The liberal justification of abortion: Clintonian Christianity

President Clinton, 1997
President Clinton, 1997

LOS ANGELES, June 9, 2013 — A previous column of mine — in another land and obviously in an entirely different publication — had me “Musing” regularly upon a most enjoyable potpourri of subjects. The articles ranged from memories of Italy to admiration for Stephen Harper.

However, the one thing I was not allowed to “muse” upon was abortion.

Why? The editor was — and still is as far as I know — a “Progressive Catholic.”

I no longer write for that radically tasteful magazine.

“Radically tasteful” is my own translation for a monstrously manipulative force in all of North America described as “Political Correctness.” Why do I no longer write for such a “politically correct” publication?

It is a singular vocation of mine to challenge an explosively expanding contradiction-in-terms, among Catholics particularly: They honestly think that there is such a thing as a “progressively pro-abortion Christian.” In my not-entirely-uninformed opinion, a “progressively pro-abortion Christian” cannot possibly be a Catholic.

I also believe, in light of the Holy Bible and the American Declaration of Independence, that a progressively pro-abortion Christian not only defies the words “all men are created equal” but, in paraphrasing the Golden Rule, “does unto gestating infants what he or she would not want done to their own gestating infancy.”

Such a sordid state of affairs!

The depth of such homicidal hypocrisy!

It makes one wonder, after the death of America and the Golden Rule, whether there will be civilization left on earth at all. Aren’t there now, to quote the title of this editorial, just “illusions and delusions of a counterfeit status quo”?

This American wholesale slaughter of gestating infants, over one million per year, continues to increase in its ruthlessness with the banishment of the Catholic Church out of all hospitals in the United States.

For now, “political correctness” can overrule even the powers and undeniably unavoidable obligations of a Pope.

How can some American Catholics — Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden, for instance — actually become “progressively pro-abortion Catholics”? Because, as I’ve written here, they’re getting away with it.

Just as Pope Benedict XVI was about to put his foot down, forbidding the already forbidden practice of abortion, a suddenly and breathtakingly convenient new pope, Pope Francis I, shows up and … well … the rest is Papal history.

As far as I know, under Papal Law, which a former brother-in-law of mine had spent his life living and breathing as a Jesuit scholar, the Vatican’s estimate of abortion has not surrendered to Protestant Dispensations. Abortion, despite the American Supreme Court and its Roe v Wade decision legalizing murder, is still condemned by the Catholic Church as infanticide.

As cold-blooded murder.

“Mr. Moriarty! It is not a human being!!!”

Hmmm …

Oh, well. This virulently hypocritical and calumnious state-of-affairs really can’t last for too long. Sooner or later both Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi, because of their Obama Nation’s shameless salesmanship and increasingly aggressive campaign to promote abortion, will, like other pro-abortion Catholics, eventually, inevitably and obligatorily be refused Communion. Perhaps not by this pope, but by some eventual efforts in St. Peter’s to end a spiritually eternal epidemic: Christian, and most particularly Catholic, homicidal hypocrisy.

Bill Clinton, in his autobiography and  through his widely advertised associations, has apparently convinced us that his transformation from Baptist to “progressive” Baptist is acceptable, even to the Billy Graham family. I’m not sure, despite the “Clinton Global Initiative,” that Bill Clinton’s view of Christianity is quite the spiritual slam-dunk he might think it is.

He and his wife Hillary are, however, certainly not Catholic. So why even mention them?

I think, in fact I believe from the bottom of my heart, soul and deepest gut feelings, that as President of the United States, Bill Clinton, more than any other POTUS in the history of worldwide Presidencies, has made pro-abortion Christianity the Free World’s favorite religion.

What an accomplishment! Let’s give it up, eh? A major, worldwide round of applause for Slick Willy’s Globally Spiritual Initiative! Because of Bill Clinton, to be a Christian now in America is just one more walk-in-the-park with Monica Lewinsky.

For a libertine President of the United States I much prefer the pro-life Catholic, John F. Kennedy.

Why? Aside from his Church’s condemnation of abortion, I count this speech of Kennedy’s as not only the most important and still-relevant speech an American president has made since Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, and believe that in some sense, both speeches led inevitably to their authors’ assassinations.

I count Clinton, the entire Bush family and the Obama Nation as actually belonging to the very conspiracy that Kennedy spoke of. Following Kennedy’s death, these conspirators have held onto American power ever since. The Bush and Clinton families have successfully played volleyball with the Oval Office.

A Catholic President of the United States, in office prior to Roe v Wade, would ultimately have had to oppose abortion and defeat the inevitable efforts of the Supreme Court, under one of the grandest of Republican hypocrites, Richard Nixon, to slip cold-blooded infanticide right by the American people. The American people weren’t even allowed to vote on the measure.
Why was a Catholic president so feared?

Whether it’s the megalomania of the “Clinton Global Initiative” or the now popular and most “politically correct” concept of a “Progressive New World Order,” both are intended to shrink America’s leverage and to feed the U.N.’s ultimate goal: world domination.

With three, undeniably Marxist world leaderships — the Neo-Soviet Union’s Vladimir Putin, “fundamentally transformed” America’s Barack Hussein Obama, and the Communist Chinese Politburo — holding complete control over the Security Counsel’s vote, America gets what George Bush Sr. said he wanted: a New World Order under the control of the United Nations.

