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The proof of the 2020 Election fraud is easy to see in the numbers

Written By | Aug 3, 2021
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WASHINGTON — Sometimes the best way to prove a lie is to find the easiest path.  Journalists, pundits, concerned citizens are all providing massive amounts of data, reports, anecdotes, videos, and analysis of voting machines to prove the reality of the 2020 Election fraud.  (The Coup of America: Navarro says election was theft by a thousand cuts).  But it is much easier to prove using simple math.  Not new math.  Not complicated math.  A bit of subtraction of factual numbers is all it takes.

In the US, there are 214,000,000 total registered voters.  Statistics provided by election boards say that 142 million votes were cast in the 2020 elections.  President Trump, those same number counters say, won 74 million of those votes.  Here comes the math.  142,000,000 total votes minus 74,000,000 votes for Donald Trump equal 68,000,000.  This means if Biden won, he did benefit from some 13 million mystery votes because it is simply impossible for Biden to have received 81 million votes.

2020 Election fraud: It’s a numbers game

Bill Binney, Constitutional Patriot, and former US Intel official,  also says that more people voted in the 2020 Election nation-wide than were eligible to vote.

Digging deeper into the math, World Population Review, lists registered voters by state and that number equals 213,799,467.  What we want to look closer at is the contested states:

  • Michigan (8,127,040 registered voters (RV);
  • Wisconsin (3,684,726 RV);
  • Georgia (7,233,584 RV);
  • Pennsylvania (9,091,371 RV);
  • Nevada (1,821,356 RV); and
  • Arizona (4,281,152 RV).

According to the Cook Political Report National Vote Tracker, the popular votes for Biden vs. Trump are as follows:

Michigan votes for Biden equals 2,804,040 vs 2,649,852 for Trump.

Michigan also tracked 85,410 “other votes.” The total amounts to 5,539,302 popular votes cast. The experts conclude that 66% of America voted on average.  That means in Michigan we would anticipate a total of 5,363,846 votes. However, the state reports a popular vote total that is 175,456 votes more than would be anticipated in the state, giving Biden an alleged win of 154,188 votes or a 2.8% margin.

Wisconsin votes for Biden equal 1,630,866 vs 1,610,184 for Trump.

Wisconsin also tracked 56,991 other votes. This is a total of 3,298,041 popular votes cast.  66% of the total registered voters in Wisconson (3,684,726) is 2,431,919 anticipated votes. However, in Wisconsin, a total of 3,298,041 votes were cast.  This means that a total of 866,122 unanticipated votes were cast in the 2020 election in Wisconsin, with Biden allegedly winning by 20,682 or a 1.4% margin.

Georgia votes for Biden equal 2,473,633 vs 2,461,854 for Trump.

Georgia also tracked 62,229 votes for “other.”  This is a total of 4,997,716 popular votes being cast.  66% of the total registered voters in Georgia (7,233,584) is 4,774,165 anticipated votes. However, in Georgia, a total of 4,997,716 votes were cast.  Meaning that 223,551 unanticipated votes were cast in the Georgia 2020 Election. Biden allegedly won by 11,779 votes or a 0.2% margin

Pennsylvania votes for Biden equal 3,459,923 vs 3,378,263 for Trump.

Pennsylvania also tracked 79,397 other votes. This is a total of 6,917,583 popular votes cast.  66% of the total registered voters in Pennsylvania (9,091,371) is 4,774,165 anticipated votes. However, in Pennsylvania, a total of 6,917,583 votes were cast.  This means that a total of 2,143,417 unanticipated votes were cast in the 2020 election in Pennsylvania. Biden allegedly won by 81,660 or a 1.2% margin.

Nevada votes for Biden equals 703,486 vs 669,890 for Trump.

Nevada also tracked 32,000 “other votes.”  This is from a total of 1,405,376 popular votes cast. 66% of America voting means in Nevada (1,821,356), so we would anticipate a total of 1,202,094 votes.  However, the state reports a popular vote total of that is 203,282 votes more than we could anticipate in the state. Biden allegedly won Nevada by 33,593 votes, or a 2.4% margin.

