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The Nadler Democrat clown show invites John Dean to the hanging

Written By | Jun 10, 2019
John Dean, Dean, Nadler

WASHINGTON, DC: Watergate criminal and disbarred lawyer John Dean will appear before the House Judiciary committee to testify about his view of the Mueller-Weissmann report. Just when buckets of fried chicken and endless grandstanding stunts weren’t enough, shameless Democrat Jerry Nadler’s Judiciary Committee is trying to revive the corpse of the Mueller inquisition with the ghost of Watergate.

If there is no crime, how can there be obstruction

Democrats are intent on perpetuating the myth of Obstruction of Justice against the President.  This after a 22-month colonoscopy by the Mueller inquisition that found that no American or member of the Trump campaign at any level had colluded or conspired with the Russian government.

Italy sacks Intel chiefs over Mifsud – Brennan Russia Hoax fiasco

After Mueller failed to make a criminal charge on obstruction, or even a judgment. Even though he was perfectly within his rights to do so. William Barr and Rod Rosenstein found that with no underlying crime, there could be no obstruction.

What Mueller calls obstruction is the actions of an innocent man who is being framed and railroaded and knows it. Now the facts are emerging about the origins of the Russia probe. With the prima face truth that there was no collusion. Testified to by even the viscously anti -Trump Mueller-Weissmann hit job, no less.

Weaponizing the CIA and DOJ against Trump

However, if the three-year inquisition based on the weaponization of the intelligence agencies and justice department for political purposes finds no underlying reason for the inquisition in the first place. Then Trump deserves an apology, not an impeachment hearing.

Coup Leader Barack “Milhous” Obama makes Nixon look like an amateur

It’s like the reaction of the Wyoming rancher when asked for a summary of the Mueller report and Democrats ongoing efforts in one sentence.

“While we recognize that the subject did not actually steal any horses, he is obviously guilty of trying to resist being hanged for it,” he replied.

“Hang ’em anyway”, say Democrats.

Democrats are intent on hanging the President, whether he did anything or not. They just can’t enunciate a crime. Obstruction? You mean the President vehemently objecting to being framed and hung. (Pelosi Tells Colleagues She Wants to See Trump ‘In Prison’) An innocent man insists on his innocence and fights back against vicious, unprincipled forces. And to the Democrats, who were co-conspirators in the Russia hoax, that is obstruction.

Durham investigation: President Trump can’t be indicted but Obama can be

In the face of unparalleled cooperation. Hundreds of witnesses. Millions of Documents. White House counsel, Don McGhan, testified with the Mueller Weissman inquisition for 30 hours.

It’s not enough for Nadler, Pelosi, Adam Schiff, Eric Swalwell, and Maxine Waters. Who are totally wedded to the McCarthyite Russia hoax they have been peddling for three years. When that collapsed they shamelessly moved on to the obstruction mantra.

Making squeaking noises. Sending subpoenas. Grandstanding. No apologies here.

The no-apologies diversion

Demanding testimony. Smearing and impugning Trump’s character. At long last, they still have no decency or self-awareness of how transparently corrupt they are. The President objected to being hung for something he didn’t do and therefore obstructed Justice. It’s a sham. A sad circus.

Trump is a Crime Victim: Time to indict the Coup plotters

Ultimately it is a diversion from the deeper cascade of problems that will emerge from US attorney John Durham’s investigation of the origins of the Russia Hoax and the criminal conspiracies launched against Donald Trump.

In the meantime, Jerry Nadler, unable to get a fragile Robert Mueller to come in and testify about the shredded credibility of the Mueller-Weissman report, is left to conducting a circus sideshow with ornamental charades from another age.

Watergate relic John Dean, a deeply flawed version of Michael Cohen

John Dean will be the lead witness. Yes, the John Dean of Watergate fame. From the 1970s. 46 years ago. Who testified about the famous ‘”cancer on the presidency” conversation before the Senate select Watergate committee and a rapt TV audience of 70 million.

Dean tells CNN that he believes the Mueller report contains evidence that President Trump obstructed justice. He has read something different than Attorney General Barr? Despite that he would not have access to to the unredacted report. You have to ask why he is here.

