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The Democrats pulling Joe Biden’s strings

Written By | Aug 26, 2020
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If there is one thing we learned from the Democrat National Convention it is that the left’s agenda is dark.  It is anti-American.  A nightmare, not a dream. Not a promise of a better tomorrow, but a divided America.  An America that is consistently stoked by race-baiters seeking to create chaos in our streets and among our young.  And the generation paying the price is the generation of youth.  Young families, young children, young people who should be starting a life, but who instead are destroying life.

Joe Biden, after 47 years as a moderate democrat has become a leftist following the demands of Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and the Squad. Nancy Pelosi is now standing ready and able to direct the course of America from the White House. Pelosi has more than once lamented the fact that no woman has been elected president.

“My disappointment is that every time I’m introduced as the most powerful woman in American history, it breaks my heart because I think we should have a president,” she told the Washington Post in March.

But what has Pelosi led Democrats in accomplishing the last four years.  The Russia Hoax, Mueller fiasco, Kavanaugh hearings, Impeachment, and the COVID pandemic response that was the opposite of the Presidents.  Going so far as to encourage tourism to San Francisco’s China Town. (Nancy Pelosi Visits San Francisco’s Chinatown Amid Coronavirus Concerns)

Throughout our history, Americans did agree on where we want to be.

A country of opportunity, of equality.  The law and order country where all people are entitled to the Bill of Rights and a fair justice system.  A government that works for people, not to destroy people.  Political parties disagreed on how to get there, but the goals were the same.

Keeping the greatest country in all of history alive and vibrant. But that has changed. Democrats’ goal now is the destruction of cities and suburbs.  The looting of stories – from the small entrepreneur to the luxury boutique.

The American dream will become the American nightmare under the Biden string pullers.

And one of the chief Deep Swamp string-pullers is Hillary Clinton who has never accepted her loss to Donald Trump in 2016. (Hillary Clinton Tells Joe Biden Not To Accept The Election Results If He Loses)

From Democrat’s Virtual Convention begins: We the race-baiters?

What happened under Obama – Biden is all President Trump’s fault!

Then came a bunch of Democrats blaming Trump for violence that took place in Democrat-controlled areas during the Obama-Biden presidency while Trump was a private citizen.

Washington, DC Mayor Muriel Bowser stated that she wants her daughter to live in an “America where she’s not scared to walk out the door.”  However, Bowser is oblivious that violent crime is happening in the Nation’s Capital under Bowser’s watch. Which is somehow Trump’s fault?  Bowser has stubbornly resisted Trump’s efforts to restore safety and order to her violent city.

Eric Garner’s mother Gwen Carr was part of a Democrat Convention panel.

One can have empathy for Ms. Carr, but her grief not with Donald Trump.

Her son was killed in New York City in 2014. The people in charge of government at that time were President Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio. (Eric Golub)

If Democrats were truly concerned about Eric Garner, whose death is unconscionable, they had three years to do something while Biden and Obama were in the White House. But they did not.

Then House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn of South Carolina tried to exploit the AME Church Shooting in Charleston.  A horrific event took place in 2015 under the Obama-Biden administration. Charleston Mayor Democrat Joseph Riley had been in power for 40 years. Trump was still in real estate in New York.

 The killer Dylan Roof was sentenced to life imprisonment after offering a plea bargain to escape the death penalty. If Democrats have a viable plan to end all shootings without trampling the Bill of Rights, they have not said so. If Democrats were truly concerned about the people who died at AME, they had four years to do something while Biden and Obama were in the White House. But they did not.

Tuesday Night Democrat Virtual Convention theme “We the victims”

Democrats are victims.  Hillary is a victim of corrupt elections. This has been the basis of the Democrat agenda for the last four years of coups and conspiracies (US Post Office: Democrats wail over latest Trump Conspiracy du jour #7)  The only political victims in America are the deplorable American Democrats love to hate.

The wasted, unnecessary, un-woke, Americans that seek a government that stays out of our lives and pursuit of happiness.  That works to make America better by making America a place for all Americans to thrive, grow, and achieve.

But for Democrats pulling Joe’s strings, the moderate politician is now calling for increased taxes. Bigger government. More control over our money, our food choices, where we live, and what we do.  American under Democrat haters will be a dystopian, cold, and hungry place. You will not be safe due to Democrats defunding the police. Reparations for, the albeit horrific, actions of past Democrats. Democrats who not only were slaveholders but who fought to maintain the right to own another human being. The reparations they want are the homes and possessions of white America and not just in the city, but suburbia as well.

Democrat politicians demand socialism that will line their pockets with wealth while pushing the middle class and minority classes into despair and obscurity. (How Socialism Destroyed Venezuela)

Democrat Virtual Convention Night 3, liberals are: “We the enraged.”

If there is one socialist left agenda item Joe can get behind, it is being enraged. One only needs to watch him interact with Americans who ask questions he does not like. Like this reporter:

Or this Ohio worker concerned that the Biden led Democrats will erode the Second Amendment:

Or the podcast host, Charlamagne tha God:

Joe Biden seeks to lead a political party that is angry about America.  From elected officials like the anti-Semitic Pressley and Tlaid, the pro-Islam, Sharia law advocate Ilhan Ohmar or the hard left socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a Joe Biden presidency will do nothing less than embolden their hate and destruction of America.

With the cry “We the vicious” the 2020 Democrat Virtual Convention ends

One just has to listen to Hillary Clinton to know Democrats’ vicious streak is as wide as their backs. And Joe is just the next Democrat, not the first, to show that anger lurking beneath the surface.

Or President Obama:

If you don’t think the race-baiting, enraged, viscous, victims of the Democrat party will take revenge on America if Joe Biden wins, you are wrong.  The party will be standing behind him, propping him up and pulling his strings.  And it is going to cost America everything.

Al Goodwyn and Jacquie Kubin