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The “Never Trumpers,” foreign and domestic, are Trumped again

Written By | Mar 17, 2020
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That COLORADO SPRINGS: Today we are enduring the flu season of all flu seasons.  Its backdrop, lest we forget, is a recent past of partisan politics and attempt after attempt to remove the current president from power. In this new era of kumbaya, when even New York Governor Cuomo has temporarily buried his sword, many of us who’ve lived through the Trump Era remain skeptical, of them and of the “China Kung Flu Virus.”  (sic)

Let us first get some facts out of the way to lend some perspective to the COVID-19 flu pandemic:

 1852 – 1860 Cholera Pandemic killed over 1 million people
1889 -1890 Flu Pandemic killed over 1 million people
1910 – 1911 Cholera Pandemic in India killed more than 800,000 people
1918 – 1920 Flu Pandemic killed between 20 to 50 million people worldwide
1956 – 1958 Asian Flu killed approximately 2 million people worldwide (69,800 in the US)
1968 Hong Kong Flu killed over 1 million people including 500,000 residents of Hong Kong (15% of the population at the time)
2005 – 2012 HIV/AIDS Pandemic killed 36 million people


CDC graph
CBS News today reports the following:
“More than 4,500 people have tested positive for COVID-19 in the U.S. and at least 88 have died.  Globally, the death toll was just over 7,100 on Monday, with the weekend seeing an alarming spike in fatalities in three European nations grappling with aggressive outbreaks.  While more than 181,000 people have caught the virus around the world, almost half have already recovered, and the vast majority of cases remain mile.”

By my reckoning, they are saying that about 9500 remain afflicted or dead as of this date. Also, according to news sources, the current flu is airborne and astoundingly easy to catch, with many elders succumbing to it.

Any death from any flu is a serious matter.

However, comparing past flu deaths, one must admit the hysteria in certain quarters in the U.S. media about COVID-19 may be statistically overblown.

That said, given the many closures and the hard work of the Coronavirus team, the goal of saving all lives is laudable and in no way to be criticized.

Viewing the current epidemic from 20,000 feet or so, one also may be struck by countervailing medical views. A caller to KVOR Colorado Springs radio this morning told an interesting story:  He saw an epidemiologist for a condition other than the flu and was met by a calm doctor who was unconcerned about the current flu crisis.

He questioned oversees fatality statistics, as well as the geopolitical motivations of China, a country that has every self-interest in destroying Trump and his populist ilk now in office.

President Trump, China, and Hong Kong

Certainly, the current president has been particularly disruptive of China’s free ride under former U.S. presidents.  Besides having to come to heel under the Trump plan, China has had a vexing Hong Kong populist revolt nipping at its heels.  Populism, liberty, and disobeying one’s handlers clearly never has been, nor today is in China’s leadership playbook.

If one for a moment pauses to suspect venality or worse in China’s sharing of this deadly virus upon the world, the societal dislocations and economic results so far have been spectacularly successful if one wishes to bring down America’s president.

Following concerted efforts by democrats, socialists, and other leftists to undo the 2016 U.S. presidential election, the man who is “Trump” still stands.

And not only stands, but seems to thrive.

President Donald J. Trump – Last Man Standing

It seems that the more calamity and chaos they throw at him, the stronger our President seems to get.  They have accused him of being a colluder-in-chief, a traitor to the country, a Putin puppet, and a vulgarian.  What he is is is a man who speaks his mind despite the current politically correct climate of speech censorship.

He says what he means, often in blunt terms.  This and so many other matters enrage the new elite here and abroad.

President Trump keeps noticing and calling out the fact that the (body politic) emperor has no clothes and is strutting the streets of Europe and America stark, staring naked.  He has overturned many of the globalist’s cherished policies designed to bring the public to heel.  He has tossed out needless regulations, short-streamed production, and in general freed up the American citizen to pay less, compete more, and generally thrive.

Are Democrats planning a new world order out of CoronaVirus chaos?

President Trump has thumped up our military power, so that “Don’t Tread on Me” has a renewed meaning.  He has made NATO nations pay their share of the bill for their own defense.  He has armed Ukraine, much to Russia’s chagrin, and faced off the Chinese robbers.  Donald J. Trump has blessed American companies, cajoling them through generous tax abatements, restriction removals, and loving talk to return their free enterprise stateside.

One supposes, with the revealing of the fact that 98 percent of America’s pharmaceuticals are created by the enemy China, he soon will rectify that as well, bringing them back inside our borders.  He acts decisively in all matters, including the current epidemic.  He closes borders abruptly and takes command.  To this, leftists only continue their complaints of a Nazi in the White House.

The fact that President Trump acts within the laws of the Executive Branch makes his actions all the harder to take by these would-be disrupters of a constitutionally elected president.

