Obama chooses dishonor in Iran, frames WWIII

Americans should remember Chamberlain's Munich Agreement, then wonder where we will find a Churchill to save the World from a Nuclear WWIII.

Chamberlain and Hitler leave the Bad Godesberg meeting, 1938
Chamberlain and Hitler leave the Bad Godesberg meeting, 1938

SAN ANTONIO, Texas — British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain is remembered by history as an appeaser. His hubris opened the door for Hitler’s Nazi Germany to begin its campaign of imperialism and, eventually, the slaughter of over 11 million people in the four-year period between 1941 and1945.

chamberlain-peace-headlineThe free world will be lucky if President Obama’s appeasement and capitulation to the demands of the fascist, militant jihadis that govern Iran does not result in a tragedy of a similar scale. The Iranian regime is made up of hard-line, militant Shia Muslims. They believe in a fundamental interpretation of Islam that states that the messiah (“mahdi”) will return to earth and impose an Islamic caliphate that will rule the entire world. They believe they have a duty to instigate the mahdi’s return through the spread of violence and chaos in the civilized world (i.e., America and the West).

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Every Friday thousands of Iranians gather in Tehran for public prayer, and every Friday thousands of Iranians chant, led by the real leader of the Iranians, Ayatollah Khameini, “Death to America,” and “America is the Great Satan.”

The leaders of Iran regularly state that they will destroy one of America’s closest allies, Israel. As recently as last week, an Iranian general told the Iranian state television station, “the destruction of Israel is non-negotiable.”

In the mid 1930s, American and European leaders largely dismissed Hitler’s rhetoric, and in the mid-1990s, American intelligence largely dismissed Osama bin Laden’s repeated claims that he would bring jihad to American soil and kill thousands of Americans. If the civilized world should have learned one lesson from these tragedies, it is this: When your enemies say they want to destroy your country or kill thousands of your citizens, you should believe them.

Under the Islamic doctrine of taquiyya, the Iranians believe that the Quran compels them to lie to infidels whenever it benefits the spread of their strain of militant Islam. The Iranians have broken every single promise they have ever made with the international community relating to their nuclear program, and they have given the Obama administration no reason to trust that their approach to this deal is any different.

Like Obama with Iran, Chamberlain believed he had the ability to talk a madman into becoming peaceful using only the force of his personality. In 1938, Chamberlain met with Hitler and signed an agreement with the Nazis that sacrificed part of Czechoslovakia for the guarantee that Hitler would cease his aggression towards other European states. Chamberlain hailed the agreement, known as the Munich Agreement, as bringing “peace in our time” to the continent.

In response to the Munich Agreement, Winston Churchill, a member of the British Parliament at the time, said,

“you were given the choice between war and dishonor. You chose dishonor and you will have war.”

Churchill was ridiculed and singled out as a radical for daring to challenge Chamberlain’s assertion.

Prime Minister Winston Churchill
Prime Minister Winston Churchill

Churchill knew that, no matter how charming Chamberlain was, Hitler was not going to abandon the philosophy that had guided and shaped his entire life because of one evening of drinks and charming table-talk with Chamberlain.

Chamberlain’s naiveté and blind overconfidence emboldened Hitler and encouraged Germany’s aggression towards the rest of Europe. If Churchill, the greatest statesman to ever live, had not taken over from Chamberlain in 1940, it is extremely likely that the free world would have ended up enslaved by one of the most evil forces history has ever encountered.

Less than six months after Hitler and Chamberlain signed the Munich Agreement, Hitler invaded and annexed the rest of Czechoslovakia and officially began his campaign of aggression and imperialism against the rest of Europe, and eventually the entire world.

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Churchill was correct, but he was no psychic. He simply listened to what Hitler said and he understood the philosophy that guided Hitler’s life. Following that logic, it is just as easy to predict that Iran will take advantage of Obama’s appeasement to finish the development of nuclear weapons, then use them against Israel and America, to which Khameini so affectionately and regularly refers as “Little Satan” and  “the Great Satan.”

Obama’s tentative deal with Iran has the possibility of being even worse than the Munich Agreement, as America may not have a Churchill waiting in the wings to save our country from Obama’s self-serving, dangerous and naive appeasement.

This deal could very well lead to World War III and the death and enslavement of millions of people around the globe.

