The fall of the House of Clinton

The spectre of corruption that hangs over Clinton from the multiple FBI investigations ensures years of Hillary criminal drama whether she wins or not, but will certainly create the chaos of a major constitutional crisis for the country if she does win.

Hillary Clinton of her America (Image compilation of real estate publicity image and screenshot)

WASHINGTON, November 5, 2016 — The coming election is a brick in the face of the political establishment. It will alter the state of American politics and may end the stranglehold of an entrenched political elite, an elite so arrogant they have ignored Hillary Clinton’s criminal behavior, even tying to rig an election to get their way.

By 10 p.m. Eastern time Tuesday, America will either have delivered the greatest challenge to the political status quo around the world, or will have elected a president under FBI investigation who has run the most McCarthyite smear campaign in modern times.

As the polls tighten in Trump’s favor, the shrillness and panic among the Clintonites is almost amusing to watch. CNN news anchors fumble for ways to repeat the Clinton party, and MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell is almost foaming at the mouth.

Various talking heads—David Gergen, Bob Woodward, Larry Sabato—defy pressure to tell the truth, excusing Clinton’s pay-for-play behavior, now revealed to be on a scale so broad it defies imagination.

The candidates may be awful, but can Americans still be good?

Hillary’s voice has reached new levels of screech.

Democratic operative Bob Creamer admits on video to vicious, coordinated dirty tricks, creating violence at Trump rallies where people were injured, including policemen. The money trail behind Creamer leads directly to the DNC and the Clinton campaign. Creamer attended over 300 White House meetings, connecting with President Obama at least 34 times.

This is Donald Segretti-style, Watergate dirty tricks on steroids, with Creamer openly fomenting violence, on orders from the DNC and the Clinton campaign, who abruptly fired him once truth became widely known.

Where is the FBI in this matter? Why do journalists refuse to cover this criminal activity, and minimize outrageous behavior that leads directly to the Oval Office?

It is clear to many that that there is an ongoing conspiracy among high Justice Department officials to obstruct justice. Lorretta Lynch and her predecessor have politicized and manipulated the Department of Justice in ways that have openly compromised its honesty and integrity.

Here’s the problem in a nutshell: If Clinton loses, she and many of the people around her are going to jail. Lynch will be in serious trouble; Eric Holder will be in serious trouble.

Bob Creamer isn’t the only presidential scandal that leads back to the White House. Lois Lerner will be finally facing justice for her role in the systematic targeting of conservative political groups by the IRS, and the head of the IRS Union and IRS Commissioner should probably start looking at hiring lawyers.

America is sick of the corruption, sick of the Clinton Foundation, sick of the Clintons.

The sense that the entire establishment is both rigged, corrupt, and in the tank for Hillary is pervasive. The post election repercussions for an openly discredited “mainstream” media are enormous.

The smell of Brexit is in the air. The will of the electorate, fortunately, is about to prevail.

The reopening of the FBI Investigation, the 650,000 Huma Abedin emails, the Cheryl Mills computer, the stunning and hamhanded efforts by Lynch to shut down Director Comey and the FBI investigations, are all having an effect.

Lynch’s meeting with Bill Clinton on her airplane, the stench of bribery, kickbacks, cronyism, the multimillion dollar frauds in Haiti, the crass revelations about Jennifer Palmieri and John Podesta, the pathetic McCarthyism and desperate rhetoric are all eating away at her campaign. They signal the fall of the House of Clinton.

Clinton is going to Michigan on Monday as they scramble to save a blue state that is now in play. While she tried to shore up Pennsylvania with a Jay Z concert filled with the F and N words, Trump may be on the verge of sweeping the rustbelt.

Clinton is desperate to boost black turnout, which is lagging from 10 to 25 percent, but it isn’t working. It isn’t likely that millennials, minorities, and Hispanics will turn out in the numbers she needs, especially millennials after the way she defrauded and defamed Bernie Sanders.

Pennsylvania and Michigan have no early voting, so the growing momentum of the Trump campaign works in his favor. The growing tide of Independents for Trump, the return of Republicans to the fold, the FBI investigation, and the history of elections all point to a Trump victory.

In the last four days of a campaign, it is always the trend that is decisive. Those are all breaking towards Trump.

The spectre of corruption that hangs over Clinton from multiple FBI investigations ensures years of criminal drama, whether she wins or not. It will create the chaos of a major constitutional crisis for the country if she does win.

That is not lost on the voters.

The value of life in the 2016 election

Cheryl Mills, Huma Abedin, Jennifer Palmieri and others on her team will be consumed by their own mounting legal troubles as well. Even Obama and Valerie Jarrett might be held responsible for their actions over the last eight years, from Fast and Furious to the IRS scandal.

The dam is about to break. The unthinkable and its natural and inevitable legal consequences are about to occur. Donald Trump is about to be elected President, and the legal impunity and willful misconduct of the last eight years is now finally about be held to account.

That might explain some of the fear at the Clinton campaign—and at the White House.

When that occurs, and after heads have exploded in media centers across the country and the salons of Washington, then Washington will witness a Jacksonian-style, populist revolution that hasn’t been seen since Teddy Roosevelt foolishly gave up the White House to William Howard Taft.

A President Trump will be a far more productive and successful president than any of his critics give him credit for. It will be up to him to provide the leadership to ensure the 4 percent economic growth and structural change America needs to turn the economy and our society around. The American people are counting on it.

The campaign of vilification and character assassination waged by the Clintons has been as viscious and vacuous and as unsuccessful as it is despicable, and in the pall of these waning days she knows she is losing. Her whole team knows it.

The attempts to mask her criminal activities, and the desperate lies of a losing campaign are all central to the fact that the only one responsible for the fall of the House of Clinton is Hillary Clinton herself.

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