability. Surely one person would have a picture with Trump and Putin shaking hands. No such evidence exists.

Trump is likely telling the truth that he never met Putin.

A conspiracy requires people to work together. Putin is not a warm and fuzzy man, but he is clearly a rational actor. Like most Russian chess masters, he makes cold, calculated, rational moves. He is not the mullahs in Iran or North Korea’s Kim Jong Un. His motives are obvious. He handles business in a cutthroat, ruthless, and most importantly, discrete manner.

Does any lucid individual believe Putin would willingly work with a volatile, impetuous man like Trump? Does anyone believe Trump is a man known for keeping secrets?

While it is ridiculous to see Putin trusting Trump with a secret plot, it is even less sane to see Putin wanting Trump in power. He had everything to gain by Hillary Clinton winning the election.

Trump is unpredictable. He is like shock jock Howard Stern. His critics and supporters have no idea what he will say or do next. Sometimes Trump himself may not know. Clinton is plodding, methodical, boring and predictable. She has to have staff meetings to learn how to appear spontaneous. Everything she does is tightly scripted. She leaves nothing to chance. She is as disciplined as her husband and Trump are undisciplined.

Hillary is known for operating in secrecy her entire career. Her initial healthcare task force in 1993 was criticized for operating behind closed doors. She is a creature of secrecy and the desire to be left alone. She detests the spotlight. Trump craves it.

The Clinton campaign claims that Russia hacked their emails and delivered them to Julian Assange of Wikileaks for publication. Assange has insisted that his source was not a nation state. He implies that it was a disgruntled Democrat.

The idea that Russia found dirt on Hillary Clinton and wanted it published is contradicted by the slightest amount of logical thinking and behavioral analysis.

Putin makes rational moves. If he obtained dirt on Clinton, there is no way he would want it published before the election. He would hold on to the information until after Clinton won so he could blackmail her. He would own her.

How can anyone blackmail Trump when he tells you every single aspect of his life since birth?

Putin has already successfully rolled Clinton. He cleaned her clock in the uranium negotiations that gave Russia control over 20 percent of American uranium. He mopped the floor with her in the struggle over Syria. Seven years after she declared that Assad must go, Assad is still in power and Putin got everything he wanted.

On Clinton’s watch, Putin’s Russia gobbled up Crimea without a whimper from the Obama State Department. When Saddam Hussein’s Iraq seized Kuwait in 1990, President George Herbert Walker Bush said, “This will not stand.” Saddam was driven out of Kuwait quickly and easily. When Putin seized Crimea, Clinton said and did nothing to stop him.

Clinton supporters will claim that she was just following President Obama’s lead, but this is hollow. Her behavior as a Secretary of State was an accurate reflection of how she has always approached any task she has been given. She moves very carefully, almost to the point of paralysis. She is cautious and risk-averse. Her obsession with polls frequently guides her decisions. She was for the 2003 Iraq War when it was popular and turned against it when it was unpopular.

Trump is far from cautious and perfectly willing to make risky decisions that can border on recklessness. There is no way that Putin would try to defeat a woman he has successfully manipulated and controlled in favor of a man nobody can control. It is impossible to accept that a calculating, rational actor would put the fate of his powers in the hand of a wildly irrational actor.

Russia, Germany and France have a history of wanting Democrats to win elections. Fairly or unfairly, Republicans are seen as obsessively pro-American. Democrats are more likely to embrace the concept of the global community, which is seen in Eurasia as a weaker America. There is no way that rivals of the United States would want a candidate running on an America first platform. Russia is America’s chief strategic rival.

They would not want an opponent already threatening to renegotiate away every competitive advantage Obama gave away. The Iran deal in particular is one example where Russia’s proxy got the Obama team to give away the store. Trump loathes the Iran deal while Clinton supported it. Clinton supported the Paris climate change accord championed by rivals of America. Trump pulled out of it, choosing new American economic growth over bowing to Old Europe.

On policy, politics, and personal style, there is zero chance that Putin wanted President Donald J. Trump. Putin wanted President Hillary Clinton. Like her campaign team, Putin is disappointed that she ran a terrible campaign and threw away a winnable race. The Trump-Russia scandal is directly related to the inability of Democrats to accept the election loss.

Democrats are entitled to their own warped alternative reality. Clear thinking individuals are entitled to point out their temper tantrum rooted in bitterness and fueled by delirium.

Eric Golub

Brooklyn born, Long Island raised and now living in Los Angeles, Eric Golub is a politically conservative columnist, blogger, author, public speaker, satirist and comedian. Read more from Eric at his TYGRRRR EXPRESS blog. Eric is the author of the book trilogy “Ideological Bigotry, “Ideological Violence,” and “Ideological Idiocy.”