There will be many Americans who dismiss this warning as partisan, or as just another attempt for the right to attack Obama. Those people should be reminded of the exuberant praise and respect Chamberlain received upon his return from meeting with Hitler, and the unbelievable ridicule and personal attacks the majority of the media and the elites laid upon Churchill and anyone else who dared to question Chamberlain’s deal.

When the ultimate deal is signed by Obama and the Iranians, the media will defend it at all costs and will attack anyone who dares disagree, much like the reaction of Britain’s mainstream media to the Munich Agreement in 1938.

The terms of this deal are devastating for America and our allies. Much like the Munich Agreement, the framework of Obama’s deal with Iran rests on trusting our most bitter enemy, the world’s lead state sponsor of terrorism, to comply with terms similar to terms of previous agreements that the Iranians broke. The crippling economic sanctions on Iran will be lifted almost immediately; there is no trigger that would reinstitute those sanctions if Iran refuses to comply with the agreement.

Obama has proven again and again that he is a narcissistic megalomaniac who has extremely thin skin. His first priority is his legacy and his reputation. He knows that he cannot defend his current foreign policy and the repeated and overwhelming failures that have resulted therefrom.

Thus he believes that if he can cut a deal with the Iranians, something that no other president has done, that he can save his foreign policy legacy. He knows that the Iranians will obtain nuclear weapons, but he hopes that he has delayed that long enough for it to be a problem for the next administration.

The Iranians smell blood in the water. They know that not even under Jimmy Carter was America governed by a weaker president. They will do everything in their power to obtain nuclear weapons or to provide them to terrorist proxy groups like Hezbollah or Hamas to use against Israel and America.

A recently uncovered  military document from Iran described how they would use a nuclear bomb to destroy America’s power grid with an electromagnetic pulse, leaving the entire country without power for over a year.

If such an EMP attack were successful, analysts believe it would leave 90 percent of Americans dead within one year.

If not for the true leader of the free world, Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu, it would be a certainty that the Iranians would obtain and use a nuclear weapon within the next few years.

When Israel is forced to bomb the Iranian nuclear facilities, it will be incumbent on any American who loves freedom to stand firmly behind Netanyahu.

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  • manderso

    You know, your arguments are just so lame, why bother. You could just enlist.

  • Richard_Pietrasz

    The author claims to be for minimizing the impact of the federal government in his mini-bio, but this article seems to be advocating the federal government kill a bunch of people. It already helped kill hundreds of thousands in Iran in the 1980s.

  • Abraham Yeshuratnam

    The world
    hasn’t forgotten how Americans were held hostages in the American embassy in
    Tehran. The world hasn’t forgotten how Iran was responsible for the bomb blasts
    in Iraq when Americans were administering it. And again, in the Iraq-Iran War
    at the time of Saddam, Iran was defeated by the Iraqis. Now Obama has given
    Iraq to Iran on a silver platter. Right from the day he stepped into the White
    House he has been scheming to have an alliance with terror state Iran. He
    wanted to have a video conference with Iran, with Ahmadinejad, when Tehran was
    treating America as No.1 enemy. Obama took the initiative for Iran deal so that
    sanctions could be withdrawn.With Iran deal now concluded, Arab analysts and
    leaders are focused more on how Tehran is working unconstrained to tighten its
    grip on Arab states, from Iraq to Lebanon, and Syria to Yemen. Obama’s secret
    agenda is to make Iran a major power in the Middle East so that Israel could be
    reduced to an insignificant position. A senior member of the Saudi royal family,
    Prince Turki al-Faisal, has warned that a deal on Iran’s nuclear program could
    prompt other regional states to develop atomic fuel. What is more, projecting
    this unwanted and unnecessary deal, Obama is diverting world’s attention from
    the real danger of the expanding caliphate of ISIS and his flawed foreign
    policy in Ukraine.

  • algionfriddo

    Obama needs to secretly sell arms to Iran and fund death squads in Central America. Then he can be a hero to the right wing war hawks, just like Reagan is now. They call Carter weak… what wars did he start and who ran from Beirut after 241 were blasted away?

  • crescentfang

    The problem with this analogy is that Germany had already invaded other countries in Europe. The only country that has invaded a country in the Middle East recently is the US. In practice, Bibi is the one pushing the US into a war. That would make us the equivalent of the Germans in the analogy. We have already reduced Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya to the kind of anarchy that breeds terrorists. Why make the same mistake again?