The ‘Dr. Phil’ argument for Israel taking back Gaza


GIVAT SHMUEL, Israel July 20, 2014 — In case you have been living under a rock lately, Israel, reacting after the kidnapping and murder of three young boys by Hamas terrorists on their way home from school and subsequent continuous rocket barrage from the Gaza Strip from both Hamas and Fatah affiliated terrorist networks, has launched a ground invasion to eradicate the evil that is fortified to the gills on her southwestern border.

While the launch of the ground invasion has hollowed out yet another pit in Israeli stomachs, knowing that close-quarters battles in Gaza means causalities (at publication the Israeli death toll had reached 18), the government enjoys overwhelming support for the ground attack, as a scary yet necessary step.

According to the Jerusalem Post, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, speaking at the opening of an emergency cabinet meeting in Tel Aviv, said that “since there is no way to deal with the tunnels only from the air, our soldiers are doing it now from the ground.”

While this may be the official casus belli for the ground operation perhaps it doesn’t need to be its only goal.

Perhaps Israel, currently ramping up in Gaza to destroy the aforementioned tunnels, should consider taking back Gush Katif, the bloc of 17 settlements in south Gaza that Israel unilaterally withdrew from in 2005, as well.

Israel certainly can make the case for taking back Gush Katif by borrowing a page out of TV psychologist Dr. Phil McGraw’s book. Literally, chapter 11 of his book “Family First: Your Step-by-Step Plan for Creating a Phenomenal Family,” outlines clear reasoning for setting this peripheral morale-boosting, if not strategic, goal.

Discussing parenting, Dr. Phil wrote, “Screaming, hitting, bullying, temper tantrums. If your child’s behavior is out of control and nothing you do is working, it’s time for commando parenting! By shaking up dysfunctional behavior patterns, you can create positive change.”

Hamas, and the other terrorists operating within the Gaza Strip are certainly behaving like out of control, lashing out with rockets and propaganda at every turn, the quintessential “temper tantrum” of the Middle East.

Dr. Phil lists these “commando parenting” guidelines for rectifying this “dysfunctional” relationship:

1. Get Back To Basics: “An example of commando parenting is stripping everything from your child’s room…There’s a sense of entitlement with spoiled children and they need to learn that their toys and games are privileges.”

This is as “basic” as parenting gets. If a child acts out you take away something he or she was given as a privilege.
Gush Katif was given over to the Palestinians (albeit misguidedly) in good faith. Instead of bringing peace and quiet to the region, Gush Katif has served as a fertile launching pad for the hundreds of rockets that are currently terrorizing Israelis every day.

Not only has Hamas taken gross advantage of the land gifted to them by Israel, but they have ruined it for their own people as well.

Even a wild-eyed two-state liberal like Hilary Clinton, while being interviewed by the contemptible Jon Stewart, couldn’t ignore the fact that instead of leaving the not only beautiful but profitable agriculture of Gush Katif, Palestinian leadership forbade the new residents from learning and working the land to better their lives, declaring it untouchable due to its previous ownership and commanding that it all be destroyed. And so it was the mere minutes after the IDF turned Gush Katif over to the Palestinians that buildings were razed to the ground, store windows were smashed and fields were burned.

The Palestinians have abused the gift of Gush Katif, continuing to act as the “spoiled children” of the Middle East and taking it back is exactly the type of commando parenting these radical Jihadists need.

2. Gather the Army: “This isn’t something you can play at. If there are two of you involved on a daily basis you must both have a whatever-it-takes mentality.”

Showing your disobedient child a unified front is quite basic as well. However, due to the growing bias against Israel in the Western World, any of those who claim to advocate for human rights have chosen instead to stand should-to-shoulder with the radical Islamic, homophobic, xenophobic, racist, and oh-by-the-way murderous, regime in Gaza. The media and liberal elites pile on Israel for not REDOUBLING their efforts to avoid civilian casualties, with little or no mention of Hamas use of human shields and attempts to slaughter innocent Israeli civilians on a daily basis.