Robert Mueller pulls a Comey by desecrating the rule of law

Because remember. This is the same John Dean who was also a criminal. Who paid hush money to the Watergate burglars. Suborned perjury. Ran the Watergate break-in. Oversaw the Watergate coverup.

Dean had the same job as Don McGhan, only Dean and Nixon committed crimes, and McGhan and Trump did not. That is the crucial, overwhelming difference between Watergate and the coordinated anti-constitutional assault on Donald Trump.

John Dean: Convicted criminal, self-serving moralist

Dean carried out illegal orders to cover up a crime. McGhan mollified an innocent man who was complaining about being framed. The President and Dean committed crimes in Watergate. But the government committed the crime against Donald Trump. There is a fairly clear difference.

The Obama – Clinton Axis of Evil: From Benghazi to the Steele Dossier

When Dean saw that the noose was closing in he jumped ship and testified against President Nixon to try to save his own skin. The vast majority of the actual criminal behavior that occurred during Watergate flowed through or was coordinated by John Dean.  (Watergate: How John Dean Helped Bring Down Nixon)

While that may have made him the perfect witness against Nixon. It also made him a criminal. He was disbarred. Dean pled guilty to a series of felonies before serving 18 months of a three-year term in Federal prison. Following prison, Dean went on to a lifetime of fawning media coverage as the hero of Watergate.

John Dean: Media hero with a dark underbelly

But John Dean was nobody’s hero. And he is the last person to lecture on the perceived failures of Donald Trump. Its a joke. Just as Deputy FBI Director Mark Felt, “Deep Throat”, was the Andrew McCabe of his day. Undermining the President of the United States from his perch at the DOJ by leaking to Woodward and Bernstein.

FISA Court exposes Obama’s abuse of NSA to spy on Americans

John Dean has painted a self-righteous portrait of himself that is both false and has a darker side.

silent coup, richard nixon, john dean

Silent Coup.. the Removal of a President

The book “Silent Coup” and White House operative and Watergate alumni G. Gordan Liddy both speculate Dean himself had ordered the break-in at the Watergate to find and remove evidence of his current wife, Maureen, having been an escort to DNC Chairman Larry O’Brien.

Dean sued the publisher and Liddy, but soon settled with the publisher and dropped the suit against Liddy. Liddy testified in court, gleefully and with great assertiveness, to his version of events. If so, the storied crime that brought down the Nixon Presidency began with an attempt to keep people from knowing that John Deans wife had a past she wanted to conceal.

A diversion from the flaws in the Mueller Weissmann report

Which brings us to the Mueller Weissman report.  Even Andrew Weissmann couldn’t find collusion. That’s pretty simple, because they knew from the beginning that it didn’t exist. Weissman and Peter Strzok are the ones who turned the Papadopoulos frame up with Joseph Mifsud into the counterintelligence probe, and the Steele dossier into the FISA warrants.

Papadapolous, Mifsud

  • Why does Mueller say Joseph Misfud was a Russian agent when he has been proven to be an Italian intelligence asset working with MI-6, the CIA and FBI.
  • How can he accuse Konstantin Kilimnik of being a Russian agent when he is a known US State Department asset?
  • Why did he selectively edit White House lawyer John Dowd’s phone message to Michael Flynn to make it falsely seem to incriminate Dowd and Trump?

How can it be that he did the same to Michael Flynn?

Its a well documented Andrew Weissmann specialty. It is a disgrace.

Mueller: unable to defend the undefendable

They can’t get Mueller to testify because he can’t defend what he has done. There are too many uncomfortable questions. There are too many glaring errors in fact. The Mueller Weissmann report is another jagged feather in the cap of serial liar and abusive prosecutor Andrew Weissmann.

Mueller – Weissmann: Destroying Trump with the fruit of the Poisonous Tree

So they bring in John Dean instead. Another convicted criminal with open bias against Donald Trump. I guess Michael Cohen has finally gone off to prison, and apparently wasn’t available.

Clinton, Comey, Page, Strzok, Jerry Nadler, Michael Steele, Robert Mueller, BrennanAnd this paragon of virtue is supposed to tell us how Donald Trump is just like Richard Nixon.

