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The liberal mean girls attack FLOTUS; Are we in Ayn Rand’s Age of Envy?

Written By | Jun 23, 2018
Age of Envy, Media Attack FLOTUS, Ayn Rand

COLORADO SPRINGS: The label, Mean Girls, is a tween expression used to describe girls who exhibit an anti-social behavior known as relational aggression, a type of aggression in which harm is caused by damaging someone’s relationships or social status. First Lady Melania Trump is a favorite target of liberals – and the liberal media- mean girls. Writer Ayn Rand said we would enter the Age of Envy and she is right. It is being led by  Mean Girls and when the liberal media attack FLOTUS.

Ayn Rand and The Age of Envy

Before her death, the author and founder of Objectivism, Ayn Rand (February 2, 1905 – March 6, 1982) said that America was entering “The Age of Envy.” Her observation pre-dated the inauguration of the Mean Girls, but it may be an obvious explanation for hating on Melania Trump.

Face it. Not since Jackie Kennedy has a First Lady been so posh. She’s wealthy. Drop-dead gorgeous. She welcomes foreign leaders speaking in their own languages, speaking five languages fluently! She is a gracious and hands on White House hostess championing her own issues: children and bullying

Unfortunately for those whose stripe is green, Mrs. Trump is easy to envy. They say her political reticence and soft-spoken-ness are proof of her stupidity.

Tom Arnold’s desperate calls for attacks on Trump children

This is not the first Mean Girl FLOTUS attack.

Item 1:

Upon the President’s move to the White House, Mrs. Trump announced she would be remaining back in New York, so their young son, Barron, might finish his school year normally, among his own friends.

Said the Mean Girls:

Her marriage obviously is in tatters. She cannot stand her husband and wishes to live apart from him.

Item 2:

Following major surgery recently at Bethesda Naval Hospital, she was out of the spotlight two weeks recuperating. There were rumors she might even have traveled to New York to care for her ailing mother.

Said the Mean Girls:

Her husband, the President, must have beaten her, and she was waiting for her facial lacerations to heal. Which, of course, led to the salient question of the day, “Can the President pardon himself?”

Item 3:

She was photographed walking from the White House to Marine One in August to travel to flood-ravaged Texas to view the results of Hurricane Harvey in (Gasp!!) a pair of black snakeskin stilettos.

Age of Envy, Media Attack FLOTUS, Ayn Rand

Said the Mean Girls:

Robin Givhan, staff writer and The Washington Post’s fashion critic, opined, not about the terrific devastation, but, yes, again, about the First Lady’s clothing:

“Observers were baffled by her shoes in particular. Those shoes. Those shoes. Good Lord, those shoes. She is fond of Manolo’s and Louboutin’s. But it’s not the brand or the cost: It’s the heels. She defies gravity in them. She floats above it all. They aren’t power heels; they’re sexy heels. Heading off to Texas, she looked dressed to view a natural disaster from a distance, from on high, not up close. Her ensemble implied that people’s personal stories would be ferried to her after they had been vetted and tidied up. There was no suggestion that Trump would be flat-footed in the muck, hearing their truth in messy, tearful open-ended confusion.”

Reading to the end, we (finally) get reality:

“By the time Trump landed in Texas she had changed. She was still wearing black trousers, but they were paired with a white shirt and sneakers.”

And then, he may not be a girl, but once an American Icon now a pussy, Peter Fonda, jumped into the nasty estrogen pool with his tweet threatening the President and Mrs. Trump’s son. And yet, from the media, virtual crickets. On Fox, liberal spokesperson called it an unfortunate choice of wording but did not condemn the once upon a time actor.

Age of Envy, Media Attack FLOTUS, Ayn Rand

In Mean Girls defense, we were all teens once

Having been a teen girl once, I can attest to their crazy, and sometimes not nice, behavior. There was teen-think that sent a loudly obnoxious, although somewhat endearing, message to the world, “We’re here! We’re full of life! Now, get out of our way!”

Oh Canada: Open U.S. borders, religion diminish American Exceptionalism

Somehow in this era of Fake News, Never Trumpers, and a twenty-first century need to cut successful and/or beautiful people down to size, Mean Girls are turning up everywhere.We have a media, entertainers, comedians, and even “journalists’ all wearing the coat of the mean girl. Are they jealous? Envious? Living with emotions close to the surface like a teens?

A recent target of this teen-like success-envy has been the First Lady, Melania Trump. Somehow, the grace with which voters traditionally have treated our president and his family has now gone the way of the land-line.

Then, welcome to 2018’s new Mean Girls.

The First Lady took a trip to the Texas border to see for herself the treatment of immigrant children by U.S. border authorities. She was soft-spoken, attentive, and a beautiful presence. Her physical beauty was only transcended by her humanity and her independent way of doing things. She asked poignant and important questions and listened to the answers.

She was graceful and loving. Unless, of course, if you’re a Mean Girl.

As they say, “No good deed goes unpunished.”

Once again, the Mean Girls in the national media were on the prowl. Rather than focus on her actions to do what she could to shine a national spotlight on the plight of children being held in difficult circumstances, they focused on . . . her jacket. Word has it the jacket in question with an odd saying emblazoned on its back, “I really don’t care, do U,” cost all of $37.

In said casual jacket, she crossed the White House lawn to board Marine One. The outfit she wore as she emerged in Texas, however, was a soft pink safari jacket worn over impeccably white slacks. The media’s outrage at Jacket Number One was nothing if not consistent with their Mean Girls derangement.

Unfortunately, mean girls can be dense. If not blatantly stupid. One has to believe that Mrs. Trump’s coat message was not meant for Texas, the children on the border, or as a statement about immigration.

She wore the coat knowing she would be photographed walking to Marine One, where it was left when she got to Texas. And the message was for the “Fake News Media,” has been actors, entertainers, late-night hosts, washed up comedians that hound the Trump family. You’re on notice.

Mrs. Trump does not care what you think. And as the most powerful woman in the world, you just might find her smiling, but uncooperative when you need her most. Canceling the Congressional Picnic was just the beginning.

No, but wait.

There’s no question but that her near-perfect behavior is rattling the Mean Girls. They’d prefer a presidential spat, even a divorce. They’d like her in a First Lady uniform.

What they really want is for Mrs. Trump to become a Mean Girl herself. Be careful what you wish you for. They might get what they want. Her child has been threatened. As has her husband.

But I promise you she will look good and smile. And you won’t see it coming. It might not be as obvious as a statement coat, which you all missed.


Karen Hagestad Cacy

Karen Hagestad Cacy, of Colorado Springs, is a former Washington speechwriter and transportation lobbyist. Raised in Portland, Oregon, she holds a BA degree in Russian and Middle East Studies from Portland State University (and American University in Cairo.) Her four novels are available on She is also the author of two plays.