The imbecilic cliches that are dumbing down America

There are way too many shallow, imbecile phrases being repeated ad nauseum and they mean nothing and make Americans look really dumb


LOS ANGELES, April 2, 2015 — America is becoming a nation of shallow thinkers and imbecilic speakers. Many children in public schools are no longer required to learn cursive writing. Handwritten thank-you notes are becoming a relic of a more thoughtful and intelligent past.

Intellectual clarity is being replaced with turgid, shallow phrases that sound deep but mean absolutely nothing. From President Barack Obama to singer Katy Perry, verbal vacuity has become a way of life.

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Rock Group Spinal Tap mocked tired cliches by turning them upside down. They seriously sing phrases like, “The more it stays the same, the less it changes.”

To avoid becoming a shallow, thoughtless imbecile, it is necessary to avoid using the words that contribute to the hollowing out of our once substantive culture.

Fox News personality Greg Gutfeld has his list of banned phrases. Here are some more.


Haters gonna hate: Taylor Swift may be a lovely person, but this song gave rise to an expression that should have been stillborn. “Hate” has become synonymous for any expression that the person on the receiving end disagrees with. Try criticizing President Obama’s policies. His Millennial supporters respond with, “You’re just a hater.”

No, they’re just a herd of idiots.

Represent: This word is supposed to be an expression of pride in where somebody lives or is from. Now “representin'” means somebody takes a gun to a nightclub and somebody gets shot. “Gotta represent!”

No. You really don’t.


God is dead: This statement by Freidrich Nietzsche has been drained of meaning. Now it is a term for graffiti vandals who have not had an original idea since they decided smoking marijuana was something positive. The phrase is meant to sound deeply contemplative but is just a cover for those leading empty, failed lives.

I’m spiritual: This expression is for people torn between two competing ideas they despise. They do not want to be called “religious” or “godless.” “Being spiritual” means believing in something without knowing or saying exactly what.

Many spiritual people equate trees with God. Atheists are sincere in believing in nothing. Spiritual people are frequently self-loathing or dishonest atheists. They share the belief in non-belief while rejecting the label.


Unprecedented: Narcissists like to think that everything they do has never been done before. In truth, others have usually already done what we have, only better. Liberal politicians tend to declare anything they find offensive to be an unprecedented insult. This means the comments were routine and the outrage feigned.


Check your privilege: Rich white liberal college students believe white people should feel guilty for being white. These students scream at other Caucasians to “check their privilege” while they sip expensive cups of coffee and take selfies with their pricy cellphones.

Try taking away their privileges and see how much they like being among the poor people they pretend to identify with.

Lives matter: Truly shallow slogans require a Twitter hashtag. #BlackLivesMatter began after Trayvon Martin was killed in an encounter with George Zimmerman. The rebuttal came in the equally annoying #AllLivesMatter.

In the name of gender equality, college campuses should begin yelling that #FratBoyLivesMatter.

Diversity and multiculturalism: These phony slogans are used by liberals to pit people against each other by rewarding people with inferior abilities solely because of their race or skin color. At no time do people obsessing over tokenism ever concern themselves with diversity of thought, also known as intellectual, political or ideological diversity.

Hope and change: Barack Obama is the king of the vapid people. The man who became famous for speaking endlessly while saying and doing nothing launched himself to prominence with these empty words and a heaping dose of “Yes, we can” nonsense.

This is what democracy looks like: This phrase is used by bubble-headed college students getting degrees in lesbian vegan Chicano studies and other majors destined to render them permanently unemployable. They usually repeat these words in song incorrectly as they confuse shouting down people they disagree with as democracy. This is done while they wear Che Guevara t-shirts.

War is not the answer: Sometimes war is the answer. Ironically, militant peace protesters have the right to detract from society with oral idiocy because American soldiers won wars. War freed the slaves and defeated Nazism. Peaceful utopias led to mass murders in Mao Tse Tung’s China, Pol Pot’s Cambodia and Vladimir Lenin’s Russia.

Hands up, don’t shoot: Liberal blacks rioted across America in pre-planned demonstrations fanned by Al Sharpton and encouraged by President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder. The excuse was Mike Brown, a black criminal who attacked a white cop after robbing a liquor store and beating up the owner.

The cop defended himself. In the end, the famous phrase by liberal blacks and their guilty white liberal enablers never happened. Like liberalism itself, the entire rationale for its most recent temper tantrum was a hollow fiction.

Go green: Environmentalist zealots would be willing to kill off most of humanity and enslave the survivors in order to save a forest. Or they would cut down a forest to put up a solar farm. Because the phrase means whatever the supporters want it to mean at any given moment, it is a statement that stands for nothing.

People generally are pro-environment. Once people see the specifics of the humanity subjugation movement, they run away from Beelzebub and his details. Additionally, most environmental activists are just plain boring, which combined with with their moral and intellectual vacuity is a deadly combination.

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