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The Exorcist Cometh, but it may be too late to get rid of demon Pazuzu

Written By | Aug 11, 2021
Exorcist, Pazuzu, Demons, washington, politics

The priest Jason Miller in the Exorcist

TEXAS: Masks, vaccines, taxes, professional imported diseases, and rule by highhanded autocratic mandates. These are hell’s creations of what the law of the land should be. This is not the fire, it is the frying pan. The fire is the iron-fisted men (and women, of course) who lie and steal and have become marshals of life with or without law in American society.

They may believe God created this life, but they believe they are the rulers of it through any modifications, politically, they can measure. Honest law is damned! God needs them more than they need God, they seem to have presumed. And that is simply for actual believers in the first place.

The agnostics among them simply know they know what is best for everybody else.

Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph. – Thomas Paine: The Crisis

These “firemen” are anchored in Washington with their demonic Pazuzu-like preternatural statues seemingly manifested around them in their bureaucratic dark world of office-holders, along with their respective civil workers and appointees. That is, those who claim to be “serving.” Many thrive in New York (what’s left of it), and the far-reaching outpost of Silicon Valley is the modern electronic larder for supplying their lines.

 Exorcist, Pazuzu, Demons, washington, politics

Statue of Pazuzu, king of wind demons – Syrian Arab News Agency

They are seen constantly, publicly displaying their contempt for human flesh and human souls while they are as demonic as any literary lore or Biblical truth. Yes, Virginia, there are demons.

And, it seems, the greatest number are in Washington.

Named for the man who has affectionately been christened as “Father of Our Country,” it might be more appropriately renamed. Perhaps hold a contest and in the wonderful world of universal voting (something George Washington would have barfed at) allow the people to rename it something like Sewer City, or Graft Town, or Lobbyburg.

Maybe, just call it Hell. That would be the home of the father of modern Washington—The Devil.

This is what people who have families, pay taxes, obey the law, and love a working day have to concurrently confront as the “government” formed for “we the people”: Fire stokers and demonic politicians and their over-salaried bureaucratic crawlers.

All are subsumed by evil nonsense like “January 6th” hearings; fraudulent, reckless nonsense crafted by, or at least promoted by modern Pazuzu fliers beating their wings over the people in their own “house.”

Liars? Each has sworn to uphold a written law but it is as clear as a bell that few if any have read the law (constitution), any more than they have read the bills that they vote on.

And even fewer probably could not pass an elementary school test on the document they signed as affiants. Pazuzu and all the little Pazuzu fledglings spread wings and spew vomit on the law.

Thieves? They print money that belongs to others and spend it as if it is their own.

The executive Pazuzu personally offers 100 dollars to any who will get a vaccine on his advice. He apparently received his M.D. from the University of Hell. The 100 dollars of course he steals because he can.

Corruption in the American Medical Association and its assorted flacks and hacks (CDC, WHO, Dr. Fauci) purporting to be doctors is approaching the same level of distrust as in the supply larder in Silicon Valley, California. Medical care hasn’t been this unsafe since the black plague.

Doctors like Jonas Salk (polio) and Alexander Fleming (penicillin) are buried deep in the hinterlands of medical decency and scruples.

Few doctors are friends with patients any longer. They are golfers who take a few moments off to take direction from the Pazuzu authorities they are owned by. It probably is appropriate to replace the Hippocratic oath with a Kevorkian oath.

“First I must harm and then I will aide my patent in dying.”

All instruction from Washington will be obeyed. Orwell smiles from the grave.

The 15 most famous doctors in history (and their contributions) – Wellnessbeam

At the bottom of the Prazu pyramid of lies and theft and indecency are the teachers.

This is the Devil’s own. Public teachers. From the growling voice of one of the archangel’s staunchest foes come the historical cry of Karl Marx that the linchpin of Communism is that we must control education. Well, baby, by god they got it! (Bill Ayers and Marxism: Take back the college and take back the country)

Tenth plank of Communist Manifesto:

“Free education for all children in public schools. Abolition of children’s factory labour in its present form. Combination of education with industrial production.”

“We the People” are now Locked in their homes, ordered to wear nasty, useless face-coverings and many strongarmed to force “medicine” into their bodies. This isn’t hell. It is mankind going to hell.

But instead of a few demons pulling and tugging and tempting it is a host of them. It is as if those Pazuzu statues are real and they have come to life loosening a stampede of demons, most whizzing willy-nilly within Washington D.C . The New England Journal of Medicine says wearing masks in public is stupid – (New England Journal of Medicine says wearing masks in public is stupidnon veni pacem)

If Christ had to drive the lot of them into herds of swine this very day, mankind could not eat bacon for 300 years. At least the “Veggies” would be happy. And AOC could do her snappy little Jr. High dance again. Some of these silly little dipsticks you gotta just love for their glamorous mindlessness.

It looks like a long time before hell freezes over. But, what the hell?



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