The Obama administration: Questions abound, but the biggest one is “Why?”

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CHARLOTTEFebruary 21, 2014 – When it comes to analyzing the Obama administration the biggest question can be put in a single word, “Why?”

When Barack Obama came into office, the country was mired in a financial crisis with deep concerns over job creation. Five years later, employment remains a major issue. Full-time jobs are either being eliminated or reduced to part-time. Instead of focusing on getting a struggling American economy back on track, the president spent his entire first year in office revamping the nation’s healthcare system. Why?

When four American diplomats were killed in an attack in Benghazi, Libya in 2012 both the president and, then, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton blamed the violence on a YouTube video. Obama was nowhere to be found the night of the incident with several absentee hours that are still unexplained. The following day Obama refused to call the attack “terrorism” as he promised the American people the perpetrators would be hunted down and brought to justice. So far they are still at large. Why?

Obama has made several major diplomatic mistakes regarding Egypt, Iran and Syria. Each of those countries is far more dangerous today than they were before the president came to power They are also significantly less stable and the offshoot of those policies has diminished our credibility with allies such as Israel and Saudi Arabia to the extent that Russia has become even stronger under Vladimir Putin. Why?

Our president bowed to Saudi royalty. He has several active Muslim Brotherhood members serving in various advisory capacities within the White House. Obama hates to use the words “terrorism” or “Islamists.” He called an attack at an American military base “workplace violence.” His reluctance to make definitive decisions regarding foreign policy or to define Islamic jihad for what it is has weakened American credibility around the world without valid reasons. Why?

With chaos surging throughout Syria, Egypt and Ukraine combined with naïve attempts to negotiate with Iran, the Obama administration has taken excruciating amounts of time to make statements which have been ultimately little more than double-talk with no discernable impact. In the meantime he focuses on non-issues such as global warming or creating media hype by proposing to electronically “spy’ on newsrooms around the country. Why?

Scandal has been a hallmark of the current administration; the NSA, the IRS, Benghazi, the Obamacare rollout, phony healthcare numbers, persistent lying and/or misinformation and on and on. Why?

As Kiev continues to burn in protest, forces against Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych are angered because he “says one thing and does another.” The uprisings are occurring because the president has lied to the people and they have become fed up with his dishonesty. Change the name from Viktor Yanukovych to Barack Obama and the governing philosophy sounds eerily similar to what is happening in our own country. Meanwhile, Barack Obama makes his standard comments about “consequences” and “drawing a line” that have become so trite that nobody even listens to them any more. With an international firestorm raging, the president is detached and distant. Why?

Obama ignores the Constitution by making countless arbitrary executive decisions. He has made nearly 30 such changes to his own signature healthcare legislation alone. While there is plenty of complaining, nobody seems to do anything about it. Why?

When a major hurricane raged through the northeastern region of the United States, Obama made his obligatory photo op with New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and promised the full resources and assistance of Washington without red-tape before making a beeline to the West Coast for a political fundraiser. Why?

During the presidential campaign one of the slogans was “General Motors is alive and Al-Qaeda is dead.” That statement was a boldfaced lie. Why?

Most of all, the American people went to the polls in 2008 and voted for a new approach to government that was labeled as “hope and change.” Following a lackluster performance by an inexperienced overwhelmed head of state with devious political ambitions, Americans voted again in 2012 and re-elected Mr. Obama to a second four-year term.

Once again, the question is “Why?”

Bob Taylor has been traveling the world for more than 30 years as a writer and award winning television producer focusing on international events, people and cultures around the globe. Taylor is founder of The Magellan Travel Club (  

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  • Tanya Grimsley

    BOOM! I sure would like to know myself! Excellent Bob!

  • Danny Robertson

    Why? Why. Because obama is not qualify to lead a god to water. Why obama is a muslim brotherhood member. Why obama is a murder. Why obama is a traitor. Why obama is not.a American citizen. Why he has lied to the American people an the wrold. Why obama is wrong for th country. That Why

  • Karen Angelico

    I understand that the question is a rhetorical “why?”. Apathy on the part of many Americans has put America in the condition we find ourselves. Why? Our President is not a leader, he’s a destroyer of a grand idea. Why? Our President lies, and instead of doing its job, the media goes along with the exception of a few media sources. Why?

  • Reene9496

    Never mind why, WHEN are we going to say Enough…

  • Sherill Weber

    He is weak and spineless. That may answer a couple of the whys. He shows his weakness when he bows down to another leader who is royalty. He is suppose to BE a leader of a great nation and he bows down??? Good job Obama,,,,just showed another leader how weak you are. He hasn’t done jack for this country. He spent all his time on Obamacare and neglected other issues that have an effect on our security. He’s great at the game playing,,,raises the minimum wage (not that he cares about the people but for political reasons),he delays the employers mandate on “O” (not that he cares about the employers or their employees but for political reason). The one thing is said when he was first elected that he would make the government a transparent government,,,he was right on there,,,,he made it so transparent that we know every lie he has ever told and how weak and spineless he is. There are only two things he cares about while being in office,,,,how many people he can sign up for Obamacare and golfing. My question are; WHY do we have to put up with him for another three years and WHY isn’t he gone by now?

  • WallStreetGy

    OK, so the question is “Why”. What is the answer? Any moron can ask a question. It takes intelligence to suggest an answer.

    • Bert Roseberry

      Respectfully no. Not anyone can ask a good question and that is what Mr. West has done. And he has framed in such a way that the answers become obvious to most. More importantly he has started dialogue among those that agree and disagree with him. Dialogue and then follow through with peaceful actions is important. Ukraine should be a lesson to all.

  • Larry Bavaro

    This is why he trying to over regulate everything, to cause us to rise up in defiance, stomp on our liberty, and it will keep getting worse, he must be impeached, WE ARE BEING TAKEN DOWN BY A TRAITOR!

    • Tim Kern

      It’s gonna be difficult — not to declare martial law, but to make it stick. It won’t any longer be about voting. It will be about defending the Constitution. Anyone who tries this won’t survive it.

      (Note to the SS: that’s not a threat against this president; it’s a statement that Americans won’t stand for any tyrant who tries to pull that off.)

  • Edwin Knowles

    Bob Taylor great article!!!

  • Burnerjack

    13 years of air superiority and overall military dominance in Afghanistan. Why is the opium trade at an all time high and heroin prices in America at an all time low? Afghanistan produces 70% of the world supply yet what should be a war induced shortage is anything but. Why? Two different POTUS have presided over the war and the attendant opium crop yet no massive eradication. Why?

  • Tim Kern

    Why? Simple: because he’s a delusional, sociopathic megalomaniacal communist.