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The GOP will unite; even behind Trump

Written By | Mar 22, 2016

WASHINGTON, March 22, 2016 – It is heard all of the time. “I will never vote for Donald Trump.”

Trump has put some voters off so much by his campaign tactics that they are repulsed by the thought of “president” Trump. Others look at the way he has led his life and don’t believe he represents the values of the United States of America.  For still others, Trump has never seemed to adhere to conservative principles. The fact that he says that he does now might suggest that he adheres to no principles.

Yet the people of state after state are handing Donald Trump victories in primary elections. He far out-performs the expectations of the political class and the pundits.

So what will happen if he wins the nomination?

“The Donald” has, at times, demonstrated that he can behave in a manner appropriate to the office of president. He seems to understand that his most outlandish behavior has limited appeal. Once his big guns are pointed at Hillary Clinton, they will be a little less offensive, not only because he will not attacking our favorite candidate but also because there is such a rich field of factual information on Clinton from which to draw.

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Trump will again surprise the pundits as more people climb on board the Trump train, if only to avoid a Hillary Clinton presidency.

And yet there is one group that may be less predictable. Some establishment Republicans, Mitt Romney and those like him, seem to be more concerned about defeating Donald Trump than Hillary Clinton. One would think that those with long political backgrounds would be more pragmatic. They know that candidates, and even presidents, come and go. There is another reset every four years, or eight years maximum.

Such people would state that they will NEVER vote for Trump for one of two reasons. The first is that they are full of bluster and still trying to influence the nomination process. The second is that they fear a Trump presidency would strip them of their power and influence in the GOP. Trump would stroll into the presidency owing nobody. He would have taken nothing from the big power brokers. He feels no particular loyalty to any professional politicians.

Donald Trump will do what he wants to do as president. Many in the old guard could be gone! Trump would not only be president but he would also be head of the Republican Party.

These from the political class have talked of running a third party candidate. Really? They of all people know that such a move would lock in the win for Hillary Clinton. If they are serious about that, then they are more concerned for their own position and power than they are for the country. They understand that the next president will make three or four appointments to the Supreme Court, appointments that will affect the very fabric and culture of the United States for generations to come.

How would you define those who would rather turn over the Supreme Court to progressives than to Donald Trump, who is at least promising more conservative picks?

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Many have reasonable and legitimate concerns regarding a Trump nomination. However, he has indeed created a movement and will in all likelihood be nominated to run against Hillary Clinton this fall. There will likely be a group who, being conscience driven, will stay home. It remains to be seen how large a group that would be. Surprisingly, a significant number of evangelical Christians are already on board with Trump.

In spite of that, sanity will rule the day and all of the “anyone but Trump” hoopla will fade away. Conservatives from the grass roots and from the political class will have to acknowledge that the people have spoken and the process has worked. They will line up behind the nominee, even if it is Donald Trump.


Jack Meyer

Jack Meyer operates small businesses in Arizona and Colorado and is a follower of politics.