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The erasure of the Southern politician and monumental history

Written By | Jun 22, 2020
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WASHINGTON: When in the course of human events it becomes necessary to severe worthless bonds, then so be it. As a died in the wool Southerner and devotee of the lost cause of succession, I say take those Southern statues down from Constitution Hall. And without a Southern Politician to defend them, remove them from the vile cesspool of Northerners now occupying Washington.

Send those monuments home to the South.

Monuments to our Southern heroes and gentlemen have had a home in Washington for some time.

Once a beautiful Southern city, D.C. is now a darkened, evil blot on civilization. The residents cry out against the so-called evils of the past, fostered by Southern heroes.

So let them remove those replicas of the finest men of the South. And leave behind the real replicated traitors to the South – Lincoln, Grant, Sherman – in Washington. Leave them with the vile, detestable, elected filth, that now come from both the North and South.

Leave the creatures of the political night who lie, and pander to lobbyists, stealing from the former republican government.

First, let keep Lincoln who massacred the constitution.

Let him reside in his hopeless posing before the reflection pool. Let Nancy Pelosi and her minions shmoos up to this effigy of lust for a powerful national government. (Six big lies about Abraham Lincoln, the slaves, and the war.)

Next, keep the exterminator and often drunk Grant. A man who starved women and children in his siege of Vicksburg and Richmond. The man who burned towns and farms which were unfortified and without contraband. (Grant’s Siege Of Richmond )

Fine, keep him in the Washington dung pile.

The rage against Southern conservatives: will rewriting history kill the GOP?

And never shall Union General William T. Sherman remain close to the great character of the great generals of the South standing in bronze and stone. Those men who sacrificed everything for the idea of a republic against that of a national state of industry and armies. (The War Lover | Abbeville Institute)

But more importantly, bring these Southerners in larger-than-life statuesque depiction away from the Judas goats of the South. Mitch McConnell or Lindsey Graham, John Kennedy, Lamar Alexander, and probably any Southerner today in Washington politics.

Washington D.C. is no longer a place for any decent, honorable man or woman to exist, be they from the North or South.

And the ghosts, be they made of marble, stone, or bronze of previous honorable men is stained transcendentally. That garbage heap of humanity on the Potomac would indeed disgust any magnificent Southerner of the past.

And should, but sadly does not, of the present.

In this day of mask-wearing demands, every politician in Washington, North or South should be required to wear one. It would be more fitting as to what they are—robbers, liars, and thieves.

Why would any honorable Southerner want to associate with the graft and corruption Washington has in its current bloodstream?

The only reason for the association is for the same monetary gains through political expedience that cowards always subscribe to.

As Confederate statues go, where do we stop rewriting history

John Kennedy of Louisiana, in a pretentious measure of honorable thought, said that the Southern military bases should have the names changed to Medal of Honor recipients. Those bases, of course, are named after Confederate officers. From Senator John Kennedy: Proposal to remove Confederate names from military bases ‘picks on South unfairly’

Sen. John Kennedy, a Louisiana Republican, whose state has military installations named after leaders of the Confederacy, sharply criticized the amendment, offered by Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren, and said he planned to offer his own measure “to rename every military installation in the country after a medal of honor winner.”
“I think history will show that in the 18th century, in the 19th century, and well into the 20th century, there were many non-Confederate generals, soldiers and others, in both the South and the North who practiced racial discrimination, anti-Semitism and misogyny,” Kennedy told reporters. “I don’t think we ought to just pick on the South.”

Kennedy added: “Sen. Warren’s amendment, in my opinion, picks on the South unfairly.”

First, Senator, which Medal of Honor recipients?

There are far more Medal of Honor recipients than base-names to be replaced. But in any event, the proposal is so blatantly political opportunistic that it is sickening. It’s as if you spend your coffee breaks with creatures of the Nancy Pelosi stripe.

Secondly, in your comments, you indicated these Southern gentlemen and soldiers were what is called in today’s uneducated class as “racists.”

This moronic term has as much meaning as man-ist or woman-ist or the ever-popular lunatic GLBTQ or whatever the political class comes up with. But you and your ilk use it as to apologize for errors that both the North and South have made—North or South. But you only treat the South to your vilification.

All 50 states have Senators, all 50 have Congressmen. But few if any have representation.

So, bring our Southern statues home. Better to be in a Southern museum or even in a warehouse than in Washington, D.C. where a red-light shines outside virtually every government door.

Yes, take down those Southern statutes. Washington doesn’t deserve them. As far as the military bases are concerned, change their names.  But not to Medal of Honor awardees.

Change those base names to something Washington can be proud of. AOC or Adam Schiff or Pelosi, or that most honorable of men Al Sharpton (he rents one of the red-light doors but fails to pay for it).

And there is no need to wait for these people to die to rename. People like this are already dead.

Just like today’s Southern politicians


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Paul H. Yarbrough

Paul H. Yarbrough

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