The obsessions of President Obama and the destruction of America

President Obama, Jay Carney, Air Force One, Press Corp
President Obama and Press Secretary Jay Carney exit Air Force one. Inserts: The White House press corp

WASHINGTON, July 29, 2014 – Despite understanding his failings, President Obama has done nothing to correct them. In fact, he has continued to careen head-long into still more scandals, disasters and stumbles, with immigration failure now at the top of the list.

On November 15, 2010, Keith Koffler, veteran White House reporter, wrote in his piece “Obama: I Didn’t Have Time to be a Good President

Check out President Obama’s comments to the press pool yesterday aboard Air Force One as it ferried him back to Washington from his ten-day Asia trip.

“As I said in the press conference the day after the election, I spent the first two years trying to get policy right based on my best judgment about how we were going to deal with the short-term crisis and how we were going to retool to compete in this new global economy.

In that obsessive focus on policy, I neglected some things that matter a lot to people, and rightly so:  maintaining a bipartisan tone in Washington; dealing with practices like earmarks that are wasteful at a time of — where everybody else is tightening their belts; making sure that the policy decisions that I made were fully debated with the American people and that I was getting out of Washington and spending more time shaping public opinion and being in a conversation with the American people about why I was making the choices I was making.

So I think, moving forward, I’m going to redouble my efforts to go back to some of those first principles.  And the fact that we are out of crisis — although still, obviously, in a difficult time — I think will give me the capacity to do that.”

Read in hindsight, his words that November day are prophetic. Even then, Obama understood that he had failed during his first two years in office. Despite that understanding, however, he did nothing about them.

He did not, even though he recognized the failing of his first two years in office do anything about them.

Instead, we are where we are today.

Obama is still focused on ObamaCare and social programs. He embraces an illegal immigrant surge that promises to further break America’s fragile economy and he refuses, even though his hand has been slapped by courts from Federal to Supreme, to stop pushing through social agendas that, according to most polls, at least 50% of Americans disagree with.

Instead of returning America to the strongest possibly economic and military power in the world, Obama and other leading Dems continue to spew fear as their way to retain power. They warn that Republicans want to take away your birth control, the Right is waging a war on women, the other side are nothing but obstructionists.

Obama constantly talks about what the Government will do for you, versus, as Kennedy once famously said “…what you can do for your country.”

Big Government will take care of you, says Obama, with welfare and Obamacare, never mind the consequences.

The private sector, under Obama, is the bad guy. Instead of creating a pro-business environment encouraging entrepreneurship and creativity, the administration saddles business with untenable corporate taxes and health care burdens. Government insists that businesses provide entitlements to employees, hobbling private enterprise and forcing them to shutter their doors.

With no other options, industry moves out of the country, taking their jobs with them.

This program has led to making 14% of all U.S. households reliant on federal food assistance programs at the cost of $80 billion per year, and a national debt that equals roughly $17 trillion, or $54K for every person in our nation.

John F. Kennedy grave site engraving | Image: Jacquie Kubin @all rights reserved
John F. Kennedy grave site engraving | Image: Jacquie Kubin @all rights reserved

Koffler continues:

Poor President Obama. He was so focused on trying to do good, that he became OBSESSED with doing good, and it got him off track. He just didn’t have the bandwith for bipartisanship or “conversations” with the American people. Or earmarks.

I guess this was also good news for Ahmadinejad and Mullah Omar, since I haven’t seen much Obama OBSESSION with keeping Iran from getting nukes or for galvanizing the American people to support the war in Afghanistan.

Maybe that’s why Obama is kicking and screaming to get out of Afghanistan by setting withdrawal dates, so he can PURSUE HIS OTHER OBSESSIONS.

President Obama’s obsessions have come to a strangling conclusion for America.

The number of domestic scandals and foreign policy gaffes has the Middle East in the hands of the Islamic State, Israel fighting for their very lives, the largest crime scene in aviation history disintegration, along with those left in that field, standing on the brink of or a rapidly escalating war between Russia and Ukraine and a political divide that cannot be bridged by any known person presently on the political playing field for 2016.

The one Democratic agenda obsession most likely to destroy us, emotionally, morally and financially, is immigration. An often reported mean is that “arrests at the border are at an all time low” giving the false impression that the crossings are stopping.

In fact, it is the arrests, not the crossings, that are stopping.

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While very few on either side of the divide disagree that these children need relief from the deadly environments found in Central America, very few agree that putting children, and women, on a dangerous journey that leaves far too many dead from drowning while crossing rivers, traffic and train related fatalities and the almost certain death at the hands of Coyotes.

They die from exposure while crossing deserts.

The NY Times writes Death in the Desert:

To see this, all you need to do is visit the southwest desert of Arizona, where migrants crossing into the United States continue to perish in tragic numbers. While it’s true that illegal immigration numbers are down overall, migrants are dying in the desert at the same rate that they have been for years (roughly between 150 and 250 deaths a year), according to statistics compiled by theArizona Recovered Human Remains Project and the human rights group No More Deaths. In the past 10 years alone, some 2,000 migrants — men, women, children and the elderly — have died this way.

NYTimes writer Amanda Rose writes about immigrants that die in crossings when the coyotes send them across inhospitable terrains, women that are sexually assaulted and / or abandoned in the desert to die.

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Showing the joke that our immigration laws have become, illegal immigrants  protested outside the White House, demanding that American’s give them what they want – a seat at our table.

Chanting “No more meetings about us without us,” illegal immigrants stand before our greatest icon of US democracy and demand that they be given access to our conversations.

Not only are they not afraid of being arrested, or deported, they are demanding to right to frame the conversation.

Kennedy also said “United there is little we cannot do.”

But divided, as we are now, there is much we are not doing.

America’s domestic house is crumbling and aside from Benghazi, the IRS, the Va and all the other scandals, the biggest wrecking ball is immigration.  And if we destroy ourselves domestically, threats from a world burning around us will only increase.

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