A New World Order is exactly what Henry Kissinger says he wants as well.

America has never dominated the entire world. She’s demanded its respect, but never once assumed this progressive United Nations’ dream of a one-world global order!

America has tried, by example, to lead the world. Meanwhile the United States has been so generous as to invite a devoted Marxist, the likes of Barack Obama, into the presidency, the White House, the Oval Office and a major corner of American, domestic and foreign history!

What has been America’s greatest mistake, including her slavery? Her greatest mistake has been legalized abortion: acceptably cold-blooded murder.

Abortion, unlike slavery, has become America’s Rainbow Sin. Everybody’s doin’ it! And who’s the most aggressively pro-abortion president in the history of the Free World? Barack Hussein Obama. At least he’s not a Catholic; and I doubt if he’s really all that much of a Christian.

There is, always has been and always will be human hypocrisy. But then there is homicidal hypocrisy. Homicidal hypocrisy is, indeed, Progressive Catholicism and, on an even larger, “Globally Initiative” scale, Clintonian Christianity.

What does Clintonian Christianity amount to? “Population control.”

The rabid, would-be and not-so-would-be controllers of human population claim, “Population control is a lot more important than a bunch of bigoted priests, nuns and ministers! Talk about hypocrites! These holier-than-thou stuffed shirts want to go on about the human soul? Meanwhile, according to David Attenborough, this earth is drowning, suffocating, literally being destroyed by Man!!”


I once lived in the most densely populated and, at the same time, most popular city in the entire world. Not in Greater New York City, but in the 23.7 sq. mile island of Manhattan. Eight to 10 million human beings crowd through and into that small bit of real estate daily. More is going on throughout that single island than generally occurs in all of most other nations. Whatever is going on in other parts of the world that is of any major importance is broadcast to the entire human race from New York! That vibrant, quintessentially American miracle of shamelessly overpopulated Manhattan is, to the likes of David Attenborough and his ilk, a “plague”.

I lived for over 30 years amidst the “overpopulation” of Manhattan. I wouldn’t have traded the experience for anything else in the entire Universe!

Why did I leave New York?

The likes of David Attenborough began to take over the entire East Coast of America,most of the mainstream media and the entire federal government of the United States.

The ugly and still hidden truth of The Obama Nation had been actually gestating in the political wombs of the Bush/Clinton/Bush warm-up, their volley ball game with the White House, the monster gestating within this familial “illusion and delusion of a counterfeit American status quo.” It has, all along, been a Progressive New World Order to be controlled by the United Nations. All of which considers the human race a plague on earth, fit only to be depopulated for the sake of endangered species.

There’s something a little specious about it, isn’t there? Mankind becomes infanticidal all because of the spotted owl? Because of a “global warming” that has become a scientific laughing stock?American politicians don’t quite say that, of course.

We all know that global warming and the spotted owl are not the real reasons for abortion, euthanasia and whatever other “ameliorating” homicides the enlightened despots of America’s fundamental transformation come up with.

The truth about the New World Order’s leadership? They are what I describe as “Rainbow Nazis,” “enlightened despots”, as Voltaire would describe them, with a slow and patiently delivered Final Solution for their spoiled-brat and elitist idea of over-population.

They want to create a superior breed of intellectual supermen and superwomen. Only such progressives can make “real progress.”

The central think tanks of the United Nations’ World Policies were, indeed, a major backbone to the “Global Warming” Scam ‘n Scare! Too many cars?! Too much carbon in the air?! That really means “too many people.”

Have these progressive know-it-alls given up all their seven veils? Can they be nakedly truthful with America?!

Of course not.

Obama’s in a bit of trouble right now with his Benghazi, his IRS and his Justice Departments: their combined excessive zeal and utter neglect for American servicemen’s lives.

Oh, well … what’s the worse that could happen?

For us? Civil War.

For Obama? Impeachment … and everything that might follow.

Which will it be? In my estimation, the very worst that could happen to individual freedom and responsibility is neither a civil war nor impeachment.

What would the worst be? The continued illusions and delusions of a counterfeit status quo.

That is why Barack Hussein Obama is actually a blessing-in-disguise. The Obama Nation’s “fundamental transformation” and the horrors of Obamacare are about to hurtle down upon the American people!

Good luck, Barack. Your Obamacare will prove to be ten times the nightmare and twenty times the headaches that your decisions about Benghazi have proven to be.


Obama can’t conceal or cover-up a hell-on-earth, the constitution of his Obama Nation. The portion now called Obamacare was written by his very own Democratic Party, by many of the czars in his kitchen cabinet and passed by his doppelgangers in the United States Senate, plus a parcel of what he himself would call “useful idiots” in the 2008 House of Representatives.

I really don’t think Obama can play Bill Clinton’s game here. His promise of a “fundamental transformation” makes Bill Clinton’s counterfeit status quo an utter impossibility for the Obama Nation and its “Fundamental Transformation of America.”

It’s the “Full Monty” for Barack!

Even if he takes his clothes off, he’ll still be unable to ever tell the whole truth.


It’s against his Progressively Marxist, New World Order religion.

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