Arizona votes for Biden equals 1,672,143 vs 1,661,686 for Trump.

Arizona also tracked 53,497 “other votes.”  This is a total of 3,387,326 popular votes cast. 66% of America voting means in Arizona (4,281,152) we would anticipate a total of 2,825,560 votes.  However, the state reports a popular vote total of that is 1,202,094 votes more than would be anticipated in the state.  Biden allegedly won Arizona by a .3% margin or 10,457.

If we look at the numbers for all six contested states (34,239,229 RV) the anticipated votes with a 66% turnout of 22,597,891  voters, the total popular votes cast were 25,545,344 or 961,672 votes more than would be anticipated in the state. Or an average of a 0.039% margin

This video shows you in real-time, using reporting from CNN as one source, how insiders and machines switched votes. This operation succeeded in making the point that elections are additive. A candidate’s numbers should never go down. Human error simply does not account for the wide swings in vote totals, with Biden going up and Trump going down.

Clearly, no matter how you balance the 2020 Election fraud, it remains statistically impossible that Biden won this election.  (Revenge of the Nerds: Statistical experts prove Biden loss, Trump win). And yet, the Main Stream Media seems to have lost all intellectual if not factual curiosity along with their calculators. They still refer to Biden as the President-Elect. This despite the lack of any historical office described by that name. But, as Joe might say, “Heck and Hey, it sounds real good.”

Can Republicans in the House and Senate stand strong beside Conservative voters and President Trump?

Good question. Can the GOP, often known as the Stupid Party, uphold their sworn duty to defend America? For once? And the American Constitution as well? Can they finally stand up to Democrats, sternly and without wavering?  Could this party bring its members to declare “We have had enough, Democrats! Over the past five years, you have tried and failed to implicate, impeach or injure President Trump and America, and without a break. (The Coup of America: Navarro says election was theft by a thousand cuts). You are complicit in numberless crimes against America and the American people.”

Democrats teetering on the line of Treason

To name just a few of these crimes, let’s consider the following.

  • Fast and Furious:
  • Iran’s Pallets of Cash: and
  • The tragic and needless deaths of Ambassador Stevens, Ty Woods, Sean Smith, and Glen Doherty in Benghazi.
  • The Russia Hoax
  • The attempted stealing of Election 2020

And there’s more. You Democrats launched a continuous personal attack against Donald Trump as a private citizen during his campaign. And continued this attack even as Trump was a legally elected, sitting President. And you now promise to harass him post-presidency.  Yet you call for unity.  Somehow you actually believe that either Joe Biden or Kamala Harris has what it takes to earn the forgiveness of 75 million Trump supporters n- who stand in the cold for hours to attend a rally, march down Pennsylvania Avenue in the millions, take to the water in flotilla parades, even stood vigil outside the hospital when he was sick with COVID.

You expect us to forget your behavior, and ignore your crimes

Yet you continue to ignore the Biden crime family. Their illegal and perhaps seditious activities include Joe, Hunter, James, and Jill. Clearly, they stand compromised in dealing with China, Ukraine, and Russia. And these are only the dealings that we already know of.

Meanwhile, China and George Soros have infiltrated our government at the highest level. This international espionage has reached into our Congress via Eric Swalwell. Worse, it may compromise the White House itself if honest Americans can’t stop Biden, his family and his associates on January 6th.

We’ve stood all the 2020 Election fraud we can stand…

We can only pray that those who swore to defend the constitution will find at least one, if not many, reasons to stop the Democrats from successfully concluding their outrageous 2020 Election fraud.

The answer to America’s destruction and the loss of the greatest Republic lies with them. Not the GOP.

Please do not hesitate to contact your Senators or Representatives. And remind them to stand strong against the Democrats. We will vote them back in if and when they do.  And out if they do not.

Because we are not going to take it, anymore.

Jacquie Kubin

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