Never Trumpers – Failing from Russia to Impeachment to CoronaVirus

Consider, the initial efforts to bring down this out of control, free-wheeling president, 2.0.  The “Never Trumpers” engaged spies overseas and here at home to monitor his campaign and then his presidency.  Democrat funds, millions of them, went to pay for all manner of investigations.  Yet, the misuse of the FISA Court to later rationalize their “trumped-up” claims, is today under intense Justice Department scrutiny. The very existence of a court that would haphazardly accept unverified accusations about U.S. citizens, including a sitting president, is at risk.

The liberal deep state continued by trying to impeach “the bastard.”  Their reason?  He answered their demands for privileged White House records with “See me in court.”  Constitutional scholars came to his and the presidency’s defense by affirming the Executive Branch’s right to take such action, and safeguarded judicially long-held up and standard executive privilege for him and for later chief executives.

Unable to crush Trump, are liberals, via the media, going after the Trump Economy?

And so, is it such a long stretch to wonder, given their failed “Wily Coyote” attempts to kill off a president, they would stop now?  With President Trump’s presidency still intact, with his poll numbers rising and with his economic metrics in the stratosphere, what’s left to these malcontents here and overseas?

Is it too much to imagine that his enemies, formally or by chance, have banded together for one final putsch?  That they are attacking Donald Trump’s only vulnerability, an economy fit for the record books?  That they would unleash an event such as this flu to create chaos, school and business closings and the fodder for their fawning media’s hysteria?

Can the robust Trump Economy survive the Coronavirus epidemic?

Or, seeing China unleash such a weapon, are they using this crisis as a welcome opportunity to criticize him and his actions? To shut down America?

Today, the jury is out as to the effectiveness of this latest ploy, if a ploy it is.

After all, Americans, even those who may smell the stench of these rats, are self-cloistered, lest they catch the virus. Who wants to take a chance by linking leftist skullduggery to a worldwide epidemic?

Questions are being asked about CoronaVirus

Radio commentator Rush Limbaugh, himself battling advanced-stage lung cancer, weighed in on the geopolitical possibilities for naughtiness.  As he, with a large bank account, is undoubtedly being seen for his illness by the best cancer doctors in the country, he has asked them all, “What about this virus?”

Limbaugh anecdotally has reported back to his listeners that these medics, the tops in their field, have been uniformly unconcerned, even calm.  Their responses are far from the hysteria and Trump-bashing that’s going on by many reporting in the mainstream media.

Democrat politicians exploiting Coronavirus fears to close businesses

In the unfortunate case that our current predicament is in whole or part the Never Trumpers’ final act of defiance, what of the political consequences? Trump rallies, where filled arenas of adoring voters cheer him on, have been canceled.  The opponents happily trumpet, “He has to cancel his rallies.”

And then cry crocodile tears at the delicious prospect.

But, not so fast:  What has taken their place has been the President on camera daily with his team of medical advisors and staff, attacking the problem from every angle. Americans, some perhaps for the first time, have been able to witness the man, unfiltered, as he has evidenced his formidable problem-solving skills.

As New York Mayor DeBlasio, and perhaps other fellow-travelers, have called for a nationalizing of American industry, see “Socialism Writ Large.” President Trump has brought America’s industry leaders on camera to be praised, stroked, and enlisted in his public-private attack of the virus. He has asked them to participate in mitigating the dangers to an otherwise robust economy.  In the process, he has unmasked vulnerabilities in America’s medical supply chain and is about setting them to rights.

He is reaching back to the Clinton administration when military and technological secrets were shared to “our friend, Red China,” to retrieve them.  His America First ethic has spread to an envious French president, an overrun borderless Germany, and a Canada that this week has shuttered its own borders.

School is in session on a daily basis.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) nothing to fear, if you know the enemy

The Never Trumpers can but sit and watch from the cheap seats. President Trump will continue one,  saving his country from a deadly virus and potential economic collapse.

One more thing:  If in fact, a recession or worse does ensue, to the sound of “told you so’s” by a leftist, globalist media, what then for this outspoken president?  What of the elections as the self-appointed elitists touts the failure of the Trump economy?  Will the Trump lovers have anything left to embrace?

What indeed?!

They will point to his America First policies. That in three short years President Trump created the strongest economy on record prior to the disastrous epidemic.  An economy strong enough to survive the CoronaVirus panic.  An economy we believe he will rebuild again.

So who, better to fix things, they ask?  President Trump is proven.  He is America Strong.  He is our president.  And they can’t take him away from us, though they have tried.

In short, we will prevail thanks to this “Power of Positive Thinking” president.  (The pastor of his early church was none other than Norman Vincent Peale, positivist extraordinaire.)

And President Donald Trump will live to lead us for four more years.  In this, America has the right man for the times.  We are blessed and we are grateful for one of America’s best presidents ever.


Lead Image:  President Donald J. Trump, joined members of the White House Coronavirus Task Force, Press Briefing Room of the White House. (Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead)

Karen Hagestad Cacy

Karen Hagestad Cacy, of Colorado Springs, is a former Washington speechwriter and transportation lobbyist. Raised in Portland, Oregon, she holds a BA degree in Russian and Middle East Studies from Portland State University (and American University in Cairo.) Her four novels are available on She is also the author of two plays.