The racism behind firing Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich

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LOS ANGELES, April 5, 2014 — Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich resigned under pressure from gay rights activists. Eich was never accused of discriminatory behavior or creating a hostile work environment, but the pressure came after it was revealed that he donated $1,000 of his own money in 2008 to anti-gay marriage Proposition 8.

The California measure passed, but was struck down in the United States District Court for the Northern District of California. 

While gay marriage activists were performing their Hannibal Lecter routine on Eich, a simple question deserves to be asked of the gay political cannibals. Would the “gannibals” have pushed as hard for Eich’s ouster if he were black?

Only they can know, but the evidence suggests otherwise.

The left would love this debate to be solely a sexuality issue, but there is a racial aspect to the movement that should not be ignored. The late Johnny Cochran once said that “race is a part of everything we do.” While that overstates matters, race is an issue here; like many leftist movements, the gay marriage movement is an overwhelmingly white one.

Proposition 8 passed with 53 percent of the vote. Hispanics voted more strongly than that for it, and the black vote in support of banning gay marriage was an astronomical 70 percent. 2008 was the year that Barack Obama was on the ballot, leading to a greater than normal turnout among blacks. These same individuals who supported a liberal candidate backed Proposition 8. The black community is far more discerning than the left gives them credit for. They voted for Obama because they believed in him; they voted to ban gay marriage because they believed it was wrong.

The gannibals responded by harassing white supporters of the initiative. Mormon churches were targeted for picketing, while black churches were left alone.

The gay marriage movement is a white-driven, white-led, and white-supported movement. This matters because the left normally makes race a driving factor in demonizing Republicans and conservatives. Conservative white Idaho has been derided as a “hate state,” its very whiteness taken as significant to its conservatism, while socialist white Vermont is left alone, its whiteness irrelevant to its politics.

We might argue that because blacks only represent 12 percent of the population, we shouldn’t expect them to play a significant role in liberal movements like the one for gay marriage. However, blacks are prominent in California, and they played a decisive role in banning gay marriage in the Golden State. If whites only had voted, Obama would have lost the presidency and gay marriage would have been upheld.

This dichotomy cannot be ignored because it goes to the heart of liberalism.

Conservatives are united by philosophy. Cutting taxes and killing terrorists are ideas that are part of a cohesive ideology. The liberal media love the false narrative of a Republican civil war, but it is Democrats who face this problem.

Liberals are a collection of groups united in their contempt of conservatism but fractured by everything else. Animal rights activists often clash with environmentalists and AIDS activists. Gay rights activists are on the opposite side of the gay marriage debate from a large majority of blacks and Hispanics. Pointing this out would rupture the liberal coalition, so for Democrats, politics must trump substance.

White liberals will not dare criticize liberal blacks, and liberal blacks know it. Just as white liberals use blacks during election years, liberal blacks take advantage of liberal white guilt. This is a coalition based on mutually parasitic needs. When an ideology is based on stoking fear and resentment, it is no wonder that tension exists inside the movement.

Liberal gannibals claimed victory when they forced Dr. Laura Schlesinger off of the radio. The gannibals will celebrate removing Brendan Eich. These pyrrhic victories will only lead to more bloodlust. With cannibals, there can never be enough bodies to devour. Like alcoholism or drug abuse, human witch hunts require an endless supply of product to consume.

The liberal addiction to devouring the flesh of apostates and heretics will never end, because getting clean and sober requires honest self-appraisal. The white left cannot and will not accept that the most cherished and vital cog in their own coalition does not want to buy what the white leftists are selling.

Conservatives should turn the volume up on this all the way, and sit back as the gannibals eat their own. Let the left choke on their own racial bile.

As for businesses, anybody appointing a CEO who opposes gay marriage should make sure that CEO is black. After all, what would the white left do — act principled?

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  • I say, old bean, this article smacks of desperation. Race has not a thing to do with this, and your attempts to drag this issue down there (kicking and screaming) fail dismally. I get the sense you’re just getting off on hatred; enjoying making up insulting words to fling at a demographic group that exists only in your paranoid imagination. Get a grip.

    • Chilidawg

      You Gannibal!

    • blacktygrrrr

      When you say “hatred,” what you really mean is you disagree with me but cannot articulate why. Outside the people who flew planes into towers on 9/11, I do not hate anyone.

      eric @ the Tygrrrr Express

    • Its a deserved question.
      Ask yourself this…

      Why is it there’s never a disparaging word to homosexuality coming from Americas Black Christian churches or the 70+% of Liberals who identify as Christians ?
      Its not a far stretch to see the left avoiding looking like hypocrites and doing just that in the process.
      I might point out the feminist left and their complete ignorance of Muslim/Arab womens rights.
      Not that they want these women further oppressed, but there’s no way in hell they’re going to join the rights efforts to fight that oppression.
      As the man said “politics over substance”.

  • Chilidawg

    Only white people are gay? Who knew.

    • blacktygrrrr

      It does not say that in the column. You invented that out of thin air.

      eric @ the Tygrrrr Express

    • Jillxz

      HUH ? He never said that in the article. Get real. You know better.

  • Just Some Guy

    People in positions of power aren’t allowed to have opposing viewpoints anymore. It’s like a school yard, if you stand up for your “unpopular” opinion, you get beat up

    • blacktygrrrr

      People in positions of power can have views provided they are leftist views.

      eric @ the Tygrrrr Express

      • Jillxz

        I agree 100%

  • Kimo

    A group of concerned citizens will be meeting with our legislative representatives tomorrow regarding passing a bill to ban homosexual bullying such as occurred here. While arguably Mr. Eich’s federal civil rights were violated by what happened, state laws need to be enacted as well so that people who don’t agree with the homosexual agenda do not lose their jobs or businesses. First it was only florists, bakers and photographers, but now militant homosexual bullies are going after everyone.

  • Li Tyler

    If he were black, he would not have been targeted!

    • Derek

      That is why Obama is not being targeted today for being against gay marriage in his presidential election in 2008.

  • “The liberal addiction to devouring the flesh of apostates and heretics will never end, because getting clean and sober requires honest self-appraisal.”

    Liberals are the great enablers,
    Always giving the junkie safe haven in order to avoid the truth of its paradox.
    That wouldn’t be so bad or understandable if they weren’t also the dealers.
    Meanwhile, non of the Liberal Black community is asking the left the same question you are.

  • BARTmeetsclockworkorange

    Not normally a fan of Cochran, but he was right, race does infiltrate everything we do.

    “The gay marriage movement is a white-driven, white-led, and white-supported movement.” Maybe. Objective measurements would be nice, photos of the top 20 people in the gay marriage movement or something. Without this, it is harder to see a racial subtext to Mr. Eich’s removal.

  • punjdon

    everyone is entitled to their own opinion im against gay marriage and i own a buisness try firing me LMAO gay ppl ur power wont last long….

  • Derek

    This is a great article. The Left Democrats would discredit what you say because they would call it racist, and this card is being played way to much in politics right now by the left. You make very good points and most have been said already by other people. This article is a good reminder for everyone, left or right, that even if you are not involved in politics you can be targeted by the left if you oppose their views. It is sickening.