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The parallels between fatherless pachyderms and Antifa

Written By | Oct 18, 2018
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WASHINGTON: In a 2012 article titled “Of Elephants and Men,” Wade Horn, Ph.D., President of The National Fatherhood Initiative describes some disturbing events on an elephant preserve in Africa. Horn, intentionally or not, creates a parallel between young bachelor pachyderms and the hoards of fatherless, masked Antifa protestors.

The preserve was separating young male elephants from the older, male bull elephants. Once they were free from mature male influence, the junior males wreaked havoc on their new environment, particularly the endangered white rhinos.

The article is striking in its revelations:

The natural order of things is for ill-disciplined males to confront and attack.

Horn’s article is not an oversimplification. The details supporting the material most certainly offer the concept of a destructive male bent absent other, and older, male authority and sway. In contemporary jargon, it is what it is.

A young male is a young male

Like the elephants, Antifa is composed mostly of fatherless young men. Children who become uncivil and violent. What and whom these young protesting men oppose matters little to them. They have no real ideological focus. They are simply pushed to confrontation, not unlike the angry young pachyderm in the above video.

Young human males influenced not by mothers and fathers living together but by mothers alone, are like nitroglycerine before Alfred Nobel and his inventive dynamite. That is, an unstable, dangerous and powerful compound before its natural composition is made stable. To complete the analogy, Nobel would stand for the father.

Approximately one-third of young men grow up fatherless

According to any number of statistical surveys, approximately a third of young men grow up in fatherless homes. Additionally, even more, youth are in homes without their biological fathers or a father-figure in attendance. The new boyfriend or step-father might just as well not be there.

When a mature adult male is not present in the home, there is no anchor.  Young boys grow to young men without a base of support that gives clear directions, thinking, and discipline. Females forced into these roles as a male substitute are forced to abbreviate their full-time natural nurturement. Young males brought up without such guidance are easily drawn into gangs that are no more than mobs. They have heard the call of the wild.

Antifa is 90% young males

According to the Daily Wire, Antifa is 90% young males (Study: 9 In 10 Antifa Protesters Still Living In Mom’s Basement). That is, mostly young males, undisciplined by authority figures and still living on the maternal tit. The result is young males ready to aim their natural pent-up nitro against anyone, in the name of any cause.

Hence, random and dangerous explosions take place.

Antifa members claim they oppose white supremacists, but the fact is they rampage through any meeting, assembly, or faction whenever, and wherever, the mood strikes them. Moreover, like the junior elephants who kill white rhinos, Antifa appears to have a blood-lust. They aren’t fighting against an opposing point of view. They are fighting against a natural result of a spiritual failing.

However, Antifa is not the only “boys” club on the contemporary political scene. Recent groups such as Proud Boys and Patriot Prayer also seem to have the magic touch of members that mostly male and mostly undisciplined by senior males. The results are much the same as the Antifa protests of attack and destroy, whatever is in the line of fire.

So how much worse will it get?

With much of society’s disdain for manhood as evidenced in the media, Hollywood, and even the modern military, the acceptance of men as fathers and life guides will lessen.

The elephant reserve in Africa had its younger bull elephants separated from the older males as a matter of expediency. It is a solution by the government over nature. It was cheaper and easier to separate by size and weight as opposed to proportionate family reduction and dispersion.

Contemporary politics probably will continue along the lines of protesting street groups manned by boys, with chaos breaking out at demonstrations. The politicians have created these monsters with the many-varied solutions of many-varied social problems.

They did sow the wind. Moreover, now they are reaping the whirlwind.

Paul H. Yarbrough

Paul H. Yarbrough

Born in Mississippi, now calling Texas home, Paul H. Yarbrough is bringing his writing talents to the political arena. Yarbrough has completed three novels. He is also the humorist behind the weekly column, Redneck Diary.