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The mystery man that Schiff-t’s the Trump Russia conspiracy narrative

Written By | Feb 9, 2019
Schiff, Russia, GPS Fusion, Dossier, Stephen Nemo

WASHINGTON. Democrat Rep. Adam Schiff, the new chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, met with an interesting individual last July while attending the Aspen Security Forum. That individual’s name may not be familiar to you, but he is the man at the center of the Trump Russia collusion narrative.

A narrative Rep. Schiff has proclaimed tirelessly since Donald J. Trump was sworn in as the nation’s 45th president.

Schiff, Russia, GPS Fusion, Dossier, Stephen Nemo

Rep. Adam Schiff. CBS News screen capture.

But before we reveal the mystery man’s name, here is where we are in what has to be one of the most intricate political conspiracies in American history.

What we know
  1. We know British spy Christopher Steele assembled a dossier with salacious accusations leveled at then-candidate Donald Trump.

    Salacious accusations centering on Trump’s alleged sexual trysts with Russian prostitutes while on business trips to Moscow. Accusations that suggested Trump was vulnerable to Russian blackmail. Accusations provided to Steele via his Kremlin sources.

  2. We also know Christopher Steele was a paid asset of the FBI.

    A position that gave him access to information regarding ongoing FBI investigations, some of which he leaked to the press. Acts that supposedly ended his association with the agency.

  3. We also know the FBI presented the Steele dossier to the secret FISA court as a pretext to attain warrants to launch a counterintelligence operation against the Trump presidential campaign.

    Stranger still, no warning flares went off in the minds of the FISA judges that a Democratic administration would request to spy on the opposition party’s presidential campaign. A fact that is odd in and of itself.

  4. We also know Peter Strzok, former head of the FBI’s Counterespionage Section, told his Clinton-supporting lover in a phone text not to worry if Trump won.

    That an “insurance policy” was in place to deal with that eventuality.

  5. After the duplicitous FBI Director James Comey was fired by President Trump, close Comey friend and former FBI Director Robert Mueller was appointed special counsel to investigate the so-called Trump/Russia plot to “sow discord” among Americans and “erode confidence in the democratic process.”
  6. We also know the Steele dossier was paid for by the Democratic National Committee and the Hillary Clinton campaign, to the tune of $12.4 million.
  7. We also know attorney Marc Elias, of Seattle-based law firm Perkins Coie, who represented the DNC and Clinton campaign, hired the services of Fusion GPS, a Washington D.C. opposition research firm.
  8. And closing the circle, it was Fusion GPS who hired British Spy and FBI asset Christopher Steele to compile the anti-Trump dossier.

As I said previously, it’s an intricate political conspiracy.

The shifty-eyed Schiff

Schiff, Russia, GPS Fusion, Dossier, Stephen Nemo

Getting back to Rep. Adam Schiff.  Last July Schiff met with Glenn Simpson at the Aspen Security Forum. Who is Glenn Simpson you ask? He and Peter Fritch (a former journalist) co-founded the firm Fusion GPS.

Schiff, Russia, GPS Fusion, Dossier, Stephen Nemo

Glenn Simpson. ABC News screen capture.

What did the House Intelligence Committee Democrat discuss with Glenn Simpson in Aspen? When The Hill confronted Fusion GPS with that very question, the firm issued a statement that said in part,

“The conversation between the two was brief and did not cover anything substantive.”

But should we believe Fusion GPS?

The company they keep

Human rights activist Thor Halvorssen. Fox News screen capture.

Human Rights Foundation president and founder Thor Halvorssen, like Trump, is a victim of Fusion GPS. On his Facebook page, he tells of…

“… Fusion GPS and its role in coordinating a smear campaign against investigative journalists and whistleblowers (including me) who threatened to expose a corruption scandal involving Venezuela’s Derwick Associates.” They “carried out a multi-billion-dollar fraud involving faulty electric power plants, the laundering of its proceeds in American banks, and a kickback scheme to pay off Venezuelan officials.”

Venezuelan strongman Nicolas Maduro.

In testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee, Halvorssen said…

“… Fusion GPS understands how the media operates, how to kill a story, how to manufacture enough doubt to throw off a journalistic investigation, and what it takes for an editor to disqualify a journalist from pursuing a story.”

And how did Fusion GPS deal with Halvorssen? Coincidentally, they compiled…

“… a dossier containing false and derogatory information about me and about the other whistleblowers who have drawn attention to Derwick [Associates].”
Shielding death merchants

And if running interference for the corrupt officials of democratic socialist Venezuela isn’t damning enough, Fusion GPS also coordinated a smear campaign against the Center for Medical Progress.

They’re the folks whose hidden cameras captured Planned Parenthood officials ghoulishly engaged in negotiations to sell the body parts of aborted fetuses. Over lunch no less.

A still from an undercover video of Planned Parenthood officials.

A report by Fusion GPS claimed the damning videos were “edited” and the product of “audio manipulation.” Claims eagerly parroted by our fake-news media. Just like the claims made in the Fusion GPS-sponsored Steele dossier.

So, what was Schiff doing at the Aspen Security Forum last July?

Third World corruption in Washington

He was on a discussion panel concerning America’s policies in Afghanistan and Iraq. He told the gathering that the US Department of Justice told him the Afghan prime minister’s office…

“… was corrupt. The anti-corruption section was corrupt. That we had to stop, in fact, teaching certain anti-corruption techniques, because they were using them to be more successfully corrupt. Because when you teach people how to ferret out corruption, you’re also teaching them how to better conceal corruption.”

And it appears no one has learned this lesson better than the Democrat chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Rep. Adam Schiff.


Top Images: (left) Fusion GPS co-founder Glenn Simpson,
MSNBC screen capture. Rep. Adam Schiff, CNN screen capture.

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