All of the countries that should be Israel’s staunchest allies, have instead chosen to condemn her in her time of need. No “gathering of the armies” appears to be in the cards.

Therefore, with the ever-elusive PR victory never really attainable, Israel can re-take Gush Katif without concerning themselves too much about accusations of “occupation” from the anti-Israel masses.

The amount of effort Israel has put forth into avoiding civilian casualties during this operation has proven beyond a reasonable doubt that those who continue to deny that these efforts are being made will never be persuaded otherwise. Wasting time caring what they say is pointless.

3. Don’t Back Down: “Your child must be shown with 100 percent certainty that forbidden behavior will meet with the consequences you’ve laid out. If you don’t enforce those consequences, you’ll sabotage your child’s development. You will confuse them. You will create anxiety and encourage maladaptive behavior.”

This bullet point seems specifically appropriate for Israeli leadership. Past Israel governments have shown a tendency to come out swinging for Israel at the beginning of wars and operation, but slowly allow themselves to be worn down by the heaping pile of biased international opinion being hammered down on the Jewish State 24 hours a day.

If Israel is to re-take Gush Katif it must make sure it has leadership strong enough to stand up to the outcry it will cause in the outside world. Only a steel gut and a steady hand will allow this goal to be reached.

Aside from Dr. Phil’s noted guidelines, a number of other positive outcomes would come about if Israel retook Gush Katif. Unless Israel plans on eradicating Hamas forever in the next mission, which, as mentioned above, was not stated as the goal of this operation, then the best it can do for now is to weaken its ability to harm its citizens. Taking away Gush Katif means less physical area for terrorists to hide and launch rockets, dig tunnels as well as hide from Israeli air strikes.

Also, many former residents of Gush Katif, who were promised by the Sharon government to be looked after, remain homeless or are living in caravans in sub-human standards. Returning their land to them, even if it has been destroyed by the animalistic proclivities of its current residents, would be a huge boon to this beleaguered community. It would also be just.

Additionally, taking back Gush Katif would provide the Israeli public with a much needed morale-boosting event. The people of Israel have been desperate for good news for far too long. In just recent history the nation’s spirit has been crushed by the failed attempt to rescue captured soldier Nachshon Wachsman in 1994, the swapping of live Palestinian prisoners for the dead bodies of Ehud Goldwasser and Eldad Regev in 2008, the massacre of the Fogel family in 2011 and the kidnapping and murder of the three innocent teenage boys just months ago has left the Jewish People in desperate need of a win.

While it certainly can be argued that re-taking Gush Katif will come at a high cost as well, namely risking more lives of soldiers, economically and physically maintaining a functioning Israeli community is such close proximity to Gaza as well as facing tremendous international pressure, the costs do not appear to outweigh the benefits.

In recent days a number of Israeli Knesset Members have begun tossing around the idea of retaking Gaza. These politicians need to be encouraged and supported.

It is time Israel issued some “commando parenting” on the terrorist regimes in the Gaza Strip and returned the Jewish people to more of the land that always has and always will belong to them.

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  • Paddy Xtolpho

    Fallacy of the false metaphor. Occupation politics isn’t parenting: parents don’t get away with killing. The Palestinian death toll is over 400 now, an unthinkable number, children.

    Are all Jewish apologists this catastrophically bad at formal reasoning? Or is it a script they have to stick to? I keep seeing it again and again in articles like this one, as if they’re a half-witted parody of intelligent writing.

    • Sev

      The cult of Jihadist palestinians force their citizens to be human shields you f**ker!

  • Raheel

    Leave palestine for PALESTINIaANS

  • heather

    Call it like it is. Hamas terrorist animals need to be removed from Israel all together. Jews only!!!!

  • Jørgen Nielsen

    How about taking the stolen toys away from the israelis? Take away Eastjerusalem and the Westbank, that they stole in 1967, and have been abusing ever since. At the same time, the israelis have throwing a tantrum, whenever anyone suggested that giving the stolen goods back, might make it easier to make friends in the kindergarden.