Except in Watergate, there was an underlying crime. There is no underlying crime with the Russia Hoax. Even Andrew Weissmann had to admit it.

And what we have left is the exhausted ghost of Watergate trying to squeeze the last drop of relevance from a Nadler Democrat McCarthyite circus that is out of control.

US Attorney John Durham: The underlying problem
William Barr, John Durham, Barr, AG Barr, Durham

Attorney General William Barr and Special Prosecutor John Durham

But that won’t conceal what is really happening here. Democrats are panicking that their 3 years of perpetuating the corrupt, McCarthyite, orchestrated Russia hoax has been exposed for what it is. John Durham been on the case of its origins since at least October 2018, and has empaneled a Grand Jury.

All elements of the Russia hoax, including the lies in the Mueller report, are under scrutiny. Not from Donald Trump. Or by William Barr. By John Durham.

According to recent reports, Durham is asking “all the right questions”.

This terrifies Democrats. No wonder they are stepping up their attacks on Trump.

The trail leads to Barack Obama

Durham is probing the Joseph Mifsud, Alexander Downer, Stefan Halper CIA operation against George Papadopoulos. The use of the Steele Dossier for the FISA warrants. The abuse of FISA 702 court authority to illegally spy on Americans for years using NSA surveillance systems.

Obama Clinton Coup Attempt: Decimating the “peaceful transition of power”

The trail of breadcrumbs leads right back to the Obama Oval Office.

Susan Rice chaired the “extraordinary” group that was clearly the nerve center for the Russia Hoax and the subsequent events of the attempted coup. That group included Vice President Joe Biden. Of course, Rice assures us in her “cover your ass” memo  that it was all done “by the book”.

Only whose book?

Clinton, Comey, Page, Strzok, Jerry Nadler, Adam Schiff, Eric Swalwell

The poison tree…

Peter Strzok texted “POTUS wants to know everything we are doing.” Well so do we. John Durham is about to tell us. Everything. That is why John Dean is the circus animal in front of Congress. Democrats have nothing else. They’ve been caught in a lie, and they are about to burn for it.

A reckoning is coming for the coup plotters

All of them. John Brennan. James Clapper. James Comey. The three masked contractors who accessed NSA systems for 4 years between 2012 and 2016. Ben Rhodes, Susan Rice, and Valerie Jarrett. Peter Strzok, Andrew McCabe, James Baker, Lisa Page, Sally Yates, Loretta Lynch, Eric Holder. Samantha Powers and John Kerry. Sydney Blumenthal and Christopher Steele.

From using NSA surveillance systems to spying on Trump, leaking classified material on Michael Flynn, framing George Papadopoulos, and weaponizing both American and foreign intelligence agencies against the political opposition. Its all about to be exposed by John Durham.

No wonder Democrats are screaming about obstruction. They are about to be busted.  An innocent man has been framed, and is asking why he was charged in the first place. It is a question of basic decency.

The wisdom of the Wyoming rancher

As the rancher in Wyoming slyly remarked about the Mueller report and the ongoing Democrat efforts to pursue Trump: “While we recognize that the subject did not steal any horses, he is obviously guilty of trying to resist being hanged for it.”

The Clinton Brennan Russia Hoax: The damage done to America

Meanwhile, enjoy the circus antics. Pull up a bucket of chicken. Try to keep a straight face. Watch the spectacle as John Dean himself reads the Mueller report and reminds us about honesty and decency. And Justice. And Virtue.

Its a poor substitute for a frail Robert Mueller coming and having to answer for his provably untruthful, biased, and intentionally misleading 400-page Mueller-Weissmann abomination.

John Durham will have the final word

Mueller’s legacy is as the disgraced lapdog of Andrew Weissmann. The “insurance policy” of Peter Strzok. And the mouthpiece of the Democrat Party. That’s why we get to watch John Dean, the ghost of Watergate, as Democrats continue to attempt to deflect from the coming exposure of a litany of crimes that are bigger than Watergate. Much bigger.

The real show will begin when John Durham unseals a batch of Grand Jury indictments.

That is exactly what Democrats are afraid of.


Lead Image: LOC from Watergate hearings with insert from Justice Kavanaugh hearings

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